Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sicily Is Doing Something Right


Enjoy.  Maybe it will catch on.  Looks like a Bastille Day Lite.  Love it!  And I thought all they could do worth a damn is food.

Guess I was wrong.

(Dated news that will probably come back a little more efficaciously.  So I won't delete this.)

I Haven't Stopped Laughing Yet


Hey!  Some Brits got held up and jailed for using UK slang the U.S. didn't understand. Something about a dude wanting to 'destroy' America, like party hearty.  Works both ways, huh?

ANONYMOUS, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Future Of Many


Who think they can get away with it.

Gods, when will I stop laughing?!

Who Does The U.S. Think It Is?????




If I Weren't So Obscure. . .

They'd probably try to take me away.

Try.  They'd take away a corpse, and that's just the way I want it.

Wonder what a vindictive individual can do here from the Otherside. . .not that I consider this Hell Hole worth one nanosecond of my time.  The fact that whoever I coerced into shooting me or whatever will still be alive, and that's revenge enough.

Anyway, no matter what happens, because of what I know; I've got it better than anyone now, and that's the way it's gonna stay!

Police Brutatlity At Its Finest


Wonder how long this video is gonna be here?

I wouldn't call 'em pigs.  Pigs are cool, intelligent animals; and very nice if you treat them right.  These guys. . .they make the ebola virus look good.  Hate to be one of them when the revolution hits full force.

Or maybe sooner:


Check out the rest of the videos on the right.


This Has To STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I know I can't stand the human race, but even I do NOT AGREE WITH THIS!

Well, the U.S. was started via genocide, and it NEVER STOPPED!

Think it's about time it did?

If I Were A Scanner. . .

Every sealer on the planet would come home to find the heads of his worthless progeny caved in.

But I'm not, so no worries.

Soooooooooooo, Google Changes Its Privacy Policy

I killed Facebook and MySpace aeons ago, not that I put that much information on them.  Mostly the literary art of my and my uh. . .former. . .uh. . .'employer', which is now published somewhere else.

Or shall I call him a co-worker?  After all, I never got a paycheck.  Never will.  Just a promise.

This is it, for my personal Google stuff.  And it really tells a lot about me, huh?  I'm a political researcher, I don't play most stupid mortal flotsam games, I hate the collective human race, and I find small children absolutely repulsive, the older ones annoying, and all to be avoided to the best of my ability with a few self-contained, highly intellectual exceptions.  That's all you can discern from this blog, as far as I know; and that's all you're going to get.  And I ain't buyin SHIT on-line, or succumbing to any stupid adverstising.  If I don't buy it on my grocery trips, I don't need it, and if I don't need it, I don't buy it, OKAYYYYYYYYYYYYY?  Don't need no superfluous junk.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Got Milk?


Just don't drink it!

Doesn't The U.S. Have A Nice Government? NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


No words for this!

Aren't I nice for posting shit like this?  To the common mortal flotsam I hold in such contempt, anyway?  Then again, if you're reading this you're not common mortal flotsam.  You're uncommon mortal flotsam (like self) who I might even consider worth my time, not that this fact means anything.

Ya know, I probably wouldn't be such a bitch if things like this post weren't in the mix. If the world were a better, and more just place, and all?  But it's not, so I'm gonna be the biggest, baddest bitch I can be, all right?????????????  So Plllllpppphhhhht!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Will Israel Assassinate Obama?


Man, 20 years ago I never would have dreamed I'd be a David Duke supporter.  Wow, how some can change.

Rock on, Dave.  Be safe!

Abe Lincoln's History As You Never Knew It


This is quite juicy.  My, how our system does lie to us.

Khazaria Never Died


But there's lot of cool Ashkenazis, too.  It is a small percentage who are trouble makers.

This link also says a lot of things they didn't teach you in school.  Lots of lies that are perpetuated in the public indoctrination, I mean school system.   This guy giving this lecture died (was killed?) soon after this lecture (for what he did here?).

