Thursday, February 28, 2013

The CIA's Bogus Drug War: The Price Of Telling The Truth

They kill you, and they say you did yourself in.  Not just the drug war, obviously.  Telling the truth about ANYTHING!  They make it illegal to make the world a better place.

Go figure.

Should We Humans Feel Guilty For Overpopulating This Planet?

Don't blame me.  I ain't a breeder.  I can't stand crotch droppings, and don't think much of the collective human race.  We should know that by now.

And just think if there were fewer of us.  No more traffic jams, less waiting, cheaper housing with bigger lots, less pollution, more room, more peace, fewer stupid laws.  High density populations seem to encourage more laws, though they are ignored in a lot of countries.  There'd be less stress, too.  But nooooooo.  We the human race has to breed like damn cockroaches, and we've become the biggest environmental liability there is.

Too bad the Cathars were killed off.  If they'd caught on or came back big time, the world WOULD be a better place.

Then again, the best of everything is always killed off.  I guess they don't need this HELL HOLE any longer, so they move one.  The rest of us mortal flotsam garbage can stay in this disgusting place and deal with the crap we've done.  We've made our bed, and now it's time to lie in it.  And it's gonna get real bad starting now with the gubment' sequestration', as they call it.

TREE TUNNELS---A NICE CHANGE OF PACE;act=ST;f=11;t=368;st=250;&#entry33889

A beautiful view.


I'm glad I wasn't born yesterday.  I had the freedom to have me some fun.

And whilst you're here, check out the rest of the fun news I didn't transfer over from MY SOURCE!


Roundup More Toxic Than Officially Declared - New Study

I'm not surprised in the lightest.  I also had the foresight to never use ANY pesticides on my plants.  Granted, I had to destroy a few and restart from seed, but oh well.

Environmental Protection Agency Scientists And Medical Experts Fired For Opposing Water Fluoridation


What a world.  Try to do right, and get whacked.  I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL THIS CRAP IS OVER!

Careful Where you Buy Your Meat

Tyson, Cargill among others now drugging your meat with Merck's new Zilmax

Not that I eat bovines anymore, but if I did. . .this sounds DISGUSTING!

28 07:26 Giant Food Corporations Work Hand-In-Glove With Corrupt Government Agencies To Dish Up Cheap, Unhealthy Food

Which feeds the pharma companies which generates more income for the government, which soaks the public, not to mention killing them faster so the government can have their social security, etc. . .

But of course you'll continue playing into their hands.




Man, when will I get through to you?

Another day where the sites are inundate with stories, and I'm in no mood to post 20 links at once.

Torture Inc. Americas Brutal Prisons

Land of the flea, home of the knave.

Ok, that's kind of non sequitur, but it rhymes, OK??????????

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Taking Away Our Instincts And Intuition - Morris

What he says is true.

Programmed 'Я' Us.  Be aware.  Fight it!

Oh, and fer real.  I don't think Chris Dorner existed as was described, either.  I wonder if he recently died, and they made up this story.  No media at the burning, huh?  I think the cabin was empty.  I also think my theory will spread.

Piers Morgan Bias Debunked On Reality Check - United Kingdom The Most Violent Nation In Europe

No duhhhhh.  And look at what they did to the rest of the world.  Turtle Island was great, until they got here.  They killed off everyone with a better way, and supplanted the land with servitude.

For Every Action There Are Always Consequences (Kirwan)

This here is gonna be one of the best posts and noteworthy reads of the day.

Pics Of A Frozen Waterfall

This is cool.  Glad I can enjoy it from home.

"Contemplating The Dark Underbelly Of The Empire." (Les Visible)

I am soooooo glad this sausage casing is back and writing almost every day again.



There's just too much to deal with, so go to the source, and have fun.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What You’ll See In The Rebellion

I'm not gonna complain.

How To File A Complaint Against A Police Officer

No snarky comment here.  For information only.


Gold Confiscation Begins? Report of 2 Dozen Gold Krugerrands Stolen From Safety Deposit Box by CIA

If you still have one, you're a goddamn FOOL!


Never been in one.  We boycott due to how they treat their employees, and how they destroy everyone else.  I find I have other reasons to not shop at wal-mart.  This is scary, mon!

But I still had to laugh!

Once Again: Information Liberation! GO THERE!

Every damn update is worth reading, and WHY THE HELL DON'T YOU HAVE IT UP ON YOUR BROWSER 24/7?!!!!!!!!!!

And whilst ye're at it, all the caged gerbil shooter misconduct is makin' my head spin:

The Zio-Satanic Consortium On Its Way Out The Door.

Les Visible is back with a vengence.  Check out what he's written the past couple of days, whilst ye're at it.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Been Down So Long… Soren Dreier

No duh!

Top 11 Biggest Lies Of Mainstream Nutrition

I just eat what I wanna eat.  I suppose I should eat less of it or get off my butt more since I am a bit plump, but hey!  Why torture myself?  Vanity?  HUH!  Who do I have to impress?  Certainly not the fellow mortal flotsam garbage that I am a part of.

Know Your Rights With Police Officers

Just a reminder.


How To Defeat The System - Taking Down The Bankers, GMO Companies, Corrupt Politicians And Mainstream Media

So, if ya even watch the video, are ya gonna do it, or will it be a case of 'garbage in, garbage out'?

Oh, why do I bother?!

Or read and do what is posted:  Anon
September 3, 2012 at 1:55 pm

Well, I don't buy 'american' (u.s.), but hey!  German, Swiss, and Belgiumese chocolate is better, all right?  Commercial u.s. chocolate sucks.  Mexican tomatoes are also better for the most part.  I buy the best of everything.  If it's garbage, why should I buy it just because it's u.s. made or grown?

