Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Haven't Promoted My E-Book For A While


Needs one more edit run that ain't gonna be done, but you probably won't notice the issues.  Using a u.s. spell checker that 'auto-corrects' didn't help me any, and there's one other thing that wasn't discovered until I sent my 20th rewrite to my former publisher who killed his company before he published this after his boyfriend killed himself.

The first eight volumes are an 'autobiography' of Donn Ui'Midir, and Irish psychopomp referred to as a 'death god' by many.  Volume nine and ten are collections of the poetry the characters wrote to each other, volumes eleven through fourteen are some damn good short stories regarding when the characters decided to do some 'psychopomp work' after they retired from their full time gigs, and volume fifteen is a very weird pornographic tale that summarises the series in part; and catered to an obscure phantasy that one of the main characters (Thanatos) had a long, long time ago; despite the fact that in the Cosmic Scheme of things, there is no time.

It doesn't cost anything, and it is pretty enthralling after the rather long intro.  Those into Irish and Greek mythology will get what I'm talking about right away, though the rest of you may want to do a little research on the characters of Donn and Thanatos.  They're kinda obscure, and there's not much information on them; so that shouldn't take too long.  It might also help to read 'The Wooing of Etain' first, so you understand what's going on in the intro.  Take your pick of links:


Or you can just go to a condensed prose synopses of the poem


I wish I'd put more into the gallery.  I could have done better work, but I was working at a job, writing every spare moment I had, thought I was under the gun with the artwork on time, and I didn't even finish the last drawing.  I have since retired from my art in all forms, and I'VE HAD IT, SO I AIN'T FIXIN SHOITE!  After all, what would I get out of it, but more lost sleep?  It's a couple years of work.  And my publisher would have been Pat Nelson Childs of the defunct Glynworks Publishing.  I'd sign a contract and everything, so it's not sheer garbage.