Friday, January 27, 2012




Yeah, I do still eat chicken and seafood.  I also know chickens get treated worse than anything.  Maybe 4-5 lbs. a month of the combined total.  I do feel guilty, but until we get a veg cook in this  flat, things aren't gonna change.

Does this make me a hypocrite?

But I know what I support.  Most of my chicken is halal, eaten at a Sikh restaurant. The rest is food I skimmed off from the catfood.  They get fed human grade food in addition to cat food.

Only Two Types Of People Will Survive The Economic Collapse

The producers, and the psycho armed parasites.  I have no intention of even trying, but when I leave it will be on MY terms.  Anyone comes for me, they might go down with me.


And I asked to be here now?  But I got a call a little while ago.  A mentioned it in a post.  No worries, from an 'untouchable' I used to work for, and I don't mean a Dalit.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

About Kol Nidre and Israel


This is very dishonourable, and soooooo Khazarian.  Israel is also more a Rothschild pet than anything else.

Is this really Jewish?  Kabbalisitic?  Or is it a corruption?

I haven't done enough research, but I wonder.  Not enough to do the research, but hey.

And don't go bashing somebody because they're a Jew.  Take EVERYBODY as an individual first.  They don't all agree with this, and remember that the whole human race is wired pretty much the same.  It's just that the 'Khazarians' managed to figure out how to get it right.  Tribalism at its worst. . .or most pragmatic, I suppose.

I can't stand being around people like that, though.  It's one of the major reasons the world is so fucked up.

I'd love to know the history of TRUE Kabbalistic Judaism, as opposed to this current facade based on false history pretending to be a religion.  How did it really start, and how and why was it originally hijacked and corrupted?

What's out there is not a religion, just like the 'Introduction to Israel' link says.  The Bible doesn't even mention an Afterlife.  It's a very Physical Plane oriented life, and though Judaism has a lot of good points (Intellectual obsession.  They have more Nobel Prize winners per capita than anyone.), it is a horrid prison when you think of it.  What's there to look forward to, and oh how they bind themselves to ritual and personal standards that go against human nature; which does in part explain the arrogance.

Still, it is a fascinating set of cultures, with aspects of it having the world by the balls; though now finally losing its grip.

Well, I will know all after I finally get that Akashic Library Card.

What do I think about it all?  The government of Israel is VILE.  I can't stand the Ultra-Orthadox misogynist ways and the Talmud does not exactly teach life a bastion of equal oportunity or fairness. (Then again, what major religion does?  I don't think Islam or Christianity are any better.  Then again, look at where they came from.  The Cathars and Jains are OK by me.  So are the Essenes, which is a Jewish faction, but that's another post I may or may not make.)  Genocidal Zionist Jews suck, but THEY ARE NOT ALL THE SAME!  I'VE KNOW TONS OF AWESOME JEWS, SO LET'S NOT START WITH PUTTING THEM ALL IN THE SAME CATAGORY!!!!!!

I wonder if I was a Jew in my last life?  I couldn't or wouldn't want to be one, but I have this nagging detached intellectual interest in Judaism where I just can't condemn it all, though I do condemn aspects of it.  And I know someone else like me who has been to Israel, not that I'd go; considering what I know about it now.

Oh well.  It's a package deal, like everything else in life.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How To DELETE Your Facebook Account


I don't know why anyone uses it.  I was on it for a little while to keep track of a couple of individuals, but after the contract fell through, I left.  I thought it was crap even when I was on it.  Also, I didn't put much on it, and none of it was really relevant to anything, so. . .

MySpace was better, but I got rid of that, too.  They changed the format, it became rather hard to use, so good-bye to that.  Never again.  It's not like I want to be bothered by a random bunch of people I don't know, anyway.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oooooooooh! I'm Hoping For The 25er


Megatrons, that is.  Home again.  Or closer to it.  After all, the journey will not end until we get back to Source.

Mainstream Media Should Be Killed

They lie like shit, and they support all the wrong, repressive causes.  You want the real news, you go to alternative media.  Ignore these bastards, and if they advertise something, don't buy it.  Drive 'em under.  They're government, Zionist controlled garbage.

If only people weren't so stupid.  But they are, so it ain't gonna happen.

Now why is it I have so little sympathy for people?

The majority are idiots.  If they weren't the world wouldn't be in the vile state it's in. There were good cultures.  Unfortunately, they were all destroyed by the European invader trash.  EVERY LAST NATIVE ON TASMANIA WAS DESTROYED.

And the same happened to how many tribes in the 'New World'?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Why Do People Continue To Incarnate Here?

Food and sex?  Not worth it.  Obligation?  To who?  To what?  Who and what is worth this garbage of existence in a basic 'sewer' where TRUTH is hidden, and one is at the mercy of circumstance and subject to so much discomfort, pain and fear?

Why am I still here on my umpteenth turn of the wheel?


This high density crap is just that!  Crap.  From one who's seen the Otherside.

So why am I still here?!  I don't know the rules, but I was dragged back here kicking and screaming from a near successful suicide attempt.  I also have tried since that first almost successful trip to get back, but I actually got yelled at and threatened on the Otherside.  Not to mention I didn't know what I was doing, and my later techniques were not very efficacious in attempting again to get there.  I repeat, you are not allowed to change your mind.  Those who successfully commit suicide agreed to commit suicide BEFORE they were born. Everyone else, no.  Not gonna happen.

Chains of our own design that cannot be sawed through is Physical Existence.


But repeating myself, I remember asking for this.  Life is so much easier when you're not living it, and I guess I forgot what a bitch it is when it is lived.  But that doesn't mean I have to like it, AND IT DOESN'T MEAN I HAVE TO BE NICE!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

I Have A Confession

No, I'm not airing any dirty laundry.  No tales of personal debauchery, or anything of the sort.

I was a conduit.  I had a very interesting 'job' from which I never made one cent, but the fringe benefits were beyond compare.  I got to experience things very few do.  It was a royal bitch at times with high stress and a ton of lost sleep, but now that I'm retired; I wouldn't trade any of it in for the world.

I am mentioned in the blog of my former 'employer' in third person, and never by my real name.  Just a nickname.  No, I won't post a link to his blog, nor will I post my nickname.

He closed it a while back, anyway.  He's back where he came from, and off the grid.   Depending on circumstances, not to mention what I can get away with. . .I might join him.  He gave me a ring a couple of days ago, and if all works out, I'll be gone before year end.  I will not say what he will be to me, for it's a rather anachronistic and pretentious term.

I'll be learning a new language, and whole new ways to be inconvenienced if I choose to go.  Hopefully it will be worth it, for there will be no turning back IF I agree to the final details.

How To Induce Spontaneous Abortion?

I dunno.  I wasn't stupid enough to retain my fertility, so I can't test this; BUT. . .this stuff makes you go on the rag.  Chicks have done it in the past with various other poisons.  Sometimes they live, sometimes not.  But hey!  Ain't death better than bein' forced to take care of one of those disgusting parasites?  Assume this works better if you like do it a day or two after getting laid, as opposed to waiting a few weeks, and I wonder if it would even work after a month?  I suspect this is 'like morning after' stuff, provided it is efficacious.

Oil of oregano, and this stuff is actually good for you.  But go easy on it.  Don't do it in pure form, but dilute it in olive oil, and it only takes a few drops.  The stuff is HARSH!  Google it.

Castor beans.  Toxic, and you may wish you were dead for a while on a non-lethal dose, but hey.  How many?  I dunno.  Maybe tennish?  The toxin is over rated from what research I've done, I assume soil quality has something to do with ricin content of each seed so dosage may vary, and if you value your life I suppose this isn't the best theoretical way; provided it even works.  Again, I can't verify this by using myself as a subject.  Google this too, if you even wanna go there.

