Sunday, February 3, 2019





81° on the third.  Summer starts in February again.  Yech!

Friday, December 14, 2018










Crackuweather is full of it.

I'm gonna go with weather underground, and they said 'summer' started on Beltane of 2017, locally. After all, that seems the most reasonable for how it was.

May--------90°, 92°, 90°


June----------100°, 93°


July-------------91°, 90°




September------------103°, 108°, 95°, 94°, 90°, 92°, 90°


October---------------91°, 92°


So, 'summer' was 60 days this year.  It's had more hot days this year than since I started keeping track.  Also more days over 89°˘  This year sucked.  But hey!  At least as I'm, posting this add-on, it's raining.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Why Is This News?

4000 a week is a drop in the bucket.  How many environmental liabilities are BORN each week?

They're Talking Like This Is A Bad Thang

Too bad it ain't closer to home.


Faster, Pussycat!  Kill!  Kill!

(Great movie, available on-line.  Tura ROCKED!)

Duterte Has A Point

But shouldn't that go for the sausage casings too?  I mean, what's a sausage casing with no sausage?

Gerbiller Files

This highlight blows me out of the water:



We're all part of the same Source.  In the Cosmic Scheme of things, we are all aspects of it, and thereby nothing/no one is any better or worse than anything/anyone.

Why do I think we wouldn't have all these stupid problems with racism to the degree they are, if central governments didn't exist? 

It's a stupid concept.  To hate someone just because of what they look like?

Monday, February 12, 2018

Personal Rant

Trees in full bloom in the first week of February, locally.  From Autumn to spring it went, with one summer day on the third of February.  A day over 80°, in my book.  I also face HELL every weekend for the foreseeable future.  The hours are insane, I wind up in pain until Tuesday if I have Monday off, and my job may be disabling me.  My right hand is screwed, though it works now if I hold it under hot water for a while.  When I wake up, it's in pain; and I can't even make a fist all the way.

Something has to change.

My temper is at an all time premium.  It's always been bad, but now it's over the top.  My stress tolerance does not exist, and my fuse in a nanometre long. . .on a good day.  Lack of sleep, a hated treadmill of circumstances where you are fighting for something you don't even want because you have no choice in a state of perpetual discomfort will do that fer ya.  Having just enough Akashic Knowledge to make you not dangerous but miserable adds to that.

Oh well.  At least there's some good news.  I gotta die some day.

Which reminds me.  Can we start WW III already?!


It is 2/12/18, and it's BAD!!!!!!

No highlight today.  Why bother?

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Gerbiller Alert

I dunno what to highlight.  Just check it out, and go to the rest of my sources.  Also, please promote BCND as much as you can.  I ask again and again, but IT'S IMPORTANT FOR PEOPLE TO KNOW, DAMMIT!

Monday, February 5, 2018

I Never Knew About This

Male Sufferage:

I may be a feminist, but I ain't sexist.  Being a member of The Holey Order Of The Septum (HOOTS or THOOTS, what ever ya prefers. . .), I have become a NOSE-ISIST, but that's not my point here.

Both genders are equally screwed up in different ways, and social programming makes sure it stays that way.  Glad my flat mate was immune to it.

Hey!  We even change roles on who's the bitch depending on circumstances.

Living Wage For All States Chart And Information

I made less than half that last year.  Last time I made anywhere near that was more than a decade ago.  Been livin' on the edge for quite a while now, but at least we still have a roof over our heads, along with subsidised food.  Car is no longer reliable, though.  Not only did it wipe out what money I had in repairs, but it's been giving me a few scares lately by giving me trouble starting.

Oh well.  I'm doing an oil change in 3 weeks, and talking to my mechanic about it.  Shoulda done it already, but finances dictated otherwise.

Imbolc, 2018

Sometimes dem dar Pagans are really onto something.  Things seemed to really start rolling at this time.  The Phoenix has started to burn.  She will rise again, though not tomorrow.  Her self-sacrifice will take time, and will not be fast or easy.

I give it a couple of years.  Waiting for a rebirth some time in 2020.  A healing of sorts.  Also a gradual process, but at least things will be going steadily up, not down.

Going on what my sources imply.

We shall see.

Gerbiller Alert

I am amazed, and NOT in a good way: