Monday, April 30, 2012

American Laws Most Americans Don't Know! But Should Know!

Oh, and prepare to get enraged.

Oh, Why Am I Even Posting This?

It's really a lot more fun to surprise people some times.  So why am I posting this?


A Spiritual Journey That Makes Sense

Bookmark it!

More sense than that damn bible that's corrupted and destroyed societies for how many thousands of years?  It's a long read, but it's interesting, and should keep your attention if you have any brain cells left after what time you spent in your toxic journey on this vile planet where most of your innate abilities are compromised and forgotten.

I think this is required reading.  It speculatively (isn't all life speculation?) explains so much, and if any of my readers read this and find it informative and helpful, SPREAD IT AROUND!  PUT IT ON FACEBOOK AND MYSPACE, YOUR BLOG, YOUR FORUM, WHATEVER!!!!!!!!!!!

It can wake people up.  It can make them realise they can make a better world.

I can pretend to be so nice, even though I'd rather have you on my plate with a side of spinach and potatoes than talk to you in person, huh?

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Video On The Female Illuminati

It's a couple of hours long, and has a bit of interesting history in it.  Provided it's real.

A Philosophical Question

If Source created everything, how can everything not be of equal worth.  QUIT TREATING THE ANIMALS AND PLANTS SO CRAPPY!  ON AN ATOMIC LEVEL, EVERYTHING IS EQUAL!!!

So says a wise and ancient friend of mine, who I'd really like to see again pretty soon.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Another Good Blog To Go To

Now don't do what I did, and type in 'American Bukakki', as opposed to 'American Kabuki', and wonder why you keep getting girls jizzed in the face, as opposed to the political site you want.

I am soooooo out to lunch some times.

Why To Stay Off The Psych Drugs

The cause more problems, and don't do a thing to fix the ones you already had.  All they do is make money for the industry.

So now that you're on 'em, you're probably toast.

Duh! The Right Way To Handle A Police Stop

I could have posted this sooner, like after or with the wrong way to handle a police stop.

A Very Good, Informative Blog To Read

That, and all the others that he writes.  Les(lie) has done some pretty good music, too.  This guy rocks.  He's a philosophical writer with lots of links to real news.

America's Largest Street Gang


I wouldn't call 'em for anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Life In The U.S. If You're First Nations

I had a First Nations boyfriend once.  Nothing but fond memories.  He ended up going back to the reservation, and long distance relationships just don't cut it, but hey.    I hung out with them in my younger years  A lot of them are very nice.   This is disgusting!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Some Cultures, I Swear

Nothing more terrifying than an independent woman.

Kill 'em all, let the devil sort 'em out?

Uh huh.

Yeah, right.  And these idiots keep raising their children to keep this going?  After all, women do mould society, for they're the ones who raise the damn crotch droppings.

On the other hand, the dead don't have to live in a fucked up society like this anymore, so perhaps this is a good thing?

YAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! People Are Waking Up;read=237882

'CNN Loses Half Its Viewers: Corporate Media Downhill Plunge Continues As Alternative Media Explodes' is the title.  There's hope after all.  Maybe all those toxic chemicals in our food and air aren't doing the job?

The Biggest Problem In Life Is Government

You see what the U.S. has done to its people, and on a smaller scale; here's some news about the state that I'm stuck in.

Don't even THINK about moving here.  It's a HELL you will regret these days.

If I Were Dictator, I'd STOP THIS!!!!!!!! (Male Circumsicion.)

It's absolutely VICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!  Yes, I'd put a stop to female circumcision too.  And factory farming, and fur farming, and monsanto, and vivisection, and THE DAMN MONETARY SYSTEM.

Would I outlaw meat eating?  Uh, no.  But I think I might say if you want to eat it, kill it yourself!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mormonism Revealed; Twelve Facts Most People Don’t Know About The Mormon Church’s Past

Uh, this is a religion?  Kind of like Catholicism, huh?  A political movement disguised as a religion to control the masses?

Well, isn't that what organised religion is?