I'm also not investing in metals, because for me. . .I don't have to.  I have no future.  Or if I  do, I won't need the metals.  They'll just be a liability.  I allegedly have just enough money to get from point A to point B, and that means no superfluous expenditures for things that aren't relevant to me.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Check This Out! Quick, Before Your Government Takes It Down

Can't comment on this one.  Nothing to comment on, really.  Well, other than the biggest number being Israel perhaps?

How The Drug War And The FDA Prevent The Sick From Being Cured

More old news to me.  There's no money in healthy people.

Open Your Third Eye and Awaken Your Pineal Gland With These Simple Exercises

Does it work?  I dunno.  Do I even have enough self-discipline to do it?  But give it a try if interested, and hopefully you're on the right side of history if you're readin' this.  Or if not, maybe you're change the road you're on if you manage to realise what it's all about even if you start out with the wrong intentions.

History Vs Hollywood, Lost Colony Myth Debunked

How much more disgusted can I get with Europe?  Mostly England (not the rest of the UK), Spain and France.  Of course also Belgium, and the other colonisers.

Of course me thinks the ultimate evil was rome.  The ultimate piece of shite who wrecked everything they touched.  And isn't vatican city doing the same?

A Gratuitous Legal Nightmare

Unfeckin' believable!


Actually,  I got this from rense. com.  There's way too many stories for me to deal with today.

This Sure As Hell Beats Business Class

How the rich to fly, but how much do these things cost to maintain?

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Jury Nullification Activist Jailed 145 Days For Distributing Info


Bloodied First Nation Woman Claims She Was Raped But Edmonton Police Arrest Her Instead

Now tell me again why law enforcement hs nothing but the peoples' contempt these days?


Ex-Secret Service Agent Gives Powerful 'Gun Control' Speech - Please Share This Viral Video If You Agree With Him

OK, I'm sharing!

America's Most Miserable Cities 2013

Man, AMERICA is two continents.  The u.s. is NOT America.  It is in North America.  This drives me NUTS!  Almost as bad as people who spell no one like noone.

Imagine what we could do with those cities if we didn't have a government holding everyone back.  Tear down all the condemned buildings, and detox the soil (plant datura for a couple of years, and that has a commercial application), and plant vast organic orchards and farms.  Get rid of the monetary economy, too.  Not gonna happen until the governments get wiped, and that will happen.  After all, NOTHING lasts forever.

Brave Women: Ex Congress Woman Cynthia McKinney

This chick is one of my heroes.  One of those exceptions to my misanthropic tastes.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


The World War One wasteland: Haunting rare images show apocalyptic destruction on the Western Front

And the u.s. might see it.  The nation that's done more damage to the world than even rome.  Then again, this is the last vestige of rome, isn't it?



Global Elitism: The Character Traits Of Truly Evil People

Old news to me.  Now go to and find the other 20 stories worth posting that I'm not gonna post because there's too damn many of 'em.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Systematic Population Reduction Of The American People Has Begun


Pernicious Evil And The Black Swan

A bit of 'in your face' reality.  I pretend to play just enough to keep things to my standards.  But an act is all it is, and I know it.  And I don't play when I don't want to.




Sorry Abbie, but you understand.  Boy, do you understand.  See ya when I get there.


(I'll see if my flat mate can advertise you, too.  Also, I did get the message.  Thanks.)

Cops Throw Quadriplegic Out Of Wheelchair

What the HELL do you do with idiots like this?  The idiot who dumped him should be jailed.


Oh man, I think I quit on this tangent for now.  Go on the link directly above, and find your own links to seethe over.

Police Officers Taser Young Woman Falls On Her Head Cracks It Open, Braindead, Police Cleared Of Wrongdoing

Unfecking believable.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

4409 -- 15 Cops Viciously Attack 3 Men Claim Stress As Excuse

Law enforcers are the biggest law breakers of all.  I swear!


And check out the rest at:

Every Living American Can Be Arrested Right Now For Felony Possession Of Drugs Made In Their Own Brains

This is absolute insanity, and absolute stupidity, and they can arrest themselves in the process.  If you make it in your own brain, everyone manufactures it, right?  Therefore no one should go unincarcerated?

Yeah, riiiiiiiiiiight.

Advice For Those Considering Joining The Military

Not to mention the enlisted get treated like sewage once they're in.

Look at the veteran suicide rates, huh?  Google it!

And look at the rest of  You should have that up on your browser 24/7!


for the stories not on the main page.

Smart Meters Kill Plants

Yes, we are definitely not dying fast enough for the government's tastes.  Fine.  I'm ready to go.  Those who want to stay can wallow in the HELL they have created.  I know too much to care anymore.


The Veil is thinning for some of us.

Two GMO Flu Vax Participants Die During Trials - Vid

Man, all those medical words to look up, and forget a day later since the terms have no pragmatic application in everyday life unless you're working in the medical field.

So, what does this tell you?

Well, if ya don't like ye're crotch droppin', I guess this is a potentially legal way to kill 'em if they have a weak enough system.  Unless of course ya wanna save 'em for meat on the hoof when the famine times come like in North Korea now; like where they are eatin' their sprog.  GOOGLE IT!

Место падения метеорита в Челябинске

(Babelfish it to translate!)

Knew that would get your attention.  How many of my readers speak Russian?

I don't.  I forgot all my Kraut, speak pretty good English, and limited, really crappy Spanish.  I love the language of Spanish, but with all the other garbage on my plate, it's not a priority learning it.  I pick up a few words here and there if I need them or if I wanna tell a joke or something, but I'm a dilettante learner.

Actually,  it's more likely, Darvaz.

When All Hell Breaks Loose . . .

I don't know about this prediction, but if it happens (don't think it will), me thinks all is gonna be a mighty big mess.  Check out the comments.

Monday, February 18, 2013

I'm Beginning To Wonder If These Are real Meteors

Or weapons from Terra?

Exploding fireballs reported all over the globe: Japan, Russia, Cuba, US…


There's more than I can deal with.  Check out those headlines and see how insane the world has become!