There is a Yoga exercise.  Bend over and put your hands on your knees.  Exhale EVERYTHING.  Flit you stomach muscles in and out as hard as you can for maybe about 3 minutes.  NO, don't hold your breath for 3 minutes, but just stop, breath, exhale, and do it again.  Do it in mid-cycle if you don't mind goin' on the rag again in 12 days or whatever.  Just to prove it to yourself.  I don't think this is on the web.

And of course you can check the web for other theoretical ways.  Maybe the oil of oregano and the Yoga exercise combined it the best way to go?

Oh, and why not check this blog out:


It might be better than my stuff.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

All That Wasted Protien. . .Tsk, Tsk!


Where are those little green cracker factories when you need them?

Jonathan Swift was so with it, regarding A MODEST PROPOSAL!

Leave it to the Irish!  ;^)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Don't Believe The History Books

They're written by the victors, and the victors lie.  I've found out so much of what I thought I used to know is nothing but speculation and garbage it's sickening.  You're not going to find out the truth about anything unless you see it with your own eyes, provided you remember it right, or after you get to the Akashic Library, which probably won't be in this life time.  The extent of the holocaust is one of history's biggest lies, and they criminalise it's questioning in Europe.  Thank you, poser Jews like the Rothschilds of Khazar descent for so much misinformation and so many problems in the world of past, present and future.

Yes, some were rounded up, branded and killed, but not as many as claimed.  And though I'm no fan of Adolph, he wasn't quite as black as the history books painted him to be.  He had his good points.  He was a vegetarian, and environmentalist, and he brought Germany's economy back to life.  He was also a damn good artist, and nice to his rather messed up wife who can't be condemned for anything, based on my research.  I saw his paintings.  They were quite nice.

And I have question.  If one is against the 'Jews' killing the Palestinians, how can you be called Anti-Semitic?  They're both Semitic.  In fact, THE HEBREW JEWS THAT ARE ACTUALLY FROM THE MIDDLE EAST; UNLIKE THEIR KHAZARIAN USPURPERS, ARE ACTUALLY RELATED TO THE PALESTINIANS!  THEY HAVE A SHARED GENETICS!

Ah, but you can't reason with the psychopaths, can you?!  The most delusional people on Earth.

But look on the bright side.  They're chapter is coming to a close.  Not that the rest of you who played their game are innocent.  After all, the collective LET them mess the world up.  Do you have a credit card?  Did you speculate on housing?  Are you in the stock market trying to get money for nothing at the expense of someone else?  Do you buy things that others of any species had to suffer for like this?


Think their lives are worth less than yours?


The Package Deal Of Life

So many bad things happening, yet so many good. . .IF you read the alternative media.

I am going to post the link to Black Listed News.  It has links to every site worth reading.  You can also ignore the mainstream media.  It's a lying, bought and paid for sack of shit.


If it's not on this page or a blog, the information you are receiving is GARBAGE!  Stop watching Fox and all that crap.  STOP SUBSCRIBING TO NEWSPAPERS!  Unless you think it's worth whatever they cost to read the comics and do the crosswords, but whatever.  You can do that on line, so. . .

January 17, 2012.  Winter weather started yesterday, and it was sub freezing for the first time last night.  It's also been very dry, locally.  It's December, and the hills are brown.  That's weird.  It's supposed to start raining again in a couple of days for a few days, then the warm and dry weather comes back.  Looks like this may be a major drought year so far, but who knows.  There were only 33 days over 80 degrees at the weather station, which is by the water.  The hottest day recorded was 93 degrees, Fahrenheit of course.  Stupid idiots on this here wrong side of The Pond are still aren't using Celsius, but oh well.  Won't be my problem for much longer.

I HATE living here.  Though where I'm from is a mess right now.  They ought to just tell the bankers to go to Hell, and do what Iceland did.  Maybe they will.  Time till tell.

Man, we ought to just get rid of the monetary economy and go back to barter.  It worked quite well for the longest time, then we had this coinage shoved down our throats whether we wanted it or not.  Serve the empire or die, huh?

