Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Anger Agenda - Don't Fall For It

Am I pissed?  Yeah.  But in a cold, calculating kind of way; and I've set up my life so I'm pretty immune to most of the crap out there, and the rest is irrelevant.  'Cause I don't play the stupid games.  I go by if everyone else is doing it, don't.  My life is sooooooo much easier for it, and I don't support the system.  Well, I suppose I do; but to a very minimal degree.  There's some things you can't get out of, like sales tax, and all those taxes on utility bills, rent and all that shite; but statistically my bills are mighty low.  You're not gonna goad me to action unless someone comes to my front door to take me away, and then it's gonna be a fight to the death.  Whatever.  Nothing matters, 'cause I know too much.