Video - Crimes Against Germans When WW2 Ended

I was born there, though do not identify with the culture.  I was kind of adopted into another one, but I do regret having condemned so much of Germany due to the false history I've been taught.

Making up for that to what degree I can, here.

And don't think this can't happen in the u.s. after it's taken down.  It happens EVERYWHERE!

Well, except when the Visigoths sacked Rome.

Anonymous – Important Warning!

I suppose not enough pay attention to me, as if I even inspire anyone to do anything, so I'm not too concerned.  Obscurity is a mixed blessing in this case.  Not that I'm an 'Anonymous' member, but I sure  do like 'em.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


(I threw this together in high school.  Not bad for a 16-17 year old brat, I'd say.  Yes, I was a Shakespeare (Eddie de Vere?) nut.  I still like his works.  If I had the time, I'd like to see all his plays.  They are entertaining.  But I'd rather read them first, and get a grip on the language which ain't quite the same, and watch them later.  Not anytime in the near future will this happen.  Too much else to do.)

Midnight Reverie

I stand on the cliffs so high,
Looking onward to the sea.
Under skies, under stars,
O'er the Earth's vast symmetry.,
Wondering why all must be.

Even though the crashing waves,
All is yet serene.
I stand from this world apart
Entranced by this hypnotic scene.
What can all this mean?

Sadness and yet ecstasy.
I wonder if this time can last?
To be a prisoner of now.
May now be never, past.
Oh, why must feeling and reality contrast?

Yet nothing lasts forever.
Everything must end.
This time, this phase, this dear escape,
Finality the dawn shall send;
The Earth revolving on her trend.

But then what is time?
'Tis but life's great illusion
Lost at the speed of light.
They call it a dimension,
And I. . .a deception.


The search for meaning!
What am I?
Where am I?
Why am I here?
What is life?
What is the Universe?

Am I but a cell
Of greater form?
What be the mind?
They say I use so little
Of the mind.
Where be the rest?
What are thoughts?
Why do they exist?
Why do I exit?

The eternal questions
Bearing no answers.


Blackened sky,
Lake of fire,
Eternal pain,
Stench of parbreak,
Screaming daemons,
Gnashing teeth,
Ripping flesh,
Tearing claws,
Seething terrors,
Lashing whips,

They so threaten us,
Yet none of it exists.
Nor does 'He' exist.
When we die,
Nor do we exist.


Sound of silence
Empty thought,
Unfelt emotion,
Freedom caught.

Fire cold,
Ice so hot,
Peaceful tempest,
What be is not.

Imagined reality,
Sorrow sweet,
Loving hatred,
Humble conceit.

Still wind,
Madness sane,
Foolish sense,
Ecstatic pain.

Oxymoronic confusion.


I look across the sands
To face the rising sun.
The bright red star
Gliding upward to zenith,
Drawing the desert gases
To form the figures
That lead the travellers astray.

With it come my phantasies
Appearing from the air,
And coming ever near.
They exist when I do not touch them,
Yet when I reach out; they leave
To again become the air.
My desert ghosts.


The quiet room,
The crack of fire.
The peace of night,
The burning pyre.

The beauteous lustre
Does mesmorise.
I come closer
To hear the fire's cries.

I sight the forms within.
The flames hold life, I see.
I sit back and stare,
Held by psychotic phantasy.

Agonising cries
Of beings from my past,
Calling me to come
Into their world so vast.

The evil forms
Gripping my mind.
I'm losing contro
To death, in kind.

Slowly I come closer.
I reach for destruction.
In my fatal trance,
Set to cease function.

Yet I sense not behind
The counter force that be.
Violently I am pulled to life.
Dear friend, I thank thee.


Frigid flames
On a moonless night.
Fire of blue light.

Sable horses,
Glowing eyes,
Silver hooves arise.

Thunder, lightning,
Wild and free,
Striking with no symmetry.

Howling winds
Sweeping by.
Listen to the fearsome cry.

Hate behind us,
Run with me.
If not, we'll die; you'll see.

As lightning strikes,
Horses rear;
Soon to be free of fear.

The clash of chords,
The danger late;
As we do now dissipate.

We, the travellers of dimension.


Hot bright.
Burns, glows, rages.
Eternal destroyer of all-----


The chaos!
The noise!
The shedding of blood!

To appease a king,
To conquer all,
To rule the world
To still the wish to kill.

The loss so great,
Little gained.
All in ruins,
Hatred spread.

War is tragic,
Yet again;
It is to be repeated
Come the end.


It eats away inside of me
Gnawing hatred e're so strong.
Intrinsic ulceration.
Seething fire,
Glowing madness.
A loss of reality.
Obsessive agony.
It tears away at me.
It has me entrapped.
It shall not let go.
The throe!
The Insanity!
Help me!


Blue sky, red sky,
Grey sky, black sky.
One bright light
With mystery holding.
Smaller lights
Flickering on eternally.
Spectral aurora.
Shooting light with streaming tail.
This to be seen in reverie
Which is this night's reality.


To walk through the greyness,
Quietly; unseen.
Protected by translucent cover.
Part of the spectral realm.
Slipping by without a sound,
Oh so like a shade.
'Tis the entry to another world;
The cover of fog.


'Tis dawn!
Fire in the sky!
It brings life to many,
Yet it also brings destruction
To thee.


Black, mysterious.
Hides, covers protects.
Fascinates us greatly so,


The serenity departs
As she appears.
With her, the heat,
The glare.
The deadly rays
That burn.
The distant fire
So fatal.
She draws the fluids
From all forms.
Thirsting for death,
Yet strangely giving life.
As she reaches upward,
She grows harsher.
take heed her zenith.

Then she descends,
And gentles in her ways.
She grows softer.
Her power wanes.
She fades from white, to crimson,
To night.


The world was
Such a place of misery
Where nothing seemed right.
I had to escape it
For happiness.
I ran into a world of dreams,
Escaping existence itself.
I lost touch with actuality.
I worshipped what does not exist.
I thought no one cared.

