Saturday, December 31, 2011

I'm Not For Sale, Cunts!

In the past, a company I worked for gave me a ton of stocks.  I read over the fine print, and I got pretty pissed off.  I'd be docked by a broker when I sold, and there was the fact that how much would go to taxes?  Not to mention that I don't think the stock market should exist.  It's a corporate gambling game, where the corporations win.

I burned the stock code, and let the company reabsorb the stocks.  And people got pissed off at me.  'You could have given it to meeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!'  And I'd still have to pay the taxes and the feckin' broker?  Excuuuuuuuse me, but why the HELL DID I LET THE COMPANY REABSORB THEIR CRAP ANYWAY?  WHY DIDN'T THEY JUST GIVE US A CASH BONUS??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And because of WHAT I KNOW, I will NEVER have to sell myself out, ARSEHOLES!!!!