Saturday, June 30, 2012

This Video Gives You A Terrifying Glimpse Into What Being Tortured Is Like

And this is pretty mild.  It can be a HELL of a lot worse.

The Anger Agenda - Don't Fall For It

Am I pissed?  Yeah.  But in a cold, calculating kind of way; and I've set up my life so I'm pretty immune to most of the crap out there, and the rest is irrelevant.  'Cause I don't play the stupid games.  I go by if everyone else is doing it, don't.  My life is sooooooo much easier for it, and I don't support the system.  Well, I suppose I do; but to a very minimal degree.  There's some things you can't get out of, like sales tax, and all those taxes on utility bills, rent and all that shite; but statistically my bills are mighty low.  You're not gonna goad me to action unless someone comes to my front door to take me away, and then it's gonna be a fight to the death.  Whatever.  Nothing matters, 'cause I know too much.

A Concept My Flat Mate Nixed

Putting the most button pushing picture on the refrigerator, like this:

Man, can you imagine the reaction from folks?  The only thing that could beat it is to have a jar with an aborted fetus in the front window.  I can't do that, though; having gotten fixed at 19 before I had sex.  I'd have to ask somebody else for theirs, and I doubt that would go over too well; though you never know.

So what's the point of this post?  Uh, LOOK AT MY BLOGGER I.D..  DOES THAT TELL YOU SOMETHING?

That, and I have to keep proving to The Order I am still a legitimate Arsehole to the 33rd Degree, and I'm not falling down on the job.

This Is What People Do To The Planet

Paradise trashed - What the beaches are really like in Bali;read=244333

One of my arguments for population control.  This is DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!

NYPD Publishes Poster of "Professional Agitators," AKA Citizens Who Record Cops

More like truth tellers who expose corruption:


Brace Yourself: The American Empire Is Over And The Descent Is Going To Be Horriying

Slow motion coup d'etat underway

Sounds good, but I have a confession to make.  I am NOT watching this video.  I don't have 3 hours to stay glued on one site.  I don't even watch those rare movies that are on the internet if they're longer than 90 minutes, and I usually watch them in 1/2 hour stretches, but I can spend hours reading a book.

I dunno.  Attention Deficit Disorder for movies?  Yeah, but I can understand.

Another Idiot Cop Post With Video---Three Related Links

Milwaukee Cop Threatens Man With Arrest For Asking Annoying Questions

Get name and badge number first thing every time a cop talks to you?

And check this out, too.  I got it from a link in above post:

Frank Jude Jr.: 'I'm just a victim, I'm a victim of police brutality'

And related to this:

Milwaukee police looked into ‘Punishers’ group

So what can we do about this?  Write letters to city officials until we turn blue?  Would that do any good?  Lots of lawsuits are being won by the victims, but I don't think the compensation is good enough for most of them.  It's good they're being called out like this, but it's not stopping.

My solution is to have absolutely nothing to do with them, on or off duty, unless stopped for 'official' business.  What else can you do?


November 6, 2012

29---------91°, 95°, 96°

October 2, 2012.  Hottest day of the year.  How weird is that?  96° F at the weather station.

November 6, 2012.  81° F.  INSANE!!!!!!! Summer ends today in the Bay Area.  It was 4 weeks and a day long, though the hot days were spread out a bit.  I don't think I'll see another summer.  Only three days in the 90s.  Best year I EVER had.

But I really could do without suffering heat stroke in November in the Northern Hemisphere!

I can't wait for a cold rainy night, electrical storm would be nice; though we rarely have them here.  Stand outside under the overhang of the balcony with a hot cup 'o tay, or on the front walkway which is completely covered, and just stand there and watch the rain come down, and the sky light up once in a while if we're lucky enough to get an electrical storm this year, and I still don't have a full time job.

Ignoring The Obvious

Why do we refuse to recognise threats to our existence until the trigger is about to be pulled.  That sums it up.

Looks Like A Lot Are With Me On The O'bomb'a Care Thang

We the People are the Ultimate Check and Balance

It says over half of u.s. denizens will refuse to pay the tax.  I have no idea how they came to this conclusion being there is no way in Hell they could survey everyone, not to mention no one surveyed me; but it looks like the collective isn't quite as stupid as I thought they were.  Now if only they quit going to mcdonalds, kfc, and all those other toxic places, and give up the msg, pharmaceuticals, and diet drinks, etc. . .

Actually I think this is a propaganda piece to instigate a civil disobedience revolution, but that is a good thing.

Anyway, it's unconstitutional.  The supreme court is guilty of treason.  And the penalty for treason is. . .

The Extinction Protocol: 2012 And Beyond

Just strange stories on natural disasters, and other stuff.  Might wanna bookmark this:

A bit of fun reading, here.

Some New u.s. Cultural Phenomenon Should NOT Be Adopted

Man gnaws woman's face

Man, and this hasn't even hit Calipornia yet.

Yucky-Poo! I'd Love To Know How This Happened.

Indian doctor removes 13-centimetre live worm from man's eye

Man, If You Move, Make Sure Your Next Place Is On A Hillt

153 lightning strikes a minute and hailstones the size of GOLF BALLS as superstorm hits the Midlands and sweeps north

Dayam!  At the same time, I wish I was there.  Only for a visit.  If I lived in the area, I'd rather live in Southwest Ireland.

Mommy, When Can We See Body Parts Hanging From Bridges??????

Tourism Booms in Mexico as Crime Rise

Hey!  I've never seen it in person myself.  Is cannibalism still legal down there in majority Aztec turf?


(Actually, for tourists; the cops are probably a bigger problem than the narcos.)

This Cops Above The Law Shite Has Got To STOP!

Cop keeps job after brutal restaurant attack leaves victim in critical condition

The dude should be in jail for a long, long time.  Put 'im in Rikers Island in a shared cell with a Mexican gang member who is way bigger than him, or a black dude, or whatever other minorities are picked on (off?) by the cops.  Tell the cell mate what he is, and what he's in for.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Monty Python Can Eat Pakistan's And India's Dust

The Ministry of Silly Walks

O'bomb'a Care Fact Sheet

It's a PDF thang.  Click the blue ObamaCare Fact Sheet under the hearse.  Do what I do, and just don't go there IF you're even still living here.

I really have a feeling I won't be.

How To Save A Few Bucks On AA Bateries

Check out some of the other links that come up on the youtube square after the video is done, too.

Bill Moyers: 'Look Who's Really Writing the Healthcare Bill - Big Pharma & The Insurance Lobby'


I Advocate NOT Buying O'bomb'a Care Health Insurance

It's unconstitutional, and what if no one bought it.  It is EXTORTION, PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

I am NOT playing.  Not that I expect the u.s. to even be around when this thing is implemented.   We'll probably have been bombed into the stone age by then, and considering how we've treated the rest of the world, perhaps we deserve it?  Not all individuals of course, but the collective which has been existing on the misery of others since I don't know how long.

Well, since the inception of the u.s..  How many First Nations Folk were completely wiped?  How many tribes are gone, and not even remembered?