But I was wrong.
You did care.
You were willing to help.
I never thought it could be
For anyone to be so kind.
For you I shed the tear,
Not expecting what you said to me.
The way you offered to improve
The life I then thought Hell.

Accept my deepest gratitude.


Creatures Of Fact And Fancy

Thou canst be so gentle dear,
Yet deadly and aloof.
So sleek, though stalkest through the night,
And search to still a lust for blood.
Slinking by without a sound,
Muscles tensed; about to kill.
This is what thou art by night,
Yet so serene by day; my cat.


You glide along the ground unseen,
Pernicious creature; sleek and keen.
Silently you make your way,
Sensing life near where you lay.
You wait with venomed fangs to strike.
You raise your head and hood alike.
With lightning swiftness, death flashes by.
For you to live, the rat must die.


You soar above the Earth, so free;
Faster than the wind.
I never saw before
Such power and ability
In the realm of nature.
Yet this is not all you are.
You are cunning and aesthetic,
Awesome, and so graceful.
You are paranormal, my dear


Majestic form, run with the wind.
Faster, faster, ever far.
With silver hooves and fiery eyes,
Run with the flaming star.

Fly o'er the plains and through the fields.
Streaming tail and flowing mane,
Thunderous strides with head held high,
Endurance that shall never wane.


Run silently through darkness,
Cunning ever keen.
Sable coat, eyes aglow,
your form; ever lean.

You lead the hunt on this night.
Run down the quarry soon to die.
Lope after her until she falls,
Then tear her throat where she does lie.

A feast for hunters on this night.
To life and its pernicious way.
Here is the form adapted well.
The wolf, that is to say.


You are fair.
Your soft coo
So soothing.
They keep you in a cage.
A place so unsuited
For you of free spirit.
Bird of peace,
I open the door,
Fly away,
For this is no place
For you.


Wings of fire,
Feathers glow.
Flames of dawn,
Death's one foe.

In the morning ever new,
You fly before the twigs of ash.
You then dive down for everlast,
With a bright and flaming sash.

You are then engulfed by flame.
you die in blazing glory.
But then you do arise,
Reborn again; and free.

Phoenix in a scheduled time
You shall repeat this startling act.
A fiery death, a new rebirth,
In 500 years exact.


You sit alone
Amongst the rocks,
Ever so mysterious.
You no longer guard the gate
To the city.
You no longer ask
The riddles of the past.
You just sit alone
Amongst the rocks,
Ever so mysterious.

You do not move.
Your tail not so as twitches.
Your wings are still.
Your beautiful form, frozen.
Do you breath?
Where is your past glory,
Great Sphynx;
As you sit alone
Amongst the rocks,
Ever so mysterious.


Elusive spectre, forever out of sight.
Thy beauty to be seen by none,
Forever on the run.

Your ghostly form, here then gone.
Your silky coat is brilliant white,
Radiating light so bright.

You hold your head in arrogance,
Contempt for lower life.
Bearing perfection with no strife.

Your silver horn, your silky mane
Adding to your saintly grace.
Your fairness like the finest lace.

Yet when I want you, you are mine!
My desire can keep you entrapped,
For my innocence has not been sapped.

Unicorn, I hold thy reign.


Florescent eye, fiery breath,
Darkened scale, and well spanned wing.
Dragon of darkness, tell me now!
Is it good or evil that you bring?

The glory of a solar flare
You carry with you on a flight.
Take me with you to aspire
Above the clouds to Astral Light.

Your appearance fierce, yet beautiful.
Your form does mine self entrance.
To ride a dragon on her flight,
This though does mine self enhance.

This was a wish ne'er fulfilled.
The dragon, she did not comply.
The honour would belong to none.
She flew away, a wish to die.



A flash of light, a roar above.
The Hell-sent cloud I know well of.
I stand high, alone in flight.
Escape from life, in the night.
With halberd raise, I beckon thee.
Force of death, now come to me.
Come forth with searing flames,
My jagged light of many names.
Ruler of the storm and sky,
Tempest leader; by and by.
Violence, then serenity.
Lightning, bring an end to me.


Black death!
Spreading through the land!
Ware her touch
Slipping through the darkness.
Without a sound, she'll set you free,
And cut the silver cord of life.
The distemper cannot be escaped.
If she wants you, she will have you.
You cannot elude her grasp.
She will take the thing you hold so dear.
She will be victorious.
Say farewell to life when she comes by.
Her name is 'Plague'.


I look up at the sky
As I wait for you to come.
With sabre clenched and blood racing
Through my veins as I await the duel.
This most pernicious rendezvous.

You come forth.

We cross swords in deadly greeting,
And you lunge for'ard.
Frenzied battle of loud clashed chords.
My head unclear, fury racing
Through my very soul.

I don't wish to fight.  I cannot win.

You are faster, highly skilled, stronger.
I reach up in desperate surrender,
Yet face the pain of death.
You were once a friend.
Why has this occurred?

I slowly lose hold of life.

I fall as you withdraw your sword.
You catch me in your arms.
You now understand what you have done.
I look into your eyes and smile.
This moment should not have been,

But it is too late.


To run!
Fly forever!
Leave all behind.
Pain, problem, agony.
Reel about and say farewell,
And run.
Increase the pace.
Go farther.
Ignore the pain.
Faster!  Farther!
Lose sensation.
Pass the wall.
Race on,
And on.
More distance, more speed.
But no!
Something is not right!
The fall!
The beating of the heart has stopped.
The escape
Has been accomplishèd.


High sensation,
Phantoms in the nigh
Hiding through the sheets of fog.
An echoed voice breaks silence.
An eerie "Tally-ho".
The spectral hound runs by
Forever out to win the fox.
I stay low to observe this scene,
So frightening;
So hypnotising.

