Sunday, March 5, 2017

Personal Rant

Sittin' at da compooter at 5:30 in the mornin'.  Been here since a wee after three.  Rain's pourin' loike crazy, and me thinks I'll cut it with the dialect, 'cept fer my cuss words.

Hours have just been cut on my dishwasher job, but I don't think I can complain.  The business has dropped, the Hell starts later, and I have less stress time wise, but it's still ballistic the last half of the shift where I'm on dish duty.  My other job will cover me for a while, and when that seasonal gig is over, hopefully my nosey-poo will be employed.

Wish I could turn the hot shower on, and stand nekkid on the balcony in the cold rain fer a few, but that's a no-no around here.  It's not like I'm in Northern Europe in one of the remnants of Saxony/Vikings, or what have you.  People have been fecked over by the Puritans in the worst possible way in the states.


Cabbage and rice fer brekkie.  Havin' a bit much of that, and am on the verge of getting sick of it.  It's a fringe benefit of where I work.  Leftovers to leave me nutritionally deficient as feck, but hopefully that ends soon.  Most other thing is boiled iceberg lettuce with the rice, so. . .  I think I like the lettuce better than the cabbage, though it's more nutritionally devoid; but hey!  They cook it with garlic and stuff, so. . .  Though there are very rare occasions where they cook the cabbage in a soy sauce that almost tastes like Tamari, and I'll eat that until I turn green.  Too bad it hardly ever is served like that.

Oh well.

Still waiting eagerly for the shoite to hit da fan!