Facebook: The Most Congenitally Dishonest Company In America

Well, like I said before. . .I ain't on it.  Of course that don't stop me from suggestin' you post the links that I post on it if you're a member, but hey.  Links like:


or which has every damn link worth looking at on the right?

Don't know why you're not going straight there, and wasting our time on this blog, but whatever.  Whatever gets the stories out.  Some of them are pointless, but I try to keep those to under 5%.

Yeah, if you're gonna use facebook, use it for political dissent.  Use it against them, and if they censor you, write them nasty letters, sans threats of course.  Just tell 'em what worthless shite heads they are, and why; or worse epithets if you can think of them.


Michigan officials fight drunk driving with talking urinal cakes

Whatever works, man.

Now before I saw this, I had no idea what they meant by 'urinal cake', but you can all just imagine, huh?  All I can say is read BEFORE you hurl.  You'll find there is no reason to toss your cookies.

"No NATO, No War": U.S. Veterans Of Iraq And Afghanistan Return War Medals At NATO Summit

I would too.  There's no glory or honour in killing innocent people in a resource war.  These guys are the REAL heros for doing this.

Must See Obamacare Song: Boyfriend With Health Benefits

Somewhat amusing, and the chick singing it is hotter than hot.  Supernova, man!

By the way, black, white, red, yellow, green, purple, blue, dude, chick, whatever. . .they're all the same to me.  Ya gotta appreciate the artistry of a fox by any other name, and I AM CELIBATE, AND WILL STICK TO THAT IN A FIGHT TO THE DEATH, so what's it to me?

(If I win, you are ROTISSERIE!!!!!!!!!!!  I got the Lea and Perrins, the garlic, the butter, the 21 Seasoning Salute all ready, so. . .)


If it's banned, why did I find it on youtube?  How much of it is real?  How long will this video be here?  Should I suggest you save it?  I dunno.  I found it on WRH (What Really Happened), and with a title like I transferred up thar, I just HAD to post it, ya know?

Someone Got Gagged On This Story, But It Wasn't Me, So. . .

Judge gives Nilan harassment protection from Valenti, orders him to redact blog

Mustn't tarnish the reputation of the crotch dropping of a judge, huh?  Bunch o' crap.  Valenti should have the right to say what he wants to get the truth out.  This is all I can do to help.

One Soldier Killed, Two Injured In Shooting On Fort Bragg

Man, and I posted recently; wondering about how many 'fragathons' there were.

Tepco Nuclear Plant Fukushima, Japan Reactor 4 Demolition!

Israel!  Japan seems to be whuppin' yo' arse in bringing about 'end of world/civilisation ASAP.  Or are you responsible for the disaster via Stuxnet?  If so, I take back me words, but whatever gets me killed faster is OK by me.

Israel and Japan.  I'd like to write something about this, but I can't.  I'd be giving a clue as to who and what I am.  Can't do that just yet, outside of the handful of individuals who know; and they ain't talkin'.

Maybe Q4 I'll link to what I've done.


Let's just say to me there is a strange coincidence regarding this.

BLM OKs Arsenic & Mercury But Kills Wild Horses

BLM overlooks arsenic & mercury, but gets rid of wild horses

AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!  Arseholes.  OK, I AM a horse lover.  And if you missed my other post on it, here is what they're capable of.

Top NJ Cop Suspended For Investigating Elite Pedos

Jersey's 'secrecy culture' led to my suspension, says former police chief

Apparently it's a case of good cop bad, bad cop good.  Can't tell the difference here until after the facts, so I've come to the conclusion to avoid them at all costs.  They do not exist unless they are in your face.  Regardless of what state they're in.  Active military, too.  How many Bradley Mannings or Antonio Beuhlers are there?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Life Without Laws, By Jim Kirwan

In your face, facts.

A Declared Personal Secession From The u.s.;read=244182

I'm semi-seceded.   No debt, no personal obligation, done with all I've set to do, can walk away from anything, and know that nothing else matters.  I am not going out of my way to get incarcerated, but even then I'd be free.  They might also be wise to allow me no contact with anyone else, since I would try to start a revolution of sorts.  A revolution of peaceful non-cooperation.

Actually, I'm trying to do that here, but I have a feeling I'm not getting anywhere.  If I were, I probably would be getting the 'men in black' at my door.

Michael Rivero - Closing Thoughts 6/25/2012

Bye.  See ya on the Otherside.  (If I've invited you personally.)

Then again, the u.s. is being deliberately destroyed.

Never mind.  Turtle Island was destroyed the minute those worthless roman indoctrinated europeans stepped on the land and started killing off the First Nation's Folk.

15 Reasons Why The Obamacare Decision Is A Mind Blowing Disaster For America

If I'm still alive when this is implemented, I'll die of shock.

So no worries, right?

Chick Chain Gang Of Arizona

Not really a newsworthy item in my opinion, but posted as a superfluous curiosity.  And most of them are cute, so. . .

In Ireland, Cancer Patients Lose Out To Bank Bondholders

Eire needs an Iceland Revolution YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

World's First GM Babies Born

I can't wait until they're reclassified, and we can make sausage out of 'em.  Man, I miss sausage on pizza, but I think pigs are too intelligent, too valuable, and too cute to exploit like that.

I wait!

I'm Not Gonna Post The Muslim Violence In Dearborn MI

The 'christians' (and jews?) were acting as provocateurs.  The muslim violence was an over-reaction, but the people that got stuff thrown at them were antagonists.  They were not just there.  They were pulling a 'My god is better than your god' with various signs, and just being shites.  The cops also were pretty nice when they asked them to leave.

Of course the cops did nothing about the violence, but they weren't dealing with peaceful protesters who swore not to fight back, who are trying to make the world a better place at Occupy events.  If the cops had actually tried to do their job in this case, they would have gotten their arses whupped, so they didn't do anything.  Just like they won't go to parts of Los Angeles.  This is what you can expect from them.

They'll bash your head in for smoking pot, but if the other side is evenly matched, they don't go there.

Go figure.  Why should they risk their hides for us peons who they are under no obligation to protect?  Again, they are there for the corporations, and whoever can afford to bribe them.  Exact quote from a prior post.   The corporations includes city, state, and federal government.  Basically, they are.

Save The World, Save Yourself: Don't Buy GMO!

Second post on this today.  OK.

Health Basics - What's Really Behind The Ingredient 'Natural Flavors?'

No, you didn't didn't want to know that, but you NEED to know that!

Study: Radiation Therapy Can Make Cancers 30x More Malignant

So tell me something I don't know.  Eat more turmeric, wild turkey mushrooms, and look up the rest.  Veg diet, supplements, don't do anything stupid, get enough rest, lessen stress if you can, and look the rest up yourself.  Rumormillnews is full of cancer information.  Just google holistic cancer treatments.

Oh, and then there's pot.  That cures it.  But of course we can't have people treating themselves via things that should be legal, 'cause it will take money out of the evil pharma company clutches, so. . .

Man, why don't you just die instead of supporting these idiots by letting them kill you.  It's cheaper.

Oh, and I forgot about D3.

Supreme Court Upholds o'bomb'a Care

Just another way to steal from the public.  I have a no-code/DNR card in my wallet and have no intention of ever going to a hospital again for their worthless garbage that is just there to control the symptoms and make the disease worse for the sake of profit.  Again, I've had nothing but good fortune with holistics, and that's the way it's gonna stay.