Slowly I am drawn forth.
I arise from hidden view.
I want to be a part of them.
I advance onward to the hunt.

The riders pass me by.
They see me not.
I stand in the midst of the,
I stand unnoticed.
Soon they ride from view,
Myself to see them fade
Into the fog from whence they came.

Yet I hear another hoofbeat.
I turn to face the rider,
And see my own reflection.
I am the rider.
I drop in fright.
The unconscious prevails.

I soon arise.
The horse stands before me, the rider is gone.
I mount the steed,
And I look to where I fell.
I saw my form where it had fallen.


Once, then twice
The blood ran free.
I don't want to face
The time of three.

I needed your help.
I did not want to die,
But i faced rejection;
Then cut my flesh with a sigh.

Now for my past wish of self-destruct
I face the greatest penalty.
Surrounding fear, the ostracism,
Even though now I wish to be.

Accept me now,
I beg of you;
Or must I complete
What in the past I failed to do?


The blood flows free,
And I am losing hold
Though I no longer wish to die.
Yet there is no hope
As I plead with Death
To allow me to remain.
By taking me, there is nothing to gain.

Yet I understand that I must die,
And the fear in me grows strong.
Do I await the fires of Hell,
Or do I enter Heaven's Gates?
Might nothing be after now?
Why did I place this bodkin's blade
Into myself from life to fade?

I lie in the pool of blood
I must accept what I have done.
I cannot undo my deed,
And therefore pay the price
Of entering a potential nightmare
From which I cannot awaken.
Oh, what a foolish step I have taken.

As life does fade from me,
The fear does disappear.
I realise there is no hope,
And untense with the feeling
That nothing can be done.
Soon my breath does slow
As does my heart, I know.

I relive my life in second's time
To realise that I have no time.
Then I sense no longer feat,
But the ecstasy of death.
I see that this is not the end,
A I slip from life's misery
Into Death's great locality.

A land where all is possible.
A pleasant dream it is.
The ties from life I severed.
I was then elated,
But ecstasy to agony;
For in this place one cannot abide
If by here they came through suicide.

I must undergo another incarnation.
My regretted change of mind
For life on Earth has now been

LAPD High Crimes

Damn!  I'm gettin' an 'internal server error', but I'm leavin' it up in case it gets better.

Old news, huh?

Saturday, February 16, 2013

How Law Enforcement And Media Covered Up The Plan To Burn Christopher Dorner Alive

Now, is he gonna stay dead or are they gonna resurrect him and kill him a few more times like Bin Laden?  And was it really Chris Dorner?  Hey they killed the wrong person the first time they tried to kill Gordon Kahl, who did nothing wrong.  Last I heard, his kid, Yorie is still in jail.  They did some very not nice things to Yorie.  Woulda made Joey Mengele proud.

Man, I shoulda given that Kahl post it's own page.

Oh well.

Back to the Twilight Zone.

My Comment Was:

I wouldn't have reacted like that, but I personally find nothing more annoying than to be next to a screaming crotch dropping.  Maybe put 'im in cargo next time.  Leave the seats for the cats and dogs.

I very much doubt they'll approve it, so I'm gonna put it here.  Censorship my arse!  If they do post it, fine.  I'm not gonna delete this.

And whilst I'm at it, there's another post of mine that wasn't approved.  I called James Deen a sausage casing.

Well he's a damn porn star!  Can you think of a better analogy?  Though I didn't come up with it.  A chick in Denmark who dumped me, did.  A breeder who couldn't handle my opinion on crotch droppins.  Go figure.

FBI Plot To Blow Up Bank In Oakland -- Stopped By FBI

Man, with post titles like this. . .

How to Refuse Smart Meters To Protect Your Health And Privacy

We already got 'em, and the owner and management of our complex is too damned stupid to do anything about it, so oh well.  Not like we have much time left, anyway.



Who Really Started WWII?

Hey!  The victors write history to suit them, huh?

Friday, February 15, 2013


The police departments ought to stop hiring mentally defective people as opposed to going out of their way to hire them.


Ya really gotta wonder what's wrong with these arseholes.  It's like lunatics runnin' the asylum.  Most of the caged gerbil shooter should be in jail.  Rikers Island with 'ex-cop' written on the backs of their shirts.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Man With Alzheimer's Shocked By Police Taser

Check out the other links.  Toddler tased by police?  Man, I think I'm serious aobut them shooting caged gerbils.   Granted there are many a toddler I have wanted to put through a food processor, not that I ever did (YET!), but hey.


These so called people are about as disgusting and repulsive as you can get.  Mess people up, disable them or destroy innocent lives just to meet their damn quotas.   These guys make bedbugs look good.


Why aren't you going there without me prompting you?  Man, these stories!


This one really got my hackles up:

This story is the epitome of what is wrong with our drug laws and justice system.

Ex-Feds & Wall Street Execs Are Going Into Hiding-Why?

Part #1:

Part #2:

Of course we have to ask if it's real.  If it is real, I have a very strong feeling nothing is going to turn out as planned.  MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I'm glad I'm not part of the so called 'elite'.

Hey!  I'm comfortable, relatively obscure, and I don't have a Sword Of Damocles over my head.  It don't get no better.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories


And read more crap here on the main page of top link:

LAPD VS Christopher Dorner Case File Leaked, Proves LAPD Have Been Lying About Entire Thing

My case in point.  It's all a bunch of crap.

I mean, here's another headline:

Audio Proof Cops Burned Down House Chris Dorner Was In - Official Story Changes AGAIN (video)

Oh, all right.  Here's the feckin' link, even though it's all BASURA (garbage):

And it's gonna go on and on and on, just like the Sandy Hook story keeps changing.  Would be nice if they would just shut up and go away, but they are too busy burying themselves whilst tryin' to justify themselves.

See what I mean?

Sandy Hoax No Indignant Parents - Morris

I have a feeling no one was killed.

