Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Moderator Said My Post Was Disgusting

This was my post:

Yes, I do hate my ‘incubator’ and ‘sperm donor’. I disavowed them, and trashed the more evil, crotch-dropping abusing incubator for eternity in a published e-book series I wrote, and in song. (The biotch will NEVER know about it for as long as she’s alive.) I also got sterilised BEFORE having sex (Planned Parenthood is WONDERFUL!!!!!!! Yes, Maggie Sanger is my hero!), and having a very nice, statistically easy, more problem-free, life for it with much less wasted time and resources. (As ya can tell, I don’t think much of the concept of progeny either, but having to take care of my half siblings when I was 6, and they were a defiant 2 and 3 turned me off to the infernal creatures FOREVER!!!!!!!)


Ya know, I think giving birth is disgusting.  So is changing diapers, getting puked on, getting slobbered on, and everything else dealing with small children.  I think they are disgusting.  And why is my post disgusting?  Because it goes against the programming of the majority?  I am FREE OF PERSONAL OBLIGATION!!!!!!!  Is something wrong with that?  Being able to do what I want, when I want, and indebted to no mortal flotsam garbage?

I think someone has their priorities askew.