Seattle Taxpayers Soaked For $150,000 Dollars To Protect Racist Violent Cops In The SPD


(I just checked this link and it said page was not available.   Well, well, well. . .  Do we have a case of CENSORSHIP here?  Or will this page come up later.  Well, the headline speaks for itself, no?)


GMO Farming, Glyphosate Significant Causes Of Water Pollution

Non-gmo shopping guide:

Microsoft's Headquarters In Greece Has Been Firebombed

We don't like microsoft either, but we got a Mac.  It was cheaper than what these guys did, and we didn't have to undergo tsa or jet lag to do it.

This Is What The u.s. And nato Are Supporting

Graphic video: Syrian family 'slain by rebels' in Hama massacre

So how can I support the u.s. or nato?

Troopers Say Police Dogs Trained To False Alert As Pretext To Seize People's Money

The biggest thieves amongst us are the cops.  Go figure.


Cop Arrests & Jails Woman For Warning Drivers Of Speed Trap

Kinda like being illegal to put money into someone else's parking metre.  YOU VEEL NOT TAKE MONEY FROM ZEE SYSTEM!!!!!!


Pennsylvania Police Brutally Beat a Man to Near Death for Not Pulling Over

And are these shite heads going to jail for what they did to this person?

'Scuse me.  I have to wake up.


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sure You Wanna Work For tsa?

Afraid of whistleblowers, TSA acquiring technology to spy on its own employees

This is one job I will NOT apply for.  Don't care what the pay is.

More Government/Corporate Evil Regarding Your Health

Is US government setting stage to outlaw Vitamin D like raw milk? Mainstream media attacks nutrition

It helps NF1, too.

At least you can get it from the sun, though I am personally a solar avoider.

The Truth About Public Schools

It doesn't always work.  The indoctrination?  I mean, look at me.  I'm a casualty of the public school system.  I'm also self-educated.  And if you are stupid enough to have crotch droppings, you should make sure you give them a secondary home education so they don't become the zombies the system wants.  If you're not willing to give them that time, then you shouldn't HAVE the damn things.

So who's side am I on?  Uh. . .my own.

There Is A Message On Rense.Com Today (6/27/12)


Imagine if everyone did that.  A Tusla OK woman got her garden ripped up, but what if EVERYONE did it, and just replanted, not to mention filing suit left and right, and not cooperating with what the system wants you to do as much as possible?  Start by boycotting all the toxic burger joints and MSG palaces like KFC and the cheap ass pizza places.  Start by destroying all the evil companies via boycotts.

1961 – A Jewish Defector Warns America!!!

A bit more history you will NEVER get in the public school system.  Funny if some crotch dropping wrote an essay on this, or typed it up and took it to their history teacher, and said "EXPLAIN THIS, PLEASE!  AND TELL US WHY I HAD TO FIND THIS OUT ON THE WEB, AND NOT HERE!!!!!!!!!"

And while we're at it, can we please explain why that murderous psycho named christopher columbus is made into a hero by our worthless lying textbooks that do more to cover up history than tell its realities in this indoctrination centre masquerading as a place of learning?????????????

I'd love to see the look on the teacher's face.

10 Disturbing SHTF Threats That Most Preppers Haven’t Prepared For

Getting from point A to point B might also be a problem.  Might have to run a few people over?  Might get your car shot up, too; if you even have uncluttered roads you can go down.

I suppose that's not something I personally have to worry about.  If I get enough warning, anyway.  Not that I'm even contemplating that sanctuary 1000 miles away which would be heaven to some, but Hell to me due to those damn crotch droppings that I'd have to deal with, where throwing them in a stew pot is not an option.

The u.s. Military Is Very Good At Killing Off Marine Mammals

Navy to deafen 11,200 whales and dolphins and kill 1,600 more

What else is new.  Their main function seems to be to kill off innocent life.

Gods, I can't wait for this era to end.

Police, No Obligation To Protect

This is true.  They are there for the corporations, and whoever is rich enough to bribe them.•-police-no-obligation-to-protect/

Well, well, well.  That can work both ways, can't it?

The u.s. Is Being Deliberately Destroyed From The Inside Out

Links?  No, no links.  Those are in the rest of the blog.  I'd like to know who and what is behind it, and what is planned for the land.  There is also the fact the u.s. is the biggest world consumer who supports Hell knows what percent of the world commerce.  (I ought to google the exact statistics, though ya know what Sam Clemens said about statisticians.)  If the u.s. goes, so does the rest of the world, as far as the economy goes; but that is a good thing.  Might bring barter back, big time.

There is also the fact the u.s. exists on the blood sweat and tears of the so called third world.

Now I've put up a few posts here and there that imply space aliens are behind this, and they want to kill off most of the population, and use the rest as slave labour.  Is it so?  How am I to know.  I don't have free access to the Akashic Library.  How can I know anything?

OK, I will post a link.  A link to show what idiots we are in the u.s..

(If 40% of births are unintended, why can't we legally throw them into the stew pot?  It would eliminate a lot of problems, including traffic jams, landfill space, and the world would be a little quieter.)

Now, can anyone say it wouldn't have been better for the world if the u.s. and its prodigal mindset never existed?

And I suppose I'm alive now to see the final fall of this abomination?!

Is it worth it?

Yeah!  AFTER it's over.  While it's happening, I'll be calling myself a moron for having asked for it, but you know how it is.

A Cat's A Cat's A Cat's A Cat

Scroll down for pics.;read=243949

Some are just a little more expensive to feed than others.

Check out the rest of the thread, whilst you're at it.

Your Rights: Saying No to Vaccines

SO IF YA GOTTA HAVE YOUR WORTHLESS PARASITICAL CROTCH DROPPING LIABILITIES, DON'T GET 'EM VACCINATED SO THEY CAN OUTGROW WHAT I JUST SAID AND ACTUALLY BECOME PEOPLE ONE DAY AS OPPOSED TO JUST A GOOD POTENTIAL BURRITO FILLING ON THE HOOF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And don't programme them to be stupid consumerist conformists like the majority, either.  Don't drive their innate curiosity or critical thinking abilities from them, despite the fact that. . .

Gods, I can't stand those things. . .unless they are in that burrito already.

You probably think I'm kidding, huh?!  Well, I'm. . .oh, never mind.

If Slaughterhouses Had Glass Walls

Now if only I had the willpower to give up the most abused animal of all.  The chicken.  I eat that once or twice a week.  I'm a sucker for Trader Joe's chicken sandwiches (wraps), Trader Joe's canned chicken which I share with the cats (Their favourite canned chicken), and when we go; there's a Sikh restaurant that I wish killed their chickens a la Jatka as opposed to Halal, but oh well.  Yes, I did slurp out the last tuna in the can that didn't go into the cat's bowl, but those dedicated carnivores will/can not become vegetarian, and I'm not going to throw away the last bit of what something died for that I cannot avoid purchasing.  And I have some non-Trader Joe's chicken soup, chicken and dumplings and chicken tamales for the homeless dude I feed a couple of times a week.  If I take him out, he can also choose whatever he wants from the menu.  I don't believe in forcing a diet on anyone, though I think all should be aware of what they support.

