Thursday, January 26, 2012

About Kol Nidre and Israel

This is very dishonourable, and soooooo Khazarian.  Israel is also more a Rothschild pet than anything else.

Is this really Jewish?  Kabbalisitic?  Or is it a corruption?

I haven't done enough research, but I wonder.  Not enough to do the research, but hey.

And don't go bashing somebody because they're a Jew.  Take EVERYBODY as an individual first.  They don't all agree with this, and remember that the whole human race is wired pretty much the same.  It's just that the 'Khazarians' managed to figure out how to get it right.  Tribalism at its worst. . .or most pragmatic, I suppose.

I can't stand being around people like that, though.  It's one of the major reasons the world is so fucked up.

I'd love to know the history of TRUE Kabbalistic Judaism, as opposed to this current facade based on false history pretending to be a religion.  How did it really start, and how and why was it originally hijacked and corrupted?

What's out there is not a religion, just like the 'Introduction to Israel' link says.  The Bible doesn't even mention an Afterlife.  It's a very Physical Plane oriented life, and though Judaism has a lot of good points (Intellectual obsession.  They have more Nobel Prize winners per capita than anyone.), it is a horrid prison when you think of it.  What's there to look forward to, and oh how they bind themselves to ritual and personal standards that go against human nature; which does in part explain the arrogance.

Still, it is a fascinating set of cultures, with aspects of it having the world by the balls; though now finally losing its grip.

Well, I will know all after I finally get that Akashic Library Card.

What do I think about it all?  The government of Israel is VILE.  I can't stand the Ultra-Orthadox misogynist ways and the Talmud does not exactly teach life a bastion of equal oportunity or fairness. (Then again, what major religion does?  I don't think Islam or Christianity are any better.  Then again, look at where they came from.  The Cathars and Jains are OK by me.  So are the Essenes, which is a Jewish faction, but that's another post I may or may not make.)  Genocidal Zionist Jews suck, but THEY ARE NOT ALL THE SAME!  I'VE KNOW TONS OF AWESOME JEWS, SO LET'S NOT START WITH PUTTING THEM ALL IN THE SAME CATAGORY!!!!!!

I wonder if I was a Jew in my last life?  I couldn't or wouldn't want to be one, but I have this nagging detached intellectual interest in Judaism where I just can't condemn it all, though I do condemn aspects of it.  And I know someone else like me who has been to Israel, not that I'd go; considering what I know about it now.

Oh well.  It's a package deal, like everything else in life.