You can take your dogma, and put it where the sun don't shine.  How many people have been tortured and slain in the name of religion?  How much knowledge was destroyed by the church?

Seems more of a liability to me than anything else

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wow! Hypatia Made The News

Telling the truth is vilified again by religion, and the price is death.  What else is new?

Seems like it was a crime to be a chick, and have brains.  And of course, history did bury her.  One of the greatest intellectuals of the world.  I didn't find out about her until I was in my 40's, from someone who was a total history nut.  Google her after the article.

Marlene Dietrich is another one that's absolutely brilliant.  You never hear about THAT!  Google her, too!!!!!!!  She did a HELL of a lot more than act.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fire All The Cops, Cut The Crime Rate By 75%

After all, they break the laws left and right with impunity.  Great story, here on how they kill the defenceless.  There's  tons of these cases.

Oh, and I might as well add this on Denver's 'finest':

Their time will come. . .

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Did The Titanic Really Sink?

Or was it another ship called The Olympic?  Was this an insurance scam?  Check out the links and decide for yourself.  All life is speculation, anyway.  If you don't have access to the Akashic Library, you don't know shite.

Ron Paul - The Last Nail

The U.S. is TOAST!  This will not last.

A World So Beautiful, It Almost Hursts To Look At It

Because it's not here, though it could be:

The world of Thomas Kinkade.

Thanks for being so prolific.  You now know what you brought us.   And you are now in the land you painted.  The land in what dreams may come, if you pardon the obscure pun.

Monday, April 9, 2012

People Have So Much Power

Yet we refuse to collectively use it.  The pink slime company went bankrupt due to people-power.  The people could stop factory farming, fur farms, toxic fast food places that don't serve food, but slow death, Monsanto, everything, but they don't.  Too lazy, to apathetic, too stupid, too unwilling to change their routines, whatever.  If they boycott or just don't play, so much could change.

What would happen to gas prices if people only drove when they absolutely had to?  If they did as little to support the system as possible?  IF THEY FUCKING EDUCATED THEMSELVES INSTEAD OF SPENDING 8 HOURS A DAY IN FRONT OF THE DAMN TELEVISION?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not gonna happen, though.  Well, they are getting what they deserve, so I suppose I ought to quit bitching.  They're not going to make it to the next era even if they want to (I don't want to, as I have said before.), and they are NOT welcome in my domain.

The Best Poem Of Gunter Grass

It tells the truth, and he is vilified by those who seek to continue the unjust ways of the world, for their own personal profit.  Go figure.  Go, Gunter.

I pity the REAL Jews.  Those who know that what is, and should not be.  Those jailed for voicing what is fair, and what is the truth.  Not the Ashkenazi scum sect of the Rothschilds and their minions which have brought the world to ruin in so many ways.  And if you do some research, the Ashenazi banksters are the most anti-Semitic of all.  And they are NOT Semitic.  Khazarians and her descendants have no right to call themselves that.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

American's Journey Blog

Happy Easter! A dose of medicinal truth for my fellow Americans

Women in the Military 


This person tells it like it is.  Politically incorrect, as it should be.  This is a site YOU should visit with regularity.  Do a daily check, and see what goes.


Now why did my font change in my post?  I switched browsers since Opera was giving me shite, but it started out normal, then it went to bold.


Oh well.  I'll deal with it later, maybe.   Play with it some.  It's something I can live with.


Friday, April 6, 2012

Collpase Then Crackdown ...

The title speaks for itself. You're doomed, and I'm gonna be GONE!

And We're Still Breeding?

Well,not me personally.  We all know all I think crotch droppings are good for is to keep you behind by now, don't we?  Worse than worthless parasitic liabilities?

I don't thing these creatures should exist in the first place, but that's just my opinion, huh?  Born to suffer.  Isn't that the majority?  IF YOU CAN'T TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF, DON'T MANUFACTURE ANOTHER ENVIRONMENTAL LIABILITY, YA BLOODY IDIOT; TO WRECK THE WORLD SOME MORE, NOT TO MENTION YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Factory Farming, U.S.A.