So I'm a hypocrite.  No excuse.  Could I become veggie all the way?  Yeah.  If I'm forced to kill my own.  I do like chickens alive.  I've lived with them,  They are NOT stupid.  If you treat them like treasured pets, they will respond to you, come running, and fly into your arms.  If I had chickens, I'd only use their eggs.  I might also get into my First Nations feather art again, but I don't so it's not a point worth going into any more.

Well, I'd euthanise the chickens if they were old and limping around.  That, or give the older chickens more leeway in where they go so the wildlife could have at 'em a bit easier.  Does that sound cruel?  I think it's more vicious to force something to live in pain where every new day is an ordeal.  Speaking from the perspective of a near death survivor.  After all, we are just walking carcasses.   This isn't us.  We just inhabit the bodies.  Kinda like temporary long term condos.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Total WTF Post On NYPD

NYPD cops keep job after leaving teen stranded in swamp

The kid was being a little shite, but he didn't deserve what he got.  Way overkill.  Just drag him to his parents, and tell them what he did.  Sheesh!

Yeah, he probably was threatened not to testify, as the first comment speculates.


An Essay On Th Dark Night Of The Soul

Hmmmmm.  Unconditionality.  OK.  I accept that you are what you are.  Now go away.

5 Broken Cameras

Imagine living like this.  Imagine having every convenience ripped from you, and someone else perpetually trying to make you as miserable as possible,

Hmmmmmm.  Sounds like the u.s. government, but we're not as bad off. . .yet.  Same for the u.k., huh?  The e.u.????????????  And every county they have their talons in are a killing field, so. . .

No, I couldn't stand living in that culture, but they wouldn't want to live here either, so. . .

I think they have the right to live the way they want, and the right to be left alone.  They've been there forever, and the invaders are breaking every higher law in the book.  Thank you, u.k., u.n., and all you other idiots who should have left Judea as it was.


The Intelligence Of The Horse

Check out these videos and pictures.  I don't know how long this video is gonna be up, but most horses are treated like shite.  And so called civilisation was built on their backs.  They should be treated like deities.

And don't forget Wizards Baby Doll.

Unfortunately the mare (They called her Roxy.) is with us no more.  Well, good for her, bad for us.  She was a star.

Man, it is a trip to see something that I transcribed, though not quite in the same way or with the same individual.

Déjà vu: Censoring Online Sites Critical Of Obama

So much for freedom of speech when truth is told about flawed government, huh?  We need a new one.  Bring back the tribal ways of the First Nations Folk!!!!!!!  The feather wearers had it right.  And most of them lived with the environment, as opposed to making the environment live with them.

On the other hand anyone who votes either for obomba or mittens makes a fence post look like Mensa material.

gop Voter Fraud Against Ron Paul 2012 - Clear Evidence


Oregon Republican Party Attempts To Shut Down Convention To Hand Pick Alternate Delegates!

"Netanyahu has decided to attack Iran before the U.S. Elections in November."

Tomorrow's a good day.  Figure I'll be locally nuked about a week later?  That would be cool.  Ground zero about 12 miles away?  20 at worst.  Could drive there before impact with adequate warning.  To ground zero, that is.

Wouldn't it be cool to be instantly vaporised like what happened in "The Day After"?  That would be soooooo awesome!

Whistleblower: TSA Deliberately Hiring Psychopathic Criminals

Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.  I think someone is out of their jurisdiction here.  Messing with people there to pick up passengers?  Mess with people in the parking lot, etc.?  Come on!

If you're still masochistic enough to fly, get the name of every tsa agent you deal with, and put down what city you were in.  Keep a hard copy of the list, too.

Confrontation With TSA Agent Leaves Grandpa's Ashes On Floor

I can't believe people are still flying.  Might as well be asking to be flayed, racked and thumbscrewed, on a good day.

Warning: Is Freedom Ending Debt Attack Days Away?

And if everyone lived like me, this problem wouldn't exist.  No credit card, no debt, don't spend money on status garbage or vanity or worthless parasites known as crotch droppings, or new cars, or houses you can't own, or. . .WHAT EVER!!!!!!!!

Hands-On Accountability For The Police Murder Of Stanley Gibson

Why anyone still wants to come here to this disgusting county is beyond me.


This Is A Most Awesome Story From Santa Fe

New zero tolerance policy for police

Now if we can have this for every police force in the nation. . .

Stop Snitching Culture Stymies NYPD Attempts To Root Out Corruption

How to fix?  Fire EVERYBODY, start fresh, and hold them accountable from day one.


Police Send Threatening Emails When Lawmakers Seek Police Accountability

One small step for the peons. . .


SWAT Team Brings TV Crew To Film Raid Against Threatening Internet Critic -- Raids Innocent Grandma Instead

Do you have to pass an incompetence test to be on a swat team?


No Good Deed Goes Unpunished, Huh?

Iraq War vet faces 10 years in prison after photographing police

This is about that awesome Antonio Buehler!


Jonell Grace: Guardianship Abuse

You go, girl!!!!!!!!!!!

The Strange Case of Phil Schneider

UFO stuff, but this whistleblower was killed; so why not post this as a possible reality.  Just because it's weird doesn't mean it's crap.  Use your own discretion.

OK, now I'm putting up weird posts.

No wonder the u.s. is in debt, if you consider how much all this costs; huh?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Expected Cosmic Events In 2012 By Pane Andov

Is this worth watching, or is it just more new age garbage?  I have no idea, but I have been goaded into posting it.

According to his message at the end, I am NOT there.  I mean, I HATE this place.  I've SEEN the Otherside, and as far as I'm concerned this place is a SEWER compared to there.  We are here because we asked for it, but I've grown sick of it due to what I've experienced, and what I've learned.  Yet I'm still here.  I was told by an individual  (I'm NOT gonna tell ya who/what he was.  I don't wanna give myself away to anyone I don't already know.)  on the Otherside to "FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED, OR ELSE",  during a potential self-destruct, so I'm doing what I gotta do, and waiting to be taken out by whatever means I agreed to before I was born. . .whatever the Hell that was.  WITH A 'TUDE, DAMMIT!

Well, we've got less than 6 months to see if I wasted another 1 1/2 hours watching a video, and another 5 minutes on this post.

10 Suppressed Inventions

So now what ya do is put 'em on the web, EVERYWHERE, nonprofit.  Plans down to the minutest detail.  Everything that is, must be overthrown, including the monetary system.

Egypt’s New President Mohamed Morsi Has Called For New 9/11 Investigation

I think I like this guy.  Has Salah al-Din Yusuf (Saladin) just been reincarnated?  The exemplary apex of a Muslim that very few even try to measure up to.

Man: Police Beat Me For Gun, Despite My Permit

Another bunch of idiots asking for a lawsuit.  I hope they get it.


Gods, how many of these psychos have IQs in the negative numbers, ya know?

Mother Throws 2 Sons From 15th Floor, Killing Both,_Killing_Both.html

That is so wrong.  She completely ruined the meat.  I mean, what use is. . .oh, never mind.