Roman trash.  I also hope the Vatican dies a slow, painful death.  Shit eating, scum sucking paedophile waste.  NO, I DON'T LIKE CROTCH DROPPINGS, BUT I BELIEVE IN NOT HAVING THEM, NOT TORTURING THEM AFTER THEY'RE HERE.  AND IF THEY ARE HERE, GET THEM OUT OF MY DAMN FACE!

I wish that financial collapse and WW III would hurry up and get on with it.  Come to fruition, that is.  It is getting on with it, but the culmination is just sooooo long in getting here.

Patience is NOT one of my virtues.  Never has been, though I have no choice but to wait in so many respects.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The World Is Not My Problem

Why should I care what happens in it?  I feel it is nothing but a prison, and I'm due for parole soon.  So let it blow itself to smithereens.

Good riddance!

Why Should I Volunteer To Be

Uncomfortable or inconvenienced.  Neither is a state I desire, so why not do my best to avoid both states?  Who or what is worth the alternative?  Especially since I consider everyone a liability?!

A Note On Suicide

Yeah, it's illegal.  Know why?  Economic reasons.  Governments can't have their slaves out themselves if they have one cent to contribute; and if you don't have one cent to contribute, they want you to die in misery of starvation and the cold for it. Can't have their chattel showing any signs of personal sovereignty, either.

Now personally, you chose to be alive for a reason.  Did you accomplish what you were set out to do?  If you didn't, you will NOT be happy on the Otherside, if you even succeed in getting there.  A lot of times those not yet ready to die, don't.  They may screw themselves up pretty bad, but they may not be let go (Or rather, they don't let THEMSELVES go.), until they are finished with what they came here for.

Some choose to die by suicide before they are born.  It is their (pre-)destiny.  And did we really want Cleopatra and Boadica to face the wrath of Rome as opposed to checking out on their own terms?

As far as I'm concerned, Rome and all her vile offshoots can rot in a cesspool for eternity.



Self-imposed prison of such extreme compromise, that I can't understand personally what's the attachment to this land of the fallen anymore.  I did at one time, 'cause I'm here, and I have been here many a time, but I'M OVER IT!  When I'm gone this time, I'M NOT LOOKING BACK, AND I DON'T THE FECK CARE WHAT HAPPENS TO IT OR ANYTHING IN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I think I'm a bloody idiot for being here, and I think no more of anything else that's here.  As I have stated or implied before, I have nothing but CONTEMPT for this place.  Compared to the lower density planes, this realm is like a vat of piss, shoite, vomit and industrial waste.

Needless to say, I am NOT a happy NDE survivor.  So harsh to know too much, yet not enough.  And knowing what I do know, I think procreation is one of the absolute worst sins in existence.  The Cathars had it right.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Theory On Judaism

First, I'm not against Judaism, but I am against the genocidal Zionists.  The likes of the parasitic Rothschilds and such; who aren't even from the original stock, but from the Khazar converts.  Ashkenazi, and most Ashkenasis are pretty good.  It's a very small minority who are making life miserable for the rest of the world, along with their Gentile 'useful idiots' who take the bait of a misprioritised life based on the parasitism of the rest.

I wonder if the only book a true Jew should follow is the Kabbalah?  Wasn't that the original book?  The Torah is a code of laws and theoretical history, and the Talmud is a later corruption.

Zionism isn't a religion, by the way.  It's politics.  Bloodthirsty politics.  Israel is an anomaly.  Google how it was founded, and hopefully you'll come across the reasons why.  What is, should NOT exist.

Corporal Punishment? I Think This Is More Fun Than Swatting A Kid!

Might be more effective, too.

If a crotch dropping goes off at a restaurant, take 'em outside and lock 'em in the trunk for about a minute.  Let 'em out, then tell 'em if they do it again, you're gonna lock 'em in the trunk until you get home. . .provided you REMEMBER that they're even in there.

It's probably legal in some countries.

