Monday, December 31, 2012

Giant Police Officer Abuses An American Citizen...

State sanctified extortionist strikes again, and I HOPE HE COSTS FOOKIN' CHICAGO MILLIONS!!!!!!!


There are so many obnoxious stories on Bad Cop No Doughnut, you can go there yourself.  I can't handle this, from the headlines I see.  I mean:

1)  Former Police Officer found guilty of molesting 12 year old girl

2)  Feds Scorch Sheriff for Racial Bias. 'A North Carolina sheriff orders officers to discriminate against Latinos, telling them, "go out there and get me some of those taco eaters,"'

3)  Jury finds Denver cop guilty of felony kidnapping, sex assault - The Denver Post (

And a dozen more.  The headlines tell me ENOUGH!

Fookin' human bedbugs!

Still waitin' for those chickens to come home to roost.