Wednesday, February 24, 2016

One Of The Best NDE Videos Around

I totally GROK it.

Well, other than Source being assigned a gender and being displeased with us.  I mean, if there is no time, Source knew what was going to happen