Bill Gates Dodges Questions On Why He Owns 500,000 Shares Of Monsanto

If he hates humanity so much, what the fuck was he doing having his crotch droppings?  Shouldn't he have been gelded or something before he did stud service with his breeder cow wife?

Pope Resigns To Avoid Arrest

Makes more sense than anything else.

Same story, different source; if ya don't think much of Uncle Stuie.  Some don't, but I like him despite the fact that he is more than occasionally a bit out of the field.  Don't bother reading it twice.

Pope Benedict Resigned To Avoid Arrest, Seizure Of Church Wealth by Easter – Diplomatic Note was issued to Vatican just prior to his resignation

This post is making the rounds.  ;O)


LAPD orders media to stand down before burning Christopher Dorner alive

I'm beginning to wonder if anything that was reported even happened.  In fact, I'm beginning to wonder if Chris Dorner even exists.

OK, I looked him up on Zabasearch.  La Palma?



It's one HELL of a news day.


No way am I gonna post 'em all!  And why aren't you going there on your own, dammit?!

Abouot That Holocaust. . .

This bit of history was hidden from us

Hmmmmmm.  I read Martin Bormann, Nazi in Exile.  He didn't seem anti-Jewish either.  They weren't an issue with him.  So much real history destroyed by the Khazar/Ashkenazi, and woe if ye question the lies.  You get thrown in jail or killed for exposing the truth.  When will it end?!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

World Banker Makes Stunning Confession

And I actually made more off the banks than the bank made off me.

MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  I was born early enough.

Rambunctious Souls

Aye, freedom is nae carin' aboot wha' ithers think o' ye.  But there's more to it than that.  There's also being free of self-imposed obligations.  Being able to walk away from anything.  I would be free even if incarcerated.  It's a state of mind.

Monday, February 11, 2013


Sooooo, are we proud of this repulsive crap?  Still nationalistic?   Despite the fact your own damn government wants to kill you to take what little you have left?

So Warren Buffett's Good For Something After All

Warren Buffett & Obama: Chief Money Sponsor & Executioner of Abortion Killings

I think Margaret Sanger ought to be sainted, and I LOVE Planned Parenthood.  They gave me the information to get fixed when I was 19, and I've had a statistically wonderful life for it.  (I could make a list on what I've accomplished, but I won't bore you with the details.)   If I were filthy rich, I'd give 'em a lot of money, too. . .but I'm not.

Considering I like bedbugs, skeeters, fleas, tapeworms, and the Ebola virus better than crotch droppings, ya know?  I'd rather be Purina crocodile chow than be a prisoner of some disgusting brat for 18 years.  Well, I suppose they cease being disgusting around 13 or so, but still. . .

United Airlines Stock Loses Millions On You Tube Song

Too bad we can't do the same to tsa, or hey!  Even the evil centralised gubments.

The best way to fight the government is to do as little as possible.  Drive as little as possible, spend as little as possible, and hey!  Be off the streets so the futha muckin' gerbil killers can't ticket you for all this arbitrary shite just because the can.  Don't do anything you don't absolutely have to do.

Back to the list, or McDouchebaggles, or Monsanto, or all the evil pharma companies, or P & G and all the other vile animal testers, and the factory farms, and on. . .and on. . .and on. . .


But it ain't gonna happen.  I'm dreaming again.  Must wake up!

What The u.s. Did To Afghanistan

This Before And After Image Of Afghanistan Is Hard To Believe

Destroying countries seems to be what the u.s. is best at.  Tamerlane, eat this country's dust.

I live here, but this ain't MY country.  Disgusting, genocidal, worthless piece of SHITE!


DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

OMG! Cops Knock Girl’s Front Teeth Out

Someone needs to be fired, jailed, and everyone in jail should be told what this bastard who did this did to this chick!



Wanted: Dead, Not Alive: The LAPD is Afraid of What Renegade Cop Chris Dorner has to Say

Like we don't know they're the most corrupst criminal gang L.A. has.

In Israel, ‘Having An Old Friend For Dinner’

So?  Sounds like something I'd do.

Meat Industry May Shut Down For Weeks Due To U.S. Spending Cuts

GOOD!  Though the pussies will be eating only chicken and fish for a while, though that's what they mostly prefer, anyway.   It's also all I eat, and statistically not much.  I mean house cats do not hunt cows, though they'll eat canned cat food with beef as n occasional change.  They don't want it all the time, though.

The Forgotten Slaves: Whites In Servitude In Early America And Industrial Britain

Good time to read Oliver Twist.  England isn't, and hasn't been anything to write home about since the feckin' roman conquest.  And don't forget the first slaves on the islands in the West Indies were Celts.  They couldn't handle the weather and usually died before the first year, if they weren't killed fighting back.  Most of them.  As for the survivors. . .

It's why so many blacks from the islands are part Irish or Scots.  Forced breeding.  Google it.

But Did The Eat Her?

After all, this is Papua New Guinea we're talkin' aboot.  Prob'ly not.  Damn christianity ruined everything!  Though trust me!  Cannibalism is covered in this post!  ;O)

Mother, 20, accused of being a 'witch' and 'killing a boy with sorcery' tortured and burned alive on pile of tyres

What's And Who Is The REAL Christopher Jordan Dorner

Suspected LAPD Killer Found $8,000 And Returned It To An Oklahoma Church In 2002

I have a feeling he lost his job with the LAPD because he told the truth.  And when are people gonna make the connexion with his name and the biblical reference?  'CHRISTOPHER'-JORDAN (River)?
Someone pointed out his last name can be rearranged to Droner.  Change first and middle initials, JC, and it annoys me so much when other people do what I'm doing here, but it's like I'm sure someone is thinking about this shite (which I think is coincidence), and will post it later; provided they haven't posted it already.

Man, I think I'll go shoot myself now for making this post.

Solly, onry being sarcastic.  I will live to insult you for another day.  Unless they drone me for bein' a bitch and a half, a prick even though I don't have one, or whatever.