Five Types Of Looters You Must Prepare For If Ya Wanna Survive The Shite Hittin' The Fan

I'm not planning on it, so hey.  Why should I?  I hate this realm, and don't think it's worth dog shite; so why should I want to stick around to rebuild this waste of my time?

Obama Admin. Uses Prison Labour To Advance “Green” Agenda

Note the low wages, and most of these people shouldn't even be in prison.  Drug related offenses, like being a  pot head who never hurt anyone?  Victimless stuff that is of no concern to the government?  Charged for something that should be legal?  A total prison strike is needed more than ever, but like maybe I should wake up.  Ain't gonna happen.

I betcha the violent offenders that should be in prison aren't on the production line.

You Are The Laboratory

My only excuse for being fat is I AM an INTERNET POTATO.  But I'm not beyond hope.  30 lbs. is doable if I wanted to.

Again, I eat chicken, a wee bit of seafood that are generally what I can't get out of the can for the cats, or s sliver of salmon, or on occasion, a single shrimp, and every day I am happier that I gave up red meat and most birds; not only for the sake of the animals, but reasons like this.

Jesse Ventura Exposes The Banker Controlled U.S Government

So, what are we gonna do about it?  How often am I asking this question?  Until the day I die.

I will continue  to be putting up more posts on this subject, as they come up here and there.

5 Facts That Prove Radical Islam Is A Child of American-British-Israeli Intelligence

Well, what do ya know?  By the way, life for chicks in Afghanistan was better for chicks before u.s interference.  And Wasabi-ism, I mean Wahabi-ism ain't what Mohammed had in mind for Islam.  I know the religion doesn't work for me, but some people seem to need to be told what to do.  Then again, as I said before; religion ain't my bag.  Great for study, not for practise, though some are better than others.  I do agree with a lot of the Cathar way (I call myself a nondenominational Pagan-Cathar-Pastafarian who also belongs to The Church of Euthanasia.  I have my own brand of spirituality that follows nothing, and make fun of the concept of religion as I do it, as you may note.), the Jains, the Essenes, the Sikhs, the Wiccans, and the Quakers.  Anton LaVey's little cult was pretty cool, if you really read it; but I wouldn't really call that a religion.

How The US Government, Banks, Prison-Industrial Complex, Corrupt Officials, Businesses, Law Enforcement, Racists And The CIA Profit From Illegal Drugs

And of course we're all too stupid not to do any research to find legal alternatives that I've known about since before I was a fookin' teenager, thanks to an interest in witchcraft.

Idiot wankers.  Yeah, right.  Keep feeding the system.  If you're not already incarcerated or worse, that is.

Wealthy Americans Jumping Obama’s Ship

Who in their right mind wouldn't leave this fascist dictatorship garbage, where riots are gonna break out in the worst possible way?

And what are the cops gonna do about it?

Probably run like Hell.

News On Polio You Never Knew About

History shows polio caused by pesticide exposure, then was eradicated by decline in DDT use


7 Trivia Facts About Polio

Ain't information suppression great?

Did UK’s NatWest Bank Rehypothecate Client Cash Accounts to Meet Margin Call?

Ain't that sweet?  I expect more of this.  A LOT more.

Unplugged Metal Detector Triggers JFK Chaos

Ye gods, am I glad I don't fly.  That way I can laugh at this.

Fukushima Plant Workers Keep Saying To Us “It Could Go Any Minute”

San Onofre, or better yet; Diablo Canyon would be preferable.  They're closer to me.  But I already said that.  Then again, I may say it again.

The Nightmare Scenario

Being I'm a misanthropic isolationist who hates life, I really don't mind; but that's just my opinion.  Yours may be different.

This may also be what brings everything down.  As for the wars, I'm expecting frag-fests; not that msm will admit to it.  Who knows?  They might already be happening, but how am I to know?

New World Order Blueprint Leaked

And what if the brainwashed masses who feed the system wake up?  Those that will be left alive, anyway.  They just might.

And another thing. . .how often do plans work out in the long run?  I've met some who say they don't make plans, since what's the point?  I've got a couple of plans, but those are more based on immediate action.  If this, then that.  I sure as Hell ain't planning for the future, since I don't think there is one; as far as I'm concerned.  Well, there could be; but I ain't biting.  It would mean there would be sharing an estate with small crotch droppings, and I can't handle it.  I think I'd rather be Joe Bonhamed than have another one or more of those vile, infernal creatures in my vicinity day after day.  Whenever I see one, what goes through my head is basically, GET THAT DAMN THING AWAY FROM MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comprehensive List Of fema Camps

Gonna go like a good little slave for a fate worse than death, or are ya gonna fight back?  You'll probably die, but who cares?  At least you won't be livin' in servitude to these worthless, repulsive goons who couldn't find their own arseholes if it bit 'em in the face.  And if there's enough of a resistance, they won't win.  If so called 'civilisation' even lasts long enough for these idiots to do their thing.

I tell ya!  I wouldn't want to be in the wrong uniform when the things do start to fall apart.

Watching America Die

Why do people always call the u.s., America?  There are 35 countries in the Americas, and the u.s. is only one of them.

A lot of people outside the u.s., and a few within will say, "SERVES THOSE (US) BASTARDS RIGHT!!!!!!!"

I can't imagine why.  (YES, I'M BEING SARCASTIC!  I KNOW DAMN WELL, WHY!)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Special Message For The New Age Prophets

I'm quite fed up with it myself.  I'll NEVER forgive the JW's for promising me the world would end in 1976.

Ending Unnecessary Male Circumcision In The UK

WHY IS THIS STILL BEING DONE????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah,  Profit.  Body parts.  Can't remember what foreskins are used for, but they have a commercial value.

I googled, it, got cosmetics, and this link to all links.  Look it up yourself.

House Bill Extends TSA Intel Sharing To Mass Transit

As I said before, I ain't flyin' until those shites are GONE!!!!!!!!!!!

Cellphones Weaken Blood-Brain Barrier And Contribute To Neurological Disorder

I don't call 'em 'brain fryers' for nuthin'.

Bombshell: The Real Reason Barack Obama And Michele Lost Their Law License

Give it up, or be toast; basically.

Tornado In Action

Jaw-dropping, violent tornado hurling deadly softball hail! June 22, 2012

The way it ends is a crack-up.

U.S. Blog Business Insider: U.S., Israel Continue Preparations For Strike On Iran Nuclear Facilities


The reality is, if the US economy collapses before the start of a significant war, Obama will be condemned as having created the problem. He desperately needs a war going on which to blame the rotten economy.

Well, I got this from  I assume it's Michael Rivero's quote.  I know it's not mine.

Congress Sides With Monsanto Over GMO Battle


But don't execute them.  Do a Joe Bonham on 'em.  That's sooooooooo much better!!!!!!!!!

Congress Should Have Investigated Steriod Abuse In Law Enforcement, Not Roger Clemons And Major League Baseball

Again, I couldn't agree more; but when was the last time congress did something useful?

u.s. government.  The worst terrorist on the planet.  And dats da twooth!

50,000 Arrested Last Year For Marijuana In NYC Needlessly Scarring The Lives Of Tens Of Thousands

More jury nullification for a stupid law, please!

