Thursday, January 26, 2017

I Have A Few Questions

Why does the trumpster want to turn Iran, which isn't a problem; into a problem?

Who is the trumpster to tell China not to build artificial islands in their waters?

Why is the trumpster continuing the genocide of the First Nations by OKing the toxic pipeline?

Why no word on pardoning Leonard Peltier, who's in jail for something he didn't do?

Why is he calling Chelsea Manning an ungrateful traitor. . .for telling the TRUTH again?

Will he end the war on drugs, which only exists to soak the public, and give black money to da gubment?

Why the continued support of Israel (Rothschild Fiefdom), which is the most homicidal nation on Earth?

Why no orders to get out of the Middle East and Afghanistan NOW?

Actually, there's a ton more questions, but I haven't got all day.

If he addresses ALL of these issues (,and many more I haven't put down), I'll like him again.  He has too many flaws as of this day, though it could be MUCH worse.  I'm not into 'unconditional', in these regards.

Gods, imagine if killary had made it.