Thursday, December 15, 2011

1867 Hath Passed

A totally unconstitutional amendment.  The government has overthrown itself.  Me thinks the treasonous government should be recalled and properly prosecuted.

Yes, I said it.  You want me to LIKE my own oppression?  Me thinks not.  Is it also now illegal to have an IQ over 32 on a good day?  I mean we sure as Hell don't want people who can think, do we?  We just want stupid slave class materialistic consumerists who don't question anything.

Well, you're probably 90 percent there from the looks of it.  Feel free  to shoot me for my opinions.  Then at least I don't have to live with you arse holes.  Not that I'm a threat anyway.  I'm unarmed except for the brain cells and the majority is too stupid to listen to this paper tiger, so hey!  Not that anyone reads me, anyway.

But look on the bright side!  It won't last long.  The biggest war that ever was is gonna break out real soon, and the bombs ain't gonna differentiate between the peasants, the so called elite, and the enforcers.  And guess who ain't gonna get my sympathy?!

Well, none of yous, really.  After all, everyone is equally responsible for playin' the stupid game.

I don't want anything to do with anything that was the human race after I'm off o' this repulsive level of existence.