Friday, December 14, 2018










Crackuweather is full of it.

I'm gonna go with weather underground, and they said 'summer' started on Beltane of 2017, locally. After all, that seems the most reasonable for how it was.

May--------90°, 92°, 90°


June----------100°, 93°


July-------------91°, 90°




September------------103°, 108°, 95°, 94°, 90°, 92°, 90°


October---------------91°, 92°


So, 'summer' was 60 days this year.  It's had more hot days this year than since I started keeping track.  Also more days over 89°˘  This year sucked.  But hey!  At least as I'm, posting this add-on, it's raining.

Thursday, January 18, 2018


I'm not even gonna bother to highlight today.  Just check the main site, and spread it.

Friday, January 12, 2018

I'm Thrashed And Trashed

So many hours at a little over minimum wage, different hours, split shifts, so much lost sleep, so just go to my sources that you should have bookmarked.

Rense, rumormillnews, rinf, sott, blacklistednews. . .

Gods, when will this Hell END?!!!!

Don't forget to go to badcopnodonut every day, spread it, and bestgore has some cool stuff on it today and the last couple of days that I missed.

Gerbiller Files

Today's WTF highlight is:

And there's so much more.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Loving It!

Been raining all day nonstop, and it is now night and still pouring.  Will Oroville Dam be plastered this year?  I think they tried and failed last year with geo-engineering.  Glad I have the night off.  Almost time for anither cup o' tay.  It is coming down HARD, and we are in one of the few warm spots in the u.s..  I'm kind of gloating over Talbott, TN, and Carthage NC.  May the two former banes of my life who live there have fun in the subfreezing temps.  I might step out on the front walkway with my tay.  We're getting some really nice cloudbursts, and even at 10:30ish PM, it is NOT that cold.  I might walk to the front and watch the river of the gutters.  Will the pool overflow tonight?  Or does it have a safety valve somewhere?

I dunno.  I think I'll nuke my water now.


Glad I'm not driving in that.  I love the rain, but driving in it does NOT mow my lawn.  The street gutters aren't that bad, but I don't know about the pool.  I do know I'm glad I don't live next door.  They've got a pond in their driveway.  Think I'll stay up a while since I'm supposed to be up at this time tomorrow, and I have a full shift with possible overtime; which is kind of unusual for a Tuesday, but the restaurant had a HUGE party on Sunday and my boss said they royally messed up the floor upstairs.  The restaurant must have cleared $30,000 just on that party.  It was hosted by a very cool company that sells some of the best tay on the planet.


I am too thrashed to blog much.  Am getting more and more work hours, but in a way this is good.  Car repairs actually put me in debt for quite a bit.  Haven't been in debt since I was 19 or 20 with a student loan that I did pay off early.  Think I had to pay around $18.00 in interest.  At least my mechanic ain't chargin' me interest.

Steampunk Houses

Gods, I love this stuff.  So weird.

Gerbiler Alert


Gothic Houses

Hate to see the property taxes on these puppies.

Gerbiller Alert

And what the HELL????????

Who Needs Guns?

Prepare to be amazed in a scary way:

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Gerbiller Alert

The doozy of the day:

Another smooth move, Ex-Lax!

I will probably not be blogging this weekend.  Look this site up yourself without my prompt then, please!  And spread it, of course.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Personal Rant

I am on a treadmill from HELL!

According to one of my sources not on my source list, I may be stuck here for another three years.  Shift shall be in overdrive by then. . .allegedly.  For hey!  What do I know?  I don't have an Akashic Library Card, despite my limited Akashic Knowledge.  I only know what I'm ready to know.

Man.  Three years.  Might as well be eternity.

The Mass Midnight Renditions To Guantanamo That Have Not Come To Pass.

Les Visible.

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How's this to start your day?

Monday, January 1, 2018

Gerbiller Files

No headline today.  Just go there, go there everyday, and spread not only the main link, but anything that bothers the shoite oot o' ya.