Check out the other links, too.  This is what you are supporting if you buy this. Happy?

It's Been A While Since I Laughed So Hard;read=235636

A letter to the state department.

What The HELL Inspired This Horse to Do This?

It's not something they tend to do just out of the blue.  At first when I saw one of these pictures, I thought it was a photoshop.  Apparently not.

ROFLMAO Whilst Venting

Dog poet post.  I made a comment on how stress in induced by self-induced obligations that are basically pointless, and the fact that I now have none, and I am attacked for it.  I read over other people's comments regarding my own, and can't believe what people read into it.

It is true that I have no sense of duty to anything.  I used to, but I'm over it. Like I said, I have done everything I've set out to do, so the rest of my time here is for ME!!!!!!!!  As far as the world is concerned, I suppose I have quit.  I hate life, and all I'm giving it from now on is a few kicks in the face.

I'll still take good care of the cats while I live in this flat, I'll still work with my room mate to make both of what's left of our lives easier, I'll still give money to pan handlers and other random acts of kindness when the bug bites me, but I don't feel I have to, and my presence is not reliable for I can walk away from anything at any time it suits me.  I also have an obscure, though statistically glorious past that doesn't really matter.  I've done things most only dream of, and some of them will remain here forever; though I had much help with those.  No, I'm not gonna say what they are.  There are some things I can't give away.

Well, the government theoretically knows being it's internet related, but it's of no importance to them.  After all, I've arranged for there to be no money in it.  Of course I could change that, but I'm not going to.  Hey!  I don't believe in a monetary economy or feeding the evil system anyway, so. . .

People condemn me for being truly free?  For being detached, and being able to walk away from everything without care for consequences?  For refusing to be exploited in situations I find distasteful?  I'm almost in the ideal state of mind, as far as I'm concerned.  Well no!  I am in the ideal state of mind.  Some would say my ego is too big, but it serves me for the moment.  You can't kick ego out of your existence by force of will.  It has to diminish on its own.  Anyway, I realise I'm not the most intelligent, or the best at anything.  The only thing left that I do have an ego over is the fact I am set up to need no one or anything.  I can tell the world to go where the sun don't shine.

And that's the way I LIKE it!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

There Is So Much We Don't Know

"It is untrue that I or anyone else in Germany wanted war in 1939. It was wanted and provoked solely by international statesmen either of Jewish origin or working for Jewish interests. Nor had I ever wished that after the appalling first World War, there would ever be a second against either England or America." -- Adolf Hitler, April, 1945.

I got this from

So much history isn't as it's written.  Hitler was a damn good painter, by the way.  Too bad he got dismissed.

Am I a fan of him?  No.  I'm neutral.  I don't know enough.  I just know a lot of what I thought I knew about the era was lies.  I used to hate him, but due to research, I found the hatred wasn't justified; being so much of what is written is wrong.  I will say I'm no fan of the Nazi party.  It's so much like what the U.S. is today.  And Israel, as far as the government goes.

More In Depth Partial Repeat Of Police Corruption/Confiscation Of You Stuff

You may have to scroll down a little, depending on your browser.

Main message:  DON'T TALK TO THE COPS!!!!!!!!!!!


15 Things to Give Up To Be Happy

I evolved here.  Couldn't force it.  It took time.  The younger ones might have a hard time with this list, but you can't force it.  It just has to happen.

Banker Resignations ~ 750 And Counting

When are we gonna know WHY?  How far away is Bastille Day II?

Monday, April 2, 2012

Health Insurance Companies Must Love These Guys

Free running and parkour at its best.  Pretty impressive, and how many times have these guys been in the hospital?  I've seen parkour bloopers, and OUCH!

The Truth About Microwaved Food

I'm gonna be stupid and continue using the nuker as my primary cooker because I DON'T CARE!  I've been eating nuked food most of my life.  During parts of it I was in my prime, and now I'm going down hill, but there's not enough time to worry about it, so hey!  But for those with something vested in life, I suppose it might be a good idea to go back to the range tops and conventional ovens.  Children cook better in those, anyway.