Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Personal Rant

Equinox of the vernal kind, yesterday.  Has another Gate been passed?  The news today sure looks like it.  So much is falling apart.  Too bad it's not happening faster.

It was a very nice night.  I got up around 1:00 AM, it was warm outside, and raining.  I watched it a little, and had a very nice time through dawn; despite having to do my laundry and a permanently injured cat not making it to the litterbox in time.  At least the cat told me about it.  Very nice of her, though it was a bitch to clean up since she had the runs.

Sylvia broke her leg, and we don't have the money to get it fixed.  She took a two storey drop on concrete during a cat fight, and she didn't land right.  She's managing, though; despite being a 'three legged' cat.  Well she does have four legs.  She just can't use the front right one.  She never leaves the complex, so she'll be OK.

It's horrible what happened to her.  She's a mostly grey tabbyish long hair, and very beautiful.  She's also the most considerate cat I've ever met, and I'm the only one who can pet her.  She was taken in as a feral kitten, and never took to being domesticated.  She's as wild as ever, and I'm the only one she trusts.  Again, given the proper time, surroundings, and materials; I can bond with any animal that hasn't been psychologically damaged by people.

Now, back to 'The Waiting Room'.