2012----The Year Of Change. The Year Of Transition

The year of slum clearance.  It looks like this is gonna make the plague years look like a walk in the park.  U.S. troops, aka usefull idiots are massing is Israel right now. Persia ain't gonna be no Alexander of Macedonia vs: Darius III.  Alex is dead, and Persia. . .oh, Iran!. . .sorry. . . is a force to be reckoned with, not to mention her allies. China and Russia?  Uh huh.

Bye bye, late, not so great U.S.A..  Founded on genocide, and surviving on genocide.

I live in this fascist Hell Hole, but shed no tears.  I've seen Death, and it's life unbound.  There are no stupid laws.  There is only one law of The Source.  Do ye no harm, do as ye will!  All those with their illusory power games here will be ripped from their phantasies; though ultimately they are no less or more than anything else.  They were just on the wrong side of duality.  Gotta have 'em to appreciate the ohter side. Indeed, a handful of the bastards did do me quite a few backhanded favours.  They helped make me what I am, and helped me at one time to become the best man I never was. . .being a chick and all that.

Of course I'm now a has-been.  My battles are over, and I'm through with this place.  I am retired in every sense of the word.  Done.  Over.  No more vested interest because ultimately nothing that happens here matters.  It's all ephemoral in eternity, so why should I give a flying shit?  My body is still here, but my mind has already moved on.  Nothing left to lose here, but everything to gain THERE.

I will NOT see 2013 from the perspective I have now.  And again, I am NOT coming back to this vile realm so beneath my contempt.

Friday, January 6, 2012

How Would You Like To Be Born Now? In The U.S.?

Mandatory toxic vaccinations, no jobs, toxic food, no hope, schools being more indoctrination centres to teach you how to be good acquisitive consumers who question not authority, be it wrong or right?  

No, huh?  Don't like the idea of being born to be doomed?

But you're still breeding.  Why?  Misery loves company?  Just plain irresponsibility?

To those who fall in the catagory this post is directed at, I think you're idiots.

Oh, of course things will change, but why not wait until then to breed if you absolutely have to keep this place inhabited by more of the destroyers of the planet.

The World Is Insolvent

So when will we get rid of the monetary economy?  The banks are insolvent, the Fed is printing counterfeit money, the governments are all insolvent, and this illusion isn't working for the masses at all.  When will it come to end?

Money is a stupid idea.  So many civilisations lived just fine without it.  The use of money enslaves people in the worst way.

It's all imploding, though.  A lot of people are gonna be killed in some pretty nasty ways through the transition out of Hell.  I suppose this is a good thing AFTER they hit the Otherside of The Veil.  It's just getting there is a bitch.

Hey!  I've been there.  It's nice.  In some places.  Not so nice in others, but it's up to YOU where you end up.  YOU judge YOURSELF.  YOU will decide whether or not you'll stay on the cycle of reincarnation or move on.  YOU will decide WHERE you exist, and what sort of environment you'll be in.  If you're hooked on Hellfire or Niflheim, that's YOUR problem.  You don't have to stay there.  And it's not the worst of the worlds, either.  There is a place. . .where everyone is predator and prey, and everyone is out to hurt each other, not that real harm can be done, though it's psychological Hell.  The realm of the psychopaths.  I've seen it.  I almost wish I hadn't asked to do that.

I Love The Internet

Such a nice tool.  You can name names, and air all kinds of dirty laundry in a little autobiography.  I've done it.  Somewhere else.  The statute of limitations may be up, but still had my way with their reputation for those who read the blog.  I also gave the town, and whoever can find the exact address via the white pages, so hey!  I can also escalate, but I don't think I will.  I don't really have to do anymore.


Personal Sovereignty

The only way to have it all the way is to not need anyone.  From an emotional perspective, mostly.  It helps if you can fix your own damn car, etc. . ., but you can get around that.

Just ask a Black Tiger of of Tamil Eelam.

When someone else is around, you always have to compromise yourself.  Alone, you can pretty much do what you want, provided you don't get caught.  ;^)