Wednesday, December 21, 2011

You Asked For It, You Got It

The current mess of affairs.  I never got a credit card, haven't been in debt since my student loan for a trade school that I paid off before I was 20, never bought anything I couldn't pay cash for, got sterilised at 19 (CALL PLANNED PARENTHOOD, FOOL!), and did a 19 1/2 year stint without one technical sick day before getting laid off, and given a rather nice severance package.  It had been a statistically easy life, where I could do what I wanted to do when I wanted to do, with self-imposed obligations of my own choosing that I could also be free of when I wanted to be; and yes I have kicked various individuals out of my life.  I also boycott pharmaceuticals, and go the holistic route.  I don't buy GM, and eat very little processed food.  On those rare occasions I buy soda, it's a micro brew, like Reeds.  I don't do evil Coca Cola products.  I boycott animal testers like Proctor and Gambol, and also Koch companies.  No Pepsi, either.  I avoid MSG, artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, or corn sugar as they're calling it, titanium dioxide, and all that other toxic crap.  I don't do red meat, though I do eat a wee bit of chicken at a certain halal restaurant, and will steal a sliver of seafood from the cats here and there.  After all, they do get some fish steaks every day in addition to cat food.  I also never dreamed of buying a house that you can't really own in the U.S..  Just try not paying your property taxes, and see how long you can keep that house.  And ever hear of eminent domain?  I also only drive when I absolutely have to.  I don't do illegal drugs, either.  If you do some research, you find you have legal alternatives that no one knows about.

Now imagine if everyone lived like this.  There'd be a lot less animal cruelty, a lot more room, less stress, and more personal sovereignty.  But noooooooooooooo!  You braindead idiots couldn't overcome your programming, and you just had to play the stupid games like speculating on the housing markets or buying overpriced designer garbage made by third world slave labour, and Hell knows what else that led you to this, so oh well.  Most deserve the present state of affairs.  Unfortunately not all do, but such is life.

Thank the gods we gotta die some time, huh?