Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I'm just Dying To Be Reincarnated Into An Economically Deprived Family

NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ever think about the consequences of your actions, you stupid idiots who have about as much self control as a tiger that hasn't eaten in a week?

Oh, and now that you're stuck with the unintended intruder that stresses you out even further beyond your means, how do you treat it?  How many child abuse cases are triggered by economic insecurity?  Maybe you should have gotten an abortion?

Margaret Sanger had it right.

No, Life Isn't Worth Killing For

However, Death is!  SO IS PERSONAL SOVEREIGNTY!!!!!!!!!

One Thing I Hate

When common knowledge just isn't so.  You see link after link after link seeing the same thing, and when you experiment with the concept; it just isn't so.  No one knows what they're talking about.  Everything is just speculation written as if it were real.

Kinda like the zionists rewriting history to suit their culturist genocide and causes or world domination, which the sheeple have handed them on a silver platter.

That's coming to an end, though.  At quite a high expense in lives.

But is that a bad thing?!  Considering what humanity has done to the planet, I think the fewer of us there are, the better for everything else.  I'll be repeating this often enough.  After all, I really can't stand the collective humanity.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

High Heels

You think foot binding is horrendous, which it is (The foot was BROKEN.), yet you wear high heels.  They incapacitate you (Ever try to break the 100 metre dash in them?), and they may mess you up permanently if you wear them all the time, but you still wear them for the sake of fashion.  Just like feet were bound for the sake of fashion.

What's the difference?

Everybody out to look like a bimbo breeder cow.

The Bible Is A Bunch Of Crap

Do some research.  Check out The Council Of Nicea!  It's a tool to control people.  Religion is a tool to control people.  Spirituality is fine, but go the Krishnamurti way, huh?  "Truth Is A Pathless Land".  Travel inward.  Everyone is different, and they have their own reason for being there.

You don't need a priest to talk to Source.  You can do that with no intermediary.  Everything is part of Source.  Everything is alive on a subatomic level.

So give the Deva, plant, and animal kingdoms their due.  You're no better than they.  After all, everything is from the same Source, so that makes everything equal, no?

Monday, November 28, 2011

The System Is So Messed UP. What To do????

STOP FEEDING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I Don't Have Enough Time For Shit!

NOT my complaint.  Even before I was retired, and did tons of overtime, I had enough time.

Hey!  I knew how to use it.  I didn't waste it on things that most feel obligated to spend it on.  I mean, how much time do chicks spend modifying themselves?  I don't do that.  I see that as an extra hour of sleep, or whatever.  I also refuse to have my time hijacked.  I'll do favours on MY terms, not on random requests unless it's a life or death matter.  (Of course it also helps not to have one of those vile little time vampires known as crotch droppings as your legal ball and chain that you're stuck working around, but that's another problem that is not mine; as I have said before.)

Saying no!  What a concept.  People are programmed out of doing that.  In fact, people are programmed out of standing up for themselves.  Now that we realise it, are we going to do something about it?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Credit Card

Never had one.  I suppose if you like to pay more for something than you have to, it's fine, but I don't.  If I can't pay cash, I don't buy it.  If I don't need it, I don't buy it either.  I'm talking practical application 'need it'.  I don't do superfluous garbage.  I don't do vanity, either.  Why waste my time and money on turning myself into an object?  I don't even want to be bothered by anyone.  I don't need my time hijacked by some random idiot.

Take me as I am, unmodified, or go to HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!  And even then, I don't want to do any more than talk to you, IF talking to you can enhance my personal evolution.  Otherwise, don't waste my time.

Crotch Droppings

I will never understand why people have them.  Do chicks like looking like they swallowed a watermelon whole for a few months?  Do they like being incapacitated? Pain?  Stress?  Added responsiblility?  Changing diapers?  Getting interrupted sleep for how many years?  Spending so much money that you may or may not have on such a needy creature that may turn on you at any time?  (I turned on my 'tickets' to get to this hell hole of a planet.)

Nor for me, thanks.  My time and resources are MINE, and that's the way I like it.  I try to have as little to do with those little disease factories as possible.  I don't even associate with breeders anymore on my own time.


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tradition is a Prison

Do it because it's always been done like that, be it good or bad.  It stifles free thought, and free will.  It takes away from the individual.  It is PROGRAMMING!

Some times it's better to break free and say the Hell with it.  Is circumcision good?  Is the commercialised Christmas rush to buy people junk they don't need good?  Is getting people to behave in a way contrary to what they are or want good because of what they are, be it colour, gender, caste, or whatever?

How much of tradition is based on feeding the economy?  The corporate monsters who have destroyed the planet?  A lot of traditions cost money.  What good do they do to those who follow them?

What's Worse? Giving Birth, Or Murder?

I almost died more than once.  I've seen the Otherside.  From this, I have come to the conclusion that the body is not a temple, but a prison.

Based on what I've seen, I think giving birth is much worse than a humane (fast) killing.


Sometimes you learn something that gives you an amazing bit of power.  You can share it, and if people used it they could change the world, but on the other hand; that same knowledge would change the status quo, and be responsible for a huge power shift; and quite a few would be threatened by this. . .so the holder of this knowledge would probably be destroyed if they shared it.

Hey!  Look at what the damn catholic church did to the healers and holders of the ancient knowledge in the past.

Guess I'll sit on it.  Might share it sparingly in the unlikely event someone needs it and asks for it, but that ain't gonna be here.