Friday, December 30, 2011

One More Idiot Breeder

A sophomore in high school?  One more biological accident for SOMEONE ELSE to take care of.  How many more diapers in landfill, not to mention all the other garbage this thing is gonna generate before it's killed off in the mess that's comin'?

Chemo and all that is worthless, anyway.  The way you fight cancer is through DIET! HOLISTICS!  If you wanna survive, anyway.  Chemo and all that crap is just a money maker for the system that does more harm than good.

At least the stupid, irresponsible bitch was taken out before she had any more 'accidents'.  And you too, daddy sperm donor.  What's left of your life is toast, unless you have a damn good support group. . .in what little time you have left.

In a land where you can get condoms at the drug store!

JERK!!!!!!!!  Serves you right!