Thursday, December 14, 2017


Crackuweather is full of it.

I'm gonna go with weather underground, and they said 'summer' started on Beltane of 2017, locally. After all, that seems the most reasonable for how it was.

May (24)--------90°, 92°, 90°


Thursday, May 25, 2017

Trump Is A Brown Nosed Idiot

The so called German holocaust is over-rated propaganda (  ) where people are jailed for telling the truth (Ernst Zundel for one.), and what happened in Germany no where near as bad as when Columbus, Cortez and all the rest of the psychopathic cunts invaded the new world, and if you wanna see a REAL holocaust, watch this:

And Khazarian garbage was behind that.

Oh, and the Albigensian Crusade!  If the Cathar way had spread world wide, we wouldn't have 1/10th of the problems we have now.  Not to mention the eradication of Carthage!  Gods, we could still be sacrificing children to Baal Hammon if Carthage had won the Punic Wars.  Fewer cars on the road.

Not to mention if Turtle Island had been left alone, we could still be gettin' long pig burritos at all the Mexicanese restaurants.

Well, If There Are 'Day Of Rage' Riots

Choose your targets well, huh?

On the other hand those riots are probably gonna be sanctioned and perpetrated by da gubment, so maybe never mind.  IF they happen, of course.

False flag central, we have here.


Is this the ultimate WTF, or what?


Who laughed 'ITS' arse off when I read these!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Need A Laugh

Check it out.  Gods, I should visit Desert Peace daily.  Great site!


And people still breed there.

There's no bottom to idiocracy, huh?


The Gerbillers Are At It Again

The epitome of bravery, one. . .more. . .time!

I am so glad nothing lasts forever, and one day this abuse by this temporary class of protected psychopathic gubment extortionists with verrrrrry limited accountability is gonna go by-bye.

Wonder if it will b in the next year or two?

Let's see what happens after this alleged 'DAY OF RAGE', scheduled by george soros on July 2, which may run through July 4.

Will it happen?  Maybe, though I haven't seen too many links on it in my alternative news sources. We shall see as the day draws near.

It might be a total bloodbath.  Who knows?  Will it be easier to get to work after?  As in less traffic on the road?

We shall see.

Or will the gerbillers be asked to stand down, unless of course an agent provocateur is bein' attacked, in which case the protector of his/her city will be arrested.  And how many agent provocateurs are gonna BE gerbillers?!

It's happened, and it'll happen again.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Dr Peter G√łtzsche Exposes Big Pharma As Organized Crime

You can't argue with this, and you CAN avoid the allopathic garbage that prescribes these toxins!

Us. . .we research symptoms, isolate the problem, research the holistic cure.  We've had a perfect track record so far for us, not that I can legally give medical advice, but hey!  This is what we do, and you can too!


Video: TRUMP STOPS CHEMTRAILS Executive Order - In Your Dreams;read=76004

What can ya do?

STARVE THE SYSTEM!  But you won't.  You're too much of an idiot.

Gerbiller Alert

Why am I NOT surprised?

Sooooooo, was this the usual incompetence; or part of the plan, aka George Soros?


The wisdom of Tom Braun that all the programmed idiots will ignore, since they're programmed idiots.  Besides, faith is a great reason to kill your fellow man for not believing the same myths as you do, steal their stuff, rape the conchas, and not hold yourself accountable for your own weaknesses, flaws, and lack of mental aptitude.

Monday, May 22, 2017

More On The Seth Rich Assassination;read=75952

Also shows ya whose side so called 'law enforcement' is on, as if my postings of the daily 'gerbiller' files ain't bad enough.

Another one to spread far and wide.

Might as well throw this on, too:;read=75947

Second link is just as important.  Spread 'em both, together.

The Gerbillers Are At It Again

Now why is it we have racial issues?

This does NOT help!