Roll 300 Heads And Save Pakistan!

Part #1 

Part #2

What a mess.  And note how they're recovering or not recovering from their devastating floods is no longer in the news?  For those who forgot:

Not that I'd go to Pakistan even if they paid me, but hey.  They can live the way they want, and I'll live the way I want.   I have enough of a problem with the um. . .shall I say 'non-culture' I'm in?  I don't deal with idiots who consider me a second class citizen because of my plumbing.  Parts of Israel are like that too, by the way.   I wouldn't go there, either.  In fact, there aren't many countries I'd like to go to any more.  The politicians even ruined New Zealand.  Can't legally grow to use your own medicinal herbs any more?  Can't wait 'til these worthless bastards are all put in their place.  I hope that day is just around the corner.

Prison Labour Needs To Go On Strike

Every last incarcerated individual, many of who shouldn't be there in the first place.  Stop cooperating.  Make yourself a liability, not an asset.  A complete liability.  They arrest more and more on these made up, phony charges just so they can keep feeding this vile system, and it has to stop, but until everyone stands up to what's wrong, all will continue as is.

Auditor: 100,000 Dashcam Videos Disappear From seattle police department Database

What are they hiding?!

Oh yeah!  Police brutality at it's worst.  Seattle is baaaaaaaaaad.  Then again, so aren't all major cities?

Now, why would anybody believe the word of any cop, considering how often they are caught lying to protect themselves or for the sake of ripping people off?  They can even legally lie to get you to give up your rights and trap you into breaking the law.  So why trust them to ever tell the truth?  They are one of the most corrupt set of individuals on the planet, not only in the u.s..

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Spanish Influenza Epidemic Of 1918 Was Caused By Vaccinations

And today's vaccines are no better.  A lot of people who get flu were vaccinated.  I've never caught flu, and I've never been vaccinated.  Colds, yes; but no flu.

Another odd thing for a misanthropic isolationist to post, huh?  A Georgia Guide Stone fan?

Well, considering how few read this blog, it ain't gonna make much of a difference.  And those that are reading this blog are probably apt to be on a more intelligent tangent, and perhaps worth salvaging?  Whatever part of the world you're in.

Or maybe. . .NARCOTICS, NARCOTICS, NARCOTICS!!!!!!!!   (WRH word of the day) the government will flag this post and come up with something to kill everybody off faster and better?

Either way works for me.

!!Fukushima Daiichi Reactor 4 Roof Is Down!! 6/22/12

I don't know what to say.

War Veteran Teaches Active Duty Soldiers How To Avoid Going

Don't join to begin with.  And if you have doubts, read 'War Is A Racket' by Smedley Butler, and watch the video I posted a couple of days ago, by Dalton Trumbo.  'Johnny Got His Gun'.

Here, so ya don't have to look for it!

What The Jews Did To Germany Now In The USA

Something about WW II that is NOT taught.  But I don't know about the 'decadent' art thing.  They were just bringing what was hidden, to light.  The economic thing is the irritating thing.  But even that is the banking families, not every Jew on the planet.  I have e-mailed a brilliant Jewish artist IN Israel, and he says it sucks being poor there.  He painted, and had written a couple of books, though that is not necessarily a living.

I ought to look him up, and see how he's doing; IF he's even still alive.  He had health issues.

Oh, and check out the side bar of this link.

Financial Reality

Ready for Hell on Earth yet?

Oh, it's already here.  Never mind.

Strange Thing For A Misanthropic Isolationist To Put Up

But if this message of this video was how the world was, I wouldn't be such an arsehole (Arsehole To The 33rd Degree.  Can't beat me.); I'm sure.

Where The Hell Is Matt?  2012  Beautiful!;read=243501

And direct link to video in case something happens to RMN:

Resistance to Empire ~ 911 Truth

GODS, PEOPLE ARE STOOOOOOOOOPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Still, the first part of the video is pretty cool.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Can I Ask a Question On Religion?

How can Source by any other name, (Yahweh, Allah, Jehovah, Whatever), who created everything have created anything unclean?  And if all was created by whatever you call Source, wouldn't everything It created have equal value, including dogs, pigs, snakes, and chicks?  After all, they are very nice animals if you treat 'em right.

THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes I am a fervent, radical, militant feminist.  Some of us do have a sense of humour.  And I'm even Kraut born on top of it.  Shows ya what all dem dar  stereotypes is good fer, huh?

Anonymous - Concerning The Federal Reserve

Damn good lecture.  Boy, what a bloody mess we're in for; not that I care.

Owner Of Home Destroyed By SWAT Team Wants To Know Why She Has To Pay For Repairs

I'd like to know, too.  The city should pay.

Max Keiser: Banks Are Dead!

If you're still in them, with all the information that's out there, YOU'RE GONNA GET WHAT YOU DESERVE!!!!!!!!!

facebook Didn't Like This----Threatened To Delete Account And Ban Member

So of course, I'm gonna put the link here.

Maybe ya wanna copy it and mail it to yourself in case it disappears?  I know someone else who did that.

Senate Rejects Amendment Giving States The Right To Require GMO Labelling

So much for those worthless fuck heads representing the people.  Vote all the incumbents out, and replace 'em with Libertarians, Greens, Green Libertarian, Peace and Freedom.

But companies can and do label 'NO GMO PRODUCTS'.  Guess what I buy?

Declassified: Massive Israeli Manipulation Of us Media Exposed

On request of Michael Rivero by way of his site.

Changes And Journeys And Hare Krishna Murders. Les Visible Post

Why are you coming here to read this.  Key in 'Smoking Mirrors',  and if nothing new is on that page, check the links on the left under VISIBLE WRITES. . .

Check it every day.  Sometimes he writes one a day for extended periods, and if he gets 'instructed', he's even been known to put down two posts in one day, though not very often.

Texas Cops Ticket Thousands Of Schoolchildren To Raise Revenue, Some As Young As 6-Yrs-Old

I wonder how many parents are seeing their offspring on the 'barbie' in their mind's eyes after bringing home their umpteenth ticket?

This is insane.  Then again, a part of me says 'SERVES YA RIGHT FOR BEIN' A BREEDER YA STUPID, SADISTIC IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

I mean come on!  How'd you like to be born today?  Not that I think there ever is a good time to be born, and I think I'm an uber moron for having asked for this life.  And again to rub yo' face in it, but won't the little shitester(s) be fun to drag around when you're totally out of resources, before the transition happens?  Or during the worst time, WHEN the transition happens?  Maybe that money you spent on that pack of cigarettes shoulda been spent on condoms?


Whoops!: Police & Federal Agents Raid Wrong Home, Terrify Innocent Woman

Have you ever seen such CHRONIC INCOMPETENCE AND STOOPITITY IN ALL OF YOUR LIFE????????  OVER, AND OVER, AND OVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!  These idiots must be the laughing stock of the world by now.  They sure are of all of those who know about all their fuck-ups that have a brain left.


(Above is list to alert homeland security, according to WHATREALLYHAPPENED.COM.)


Confirmed: us cia Arming Terrorists in Syria

The u.s. has been on the wrong side of history from the start.  I'm glad it's common knowledge for those of us who are politically aware about how worthless the mainstream media is and all that.  Now if only the rest of the population gets there.

Well, they are moving there.

Still wanna join the military 'service' as they call it?  Is it worth it?  Is life worth it if all you do is mess other people up?

A Critical Tolstoy Quote

"Money is a new form of slavery, and distinguishable from the old simply by the fact that it is impersonal, there is no human relation between master and slave." -- Leo Tolstoy

Yes, the best thing that can happen is to get rid of the monetary economy and live like the tribes before Europe found and destroyed their way of life, and them.

GRID GRID GRID GRID GRID GRID GRID  (The word of the day.)

Lawyer And Wife Plant Drugs On their Kid’s Teacher

Glad they were busted.  Hope they get full term.  BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!

Jury Nullification Gets Bigger In Drug Cases

I already posted my opinion on this, and will go with it not only on drug cases, but ALL defendants in victimless crimes, and I well NEVER believe the testimony of a cop.

No President Has The Right… Posted On June 20, 2012 by Kirwan To Screw Us 4 Yrs Running (Kirwan)

But he is, and no one is stopping him.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

If You See Something...'Warning Graphic'

More on scumbag cops.


Only In The u.s.----Unfucking Believable!!!!!!

After Drunk Driver Kills Son, Mother Billed For Cleanup

How Barack Obama Avoids Prison

Scary, huh?  So many news stories on, always.  Go there, yourself. . .ANY DAY, ANY TIME!!!!!!!!!


How u.s. Tax Money Is Spent----Mostly To Kill People

Fifty Three Percent Of All Your Taxes Are Spent on War. Which Means 53% Of All Your Taxes Don't Go To Your Benefit: Roads, Schools, Medicare, Old Age...,_Schools,_Medicare,_Old_Age....html

And collectively, what do we do about it?


Motorcyclist Says Dallas Crackdown Went Too Far



Iowa Cops Refused to Release Video Showing Them Tasering Handcuffed Woman Repeatedly

I already posted something on this story on 6/19/12, but I figure this is a more in depth link on the corruption of the police force.  Enjoy.


Women Being Singled Out For Airport Strip Searches

This is a u.k. article.  I betcha the real reason is because they pick out all the hot chicks to strip search for personal gwatification.  Hey, tsa by any other name, ya know?

The Department Of Injustice

The american way, huh?  Or should I say, 'the u.s.' way?  After all, America is two continents; last time I checked.  Not that the rest are non-corrupt.

And Now For Something Totally Different----These Pics Are Real Sweet

38% Of US Amazingly Stupid, 15% Brain Dead Beyond Hope

Ryan Dawson.  Watch the video.  How right he is, except perhaps for the suggestion of a violent revolution.  Not sure how that would end.

Well, yes.  I am.  It would be quite messy.  (OK, so maybe it is a good idea, IF we start with the 53% mentioned in the title?)

Me thinks simple non-cooperation might be better.  Strikes, do as little as possible, buy as little as possible, and what he suggests later.  Do your best to meet with them, and force them to justify themselves, which they can't.

Then there's what they did in Iceland.  That worked.  Google it!!!!!!!!!!

Al Qaeda Isn't Real

Never was.  It's a front.  Again, for the umpteenth time, WHAT ELSE IS NEW?!!!!!!!!!!!  WE HAVE A GOVERNMENT BASED ON CORRUPTION, GENOICIDE, AND PARASITISM!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah.  WHR word of the day to alert the government.

VIRUS!!!!!!!!!!  THEY ARE THAT, TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Johnny Got His Gun/1971---The Whole Movie---Should Be Mandatory Viewing

You're welcome.

About the movie:

A long, long time ago I researched this film, and found out that they actually did this to someone here, I put it down somewhere; but I can't find where I posted on it.  Perhaps the post had been removed and the link no longer exists?

In the second link of the summary I posted, it says this is based on the life of a Canadian  soldier, but that's all.  If I find out what I once knew, I'll post it here.  I can't make any promises, though.

Send this flick to everyone you know.  It's one of the best anti-war flicks ever made.

'One', by Metallica:

Five Health Steps The System Does NOT Want You To Take

Some of these are kind of like, you really gotta go out of your way; like water filtration?

I'm vaccinated, spayed, litter box trained, and I can open my own cans; but it's not like a had a choice regarding the vaccinations.  Also, my loser breeder parents couldn't have afforded me a private education, so I couldn't have gotten into the public indoctrination centres without them.  I can't afford the water filtration, I try to buy non-GMO by reading the bar codes, water filtration is too costly for the money that we have just 'enough' of for daily living, and I did quit doing supplements, though my flat mate spends a small fortune on them.

Need A Laugh?;read=243252

Read this, and this:

Take my word for it.  They are hilarious!

Unemployment Will Stay Above 8% For 2012, Over 9% In 2013

See Michael Rivero's comment.  REAL UNEMPLOYMENT IS 45% if you include crotch drippings, I mean droppings; who are not qualified to work.

Will the u.s. as a nation even see 2013?  Perhaps in name only.

Why the Senate Won’t Touch Jamie Dimon: JPM Derivatives Prop Up U.S. Debt

And of course, the people are gonna accept it without question.   HEY,  DOES THIS LOOK LIKE ICELAND TO YOU???????????????????

Reno Newspaper Photographer, 60, Assaulted By Deputies While Covering Fire

Whatever I wanna say, I've said it before; MORE THAN ONCE!!!!!!!!


Theft, Pedophilia, Murder Among TSA Employees’ Crimes’_Crimes_/20091/0/0/0/Y/M.html

Another TELL US SOMETHING WE DON'T KNOW!!!!!!!  Can't wait until these bastards are dismantled.   And have fun finding a job after.  If we even HAVE an after.

Sinead O'Conner-Mandinka

Good voice, good song, foxy chick.  What more can you ask for.   Time has also proven her right on the poop.  I mean pope.

Watch The Idiot Squirm----A Ryan Dawson Post On 9/11

Have fun.

A VIRUS CALLED FEAR - Student Documentary Short

Programming.  Overcome it.  Search for what you really are.  Find yourself and remember where you are really from, and where you are destined to go again.

This isn't it.

Falun Gong Practitioners Hit in San Francisco Chinatown

Why do they consider this religion such a threat?

I haven't researched it, but they must be too close to being right.  Aren't they ideally supposed to be vegetarian?  Kind of Cathar?  Then again, we know what the political system known as the catholic church did to them.  Another case of same story, different day?

Not really sure.   Again, I haven't researched it, and am simply looking at the news stories I've read.  I suppose that makes me unqualifried to comment, but from what little I know;  I still wish the members of Falon Gong well.   They seem a lot less destructive than a lot of other 'cults' in existence.

Add on edit.  Eliminate attachment, jealousy, be peaceful. . .

Yeah, it is a threat.  It's how life is supposed to be, and it's a threat to the economy and status quo.  Just like the Cathars.  I wonder how much crap the Essenes faced, or what the Jains face today?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

More On 9/11-----For Those Who Still Believe The Official Version

Then again, if you do believe the official version; you don't have a brain, and you won't be reading this blog.

I'm sorry, but I guess this is then a case of the clergy preaching to the choir.

Israel Behind The Flame Virus?

No comment.

GLOBAL ELITES THROWN OUT OF ICELAND: Iceland Dismantles Corrupt Gov’t Then Arrests All Rothschild Bankers

This is what can be done in a nation unified, and a nation with brains.

That wouldn't be the u.s., though.  Very few people I work with have a clue on world events or how fooked the planet is.  They are so damn insulated from reality.  Watching teevee does that to you, I suppose.  They don't know any better but to believe the faux news.  The only ones who did have a clue were a couple of kids who were in the military for a couple of years, and a totally cool Ashkenazi dude who is absolutely fascinating to talk to.  An intellectual equal, at least.


Uh, that's a silly analogy, but y'all gets my point. . .I hope.

Monsanto-Funded Science Denies Emerging Roundup-Cancer Link

Oh, give me and every other entity with more than two brain cells to their name a FOOKIN' BREAK!

A Case Of Censorship

This isn't a story, but an example of what can happen.;read=243176

But if you check the thread, it looks like the stories did get salvaged.

I, however; have lost stories for good.  So I suppose if you do find something that is a REAL threat to the system, it might be a good idea to save it.  Perhaps you can't reprint it due to copyright violation, but you can summarise it.

CIA Disinfo: ’380 American Rebels Killed’ Story A LIE! Mysterious Michigan Blast/Radiation Update – Part 1

Part #2:

Watch 'em both, and start banging your head against the wall.

Here's Bob's website:

VIDEO PROOF: Tasing Victim Speaks Out

They tased her after she was hog tied.  I hope she files a lawsuit.  How many more times will I say that?!

I Think It's Time Viewers Drop cnn

CNN Censorship of Soldier Supporting Ron Paul

Feds Prepping For 'Nuclear Incident' In America; Why Now?;_Why_Now.html

Damn good question.  Why now?  Well, they are planning on restarting San Onofre, and just what are the real radiation totals in Michigan right now?  I swear, if I had the money I'd get a Geiger counter, and hire a private pilot to fly me over in a light plane, find out for myself, and post it everywhere.  Yeah, it would cost; but it beats driving where out of staters get extorted by crappy cops as they're driving through, and like HELL I'm giving tsa any business.  But I'm not rich, so it ain't gonna happen.

Japan is kinda far away, but a couple of storms are going to hit it this week, and one is an all out typhoon.   And we do seem to be on the cusp of WW III.

That's all the good news for now.  Maybe more tomorrow.

More Frustrating News On The Michigan Nuclear Spike

Developing Story: Radiation and ‘Booms’ in Indiana and Michigan

Lies?  Cover-ups?  Who knows, but this is driving me NUTS!  WE NEED A WHISTLEBLOWER!!!!!!

Though as I do an add-on edit this is old news.  I ought to just delete it, but. . .it was soooooo WEIRD!

Tell The truth, Go To Jail. . .Or Worse

This is what Joe Lieberman wants.  Why is this slime ball  in the senate?

Paint it Black


Oh yeah.  Resource war.  I almost can't believe stuff like this goes on.  You who instigate this are a CANCER upon humanity.  The politicians, the pilots, everyone who killed these people simply because they were told to.  THIS IS WRONG, AND IT IS STILL EVERYWHERE TODAY.  JUST ERASING PEOPLE WHO ARE DOING NOTHING BUT LIVING IN THE WRONG COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!

It's Disgusting How Easy Cops Get Off For Law Violations

Minneapolis Police Officer Charged With 3rd Degree Assault after Punching Man and putting him on Life Support

One law for EVERYONE, dammit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All Over America Government Agents of Tyranny Are Forcing Preppers Back On To The Grid

And most still feed this system!

This Will Usher In Collapse

I think the Greek thing was ALL voter fraud.  I'm surprised the inhabitants haven't set the country on fire. . .yet?

Man, And They Originally Wanted To Restart San Onofre Thing In June

They postponed it.  As I say, ya can't win 'em all.

Designed for disaster: San Onofre nuclear plant could become California's Fukushima

The Forbidden History Of Unpopular History

Churchill?  The destoyer of Dresden?  I don't theenk so!

Well, besides that; it's a good message.  A couple of flaws here and there, but it's a damn good video.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Ron Paul: Have We Lost Our Minds?

So, what are YOU going to do about it?!

Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Update, 6/19/12 Kevin D. Blanch

Been nice knowin' ya.

Ah, no it hasn't.   For one thing, I didn't know ya; and if I had, I might have found ya rather annoying.

After all, isn't the human race here mostly for the sake of our inconvenience?  It sure makes you wait a lot, and patience is NOT one of my traits.

KingCast Sees Nashua, NH PD Hide Their Badges And Play Dumb As Hillsborough Court Officers Assault Mike Gannon.

My police brutality post for today.  Will it be the only one?

What fuckin' pussies, and I AIN'T TALKIN' CATS!!!!!!!!!!!


Eugenics – Toxic Meat Glue Of The Elite Agenda

I repeat that I am a Georgia Guide Stone fan, but I believe in cutting birthrates, not killing or disabling those that are already here.  Ted Turner promotes the same views.  We HAVE done a lot of damage to the planet.  That's the fault of the industrialised nations.

No what to do with those so damaged by the system?  In fact, why breed if you can't get around vaccinating them, sending them to the vile indoctrination centres, or feeding them toxic food stuffs?  The will be doomed.

Hmmmmmmmmm.  I dream of long piglet rotisserie with white cobbed corn.  Non-GMO, of course.

Didn't they write a song about that?

No, that was Jeanie with the light brown hair.  Close enough.

Banksters Steal Greek Elections

Bankers steal Greek Elections - More bailouts and austerity

I suspect voter fraud, and I also wonder how much of the country is gonna be up in flames by the end of the week.

But of course, since I'm expecting it; it ain't gonna happen, right?  My track records been 100% so far on this blog.  ;O)  Like I said before,  if I say it's gonna happen, it WON'T!

Chairman Shoves Ron Paul Supporter- Iowa GOP Convention

Go to 3:10.  These guys must really be scared, huh?  Feeling threatened?  I suppose they should be, since they can't justify themselves worth a shite.

Sun Dog-------Parhelion

I saw one once driving home when I didn't know what it was.  I was astounded.  I had to ask every e-mail buddy I knew what it was, and someone did come through for me.

Big Powers Move In On Syria: WW3 Set To Blow

If it gets me killed faster, I have no complaints.

Today's 2 Cents (Tarpley Is A Lying Statist Jackass)--Ryan Dawson!

No DUHHHHHHHHH!  Another dude to listen to every day, several times a day.  All his stuff goes on, or why not just keep his site up, too.

The man's brilliant.  Delivers well, too.

40 Hr. Work Week + Whorporate Media Makes You Dumb

Uh yeah!  Well, not only is our flat without cable, it's without TeeVee period.  I already said that in the double digits, no doubt.  And I do not need outside distractions.  I don't even like them.  

Great video, but ARE YA GONNA DO AS HE SUGGESTS?!!!!!!!