Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My, The Things You Learn About Israel


Well, the concept of assimilation is an anathema even in biblical terms.   So much for living life based on a book of myths.  Quite static, I'd say.  So much for evolution.

And I'm being nice here, but I've only met a couple of Israelis with this mindset in person, and 1 American Jew in my 50 years of life; so we must remember that not everyone has been brainwashed.  And it's easy enough to sort them out, huh?  The messed up ones don't make much of a secret of it.

Oh, and I might as well throw this bit of entertainment in by Stuart Wilde:


It's about the Iranian oil problem, the pending war, and commentary on Israel.  Seems 'Uncle Stuie' and I feel the same way about Israel.  Same with Les Visible, formerly Leslie Crook; of Smoking Mirrors, along with his other wonderful blogs.  I.e.:


LV is a wonderful modern day mystic philospher, and he's a way better read than this blog.  Though I suppose this is a start.