Again, AT LEAST I'M ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY.  I suppose this is something you do NOT say in hearing range of a 'caged gerbil shooter'.

Then we have this new post:

Accused Gunman Christopher Dorner Issues Statement… “It’s Not Me!”

SO WHAT'S REAL???????!!!!!!!!!!

10 Things The MSM Doesn't Want To Know About Sandy Hook

And there's a story that Adam Lanza died a day before it happened.  Google it yourself.  I doubt anybody was even killed.  I've been questioning that for a while.  NOTHING has happened like MSM says it did.  Does it ever?

What gets me is there are still idiots who believe the official 9/11 story.  I knew it was a controlled demolition when I first saw it.  When we saw our first video, both me and my flat mate looked at each other and said 'INSIDE JOB!' at the same time.  But we're always saying the same thing at the same time.  We've go one brain between us.  I have possession at the moment.

Again, Showing The Intelligence Of The Horse

The thing I used to be married to. . .one of his ancestors. . .grandmother?  Great grandmother?  Can't remember.  She had a horse who used to open the gate, walk to town, and come back when it felt like it.  This was in Ireland some where.

Check out the cat video that follows.  It's kinda funny.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Stuff They Don't Want You To Know-----Nicky Tesla

Yeah, what is the truth?

Evidence Nemo Was HAARP Created To Favor ‘The Elite’

Slum clearance.  I wouldn't be surprised.  Well-to-do ain't considered 'elite'.  I mean, even it ya make a couple million a year, this will be a major inconvenience if you have any property in the vicinity.

Just more u.s. genocide.  Wonder when we're gonna get whacked locally?  Clif High thinks before June 1, 2013.  Also, according to some, 3/21/13 or 3/22/13 is the new 12/21/12.

What ever.  To me, it's just an Equinox, and a day to go out and stuff my face with some killer East Indian chow.  Commune with my gods, too.


Am I done yet?  I can't drag the link over, but. . .

Just Wondering

How many homeless did Sandy kill, and how many homeless is Nemo (reverse order. . .Omen) gonna kill?  They're never counted.  How many THOUSANDS of deaths are ignored.

Just for the sake of statistics, or course.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Final Warning! We Have Exceeded Nuclear Weapons

Been a pain in the butt knowin' ya.  And it's been nice not knowin' those I don't know.

Dogs That Cops Killed


And what do I find on this site right now?

Man watches in horror as conservation officer shoots his dog to death; "Her barking...was comparable to the same barking a dog offers when someone rings a doorbell."

Worthless pieces of vulture shite!

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Stocks Are Tumbling Around The World: US Nonfarm Productivity Tumbles Most Since 2008, In Europe, France Collapses Right as Spain, Italy and Greece Become Embroiled in Corruption Scandals, And Wall Street Insiders Expect Something Really BIG To Happen Very Soon

IF you hate the system that is, and I do.


85 Percent Of Major Brands of Chewing Gum Still Contain Aspartame And Sucralose

I noticed.  And I've never bought any because of this, not that I'm much of a gum chewer anyway.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

If You're Planning On Surviving Into The Next Era

I'm not, but if you are; check this out.

Stuff on permaculture and else.  Way to go.

Moscow Heatwave Update

Just as I expected!

Insanity In Calipornia Regarding Animals

California passes sweeping new 'animal abuse' laws that give government massive new powers over animal ownership

And check out the links on the bottom.

So, You Still Follow The Mainstream Media, Huh?


Shocking numbers show media lying to you about unemployment

If you follow the alternative media, at least you KNOW you can kiss your hiney good-bye.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Denver Police Cover Up!

Check out the links on the side.



This Pisses Me Off!

NY Police drag woman through court for almost three years in victimless case of entrapment for which she is arguably innocent. Judge tosses case with scathing commentary on police and prosecutors.

I found a wallet in front of our flat complex a while back.  It was fully loaded, but I don't know how much was in it.  I didn't need to know.  I sat on the grass for a few minutes going though all the damn cards, trying to find an ID.  I finally found a credit card with the name 'Martinez'.  I went to the manager and asked her if we had a Martinez family living here.  She said no, so I knocked of every Hispanic household door until I found someone who knew the family, and the wallet got returned with everything in place but all the damn cards in a different order.  I never did come across a driver's licence.  Finding that would have probably taken another ten minutes.  Man, how many cards can you fit in a damn wallet?

So, I guess if you see something of value that isn't something like a bill laying in the gutter, it might be better to leave it.  (Though when I used to take long walks, I occasionally found jewelry that I gave to a neighbour, regardless of it's theoretical worth, since I don't wear that crap, and it's not like I paid for it; so hey.  I have everything I need, and what ever.)


And Now For Some Dated, But Good News

Just click the damn link, will ya?  Now why are the stories so old?  Why isn't anything new being written on this?

Oh well,  Ignorance is bliss, and these worthless sellouts are gonna get theirs big time.  Karma doesn't wait forever.


I already killed mine.  Not that I had a choice, but I did do it strategically.  I at least had time for that.  It's too late for that, but it's not too late to at least get something of the fund.

Flash Mob Mayhem Wrecks Havoc On Unarmed New York City Businesses

Probably happening in all the major cities.  Speculation, of course.  And if I'm wrong, it will be happening shortly.

I HATE NYC, by the way. I've been there.   I HATE all major cities.  Filthy cesspools.  It's also where you find your worst 'caged gerbil shooters'.


Is The NYPD's "Protect & Serve" Policy A Thing Of The Past? - "We Are Change" best video to date

Title is a request of the chick who posted this one  The world NEEDS to know.

Federal Government Urged To Patrol City’s Streets

Chicago?  Where everybody has a gun, and half the city has nothing left to lose?  Uh, sure.  Homeland security might end up on THE MENU!!!!!!!!!

What the History Books Leave Out: A History Of White Slavery In America

The Micks were worth less than the blacks. They tended to rebel and run away.  A free Mick also had a harder life than a black slave.  GOOGLE IT!  I wonder how many raped Mick slave chicks killed their offspring?  The biracial ones had a higher market value.

Monday, February 4, 2013



PHOTO OF THE DAY - What America Has Become

And if you look at the state of our collective selves, I almost wonder if we don't deserve it?!

Getting REAL Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Damn!  Mezzetta?  That stuff tasted so damn good, I thought it was real EVOO.  I used to buy that!  OK, I'll stick to Trader Joe's Kalamata.  That's damn good.

9 Concepts Kids Should Learn About Health That They’ll Never Learn In School

Gods, I can't stand crotch droppings, yet still I post this.

Well, some of them do grow up to be people.  It seems like more and more never outgrow the food product stage, judging from some of the conversations I had on my last work gig.

Noam Chomsky On American Foreign Policy And US Politics

This guy is GREAT.


Or worse.

David Farrell, huh?

See zabasearch or spokeo.  Of course it's a common name so it'll take some work, but. . .

I've used those to hunt people down.  I know where my disowned relatives live, so those are cities I will never go to even if I did travel, and I've had to hunt down others to get things done.  I've hesitated posting those search engines before, but hey!  Now, why not?  There's others, too.  Of course there are some people you do have to pay to find, but hey!  It ain't much, not that I'll have reasons to go to the trouble.


Milwaukee Cop Threatens To Arrest Citizen Video Recording For Loitering

Get name, badge number, and more lawsuits are in order.


Love this title on Bad Cop No Donut:

Drug Dealers Admit Berkeley PD Have Asked Them To Assault Cop-watchers

If I had the resources, I'd post this on every damn telephone pole in Berkeley that I could, and drop it in all the cafes.

Oh, and check out the rest of Information Liberation, too.  Soooooooo many stories.  And if you don't have it bookmarked and visit these two sites (Information Liberation and Bad Cop, No Donut) get ye to the little green cracker factory.

Cannibalism And Calculation In North Korea

Second post on this.  Works for me.


My, the things you learn.  I hate big cities like this, I don't care how prosperous or poor.  Level it, and turn the place into a huge organic farm after detoxing the soil.  Grow daturas for a couple of years, and all should be fine.

I Posted On Sammy Gordon Once Before

Again, I wonder. . .will she be the one to beat Flo Jo?  Will she give Usain Bolt a run for his money?  Will she live into the next era?  I'm not gonna keep track of her unless a story comes out on her beating a speed record, but someone out there may want to.  Following sports figures ain't my thang, but I used to be a runner.  A dilettante.  Only used to do five kilometres 3 or 4 times a week during my prime.  My speed wasn't too impressive, but all right.  Used to do it in a half hour.  I don't like the concept of horse racing, but I know Secretariat has never been beat.  And he was killed due to a foot problem.  A lot of great horsed are killed before their time.  Phar Lap died why?  I read of one champion race horse sent to Japan who ended up on the plate due to not being a viable breeder.  Home Black Caviar makes it.

God, and then there was the awesome Wizard's Baby Doll.  Hope to meet you when I get there, 'Roxy'!

Gods, I love equines.  No, I love all critters. I even have a soft spot for crocodiles.

Well, OK.  I'm sorry, I lied.  I  hate fleas, bed bugs, skeeters and tape worms.  Also a few other parasites that I can't remember and I don't feel like looking up, but hey!  I also like a lot of bugs.  I get along well with yellow jackets.  I even feed 'em, and rescue 'em when they fall in the water or something.  They know I think they're cool, and they don't sting me.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Why Police Lie Under Oath

'Cause so many of them are worthless criminal viruses that have less honour than a hungry crocodile who will eat its own offspring when circumstances dictate, not that this is necessarily a bad thing.  I really wish the people two doors down would put their sprog through the food processor, but hey.  Maybe after the system falls apart.  I did post something on it happening in North Korea again; as if it ever stopped.

For those who can afford it, keep dem dar cameras a'rollin'!  The force of REAL justice appreciates it.


Police About Police Brutality [Infographic]

Another case of 'TELL ME SOMETHING I DON'T KNOW', but hey.


Saturday, February 2, 2013


No duuuuuuuh.  Along with the heads of state and politicians under control of the corporations and the caged gerbil shooters.

This Is War

Battle Scenes From Damascus



The Extinction Protocol: 2012 And Beyond

Another link to bookmark.  Fun reads about natural disasters around the world, and some of them are pretty awesome.  Still wondering how you get a hailstone to form that's bigger than the size of a newborn crotch droppin'.  Blows me away.

Climbing Out Of The Pit---More Kirwin

Hey!  I killed TV almost 20 years ago.  I was also a freer thinker than most even when I watched it.  In fact it did do a couple of things in my favour.  It encouraged me to get into portraiture, become a poet, a writer, and because of it I idealised the schizoid before I became (selectively) schizoid.  Hey.  There's two people whose company I still appreciate, and one of them is very busy, so I deal with mostly one.  My brilliant flat mate.

The 3% Solution---Jim Kirwin

The more I read about this sausage casin', the more I like 'im.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Anti Gun People Can NOT Defeat This Video


Public Schools Torturing Students With Behavior Problems

I'd say that if don't hate your infernal spawn, this might be another reason to home school on top of the million other reasons.  Ya know, like forced vaccinations that will disable the damn thing for life, or tha fact the public school system is a propaganda machine that does little to educate.

Man, I was born in 1962, and all the history I taught was CRAP!  And I learned from something as simple and stupid as square roots in 5 minutes; which the stupid teacher couldn't get through to me the year I was supposed to learn it.

Sooooooooo, Ya Wanna Join The Service!

U.S. Army General Charged With Multiple Counts Of Forcible Sodomy With Subordinates - Victim: "He Said He Was a General and Could Do Whatever the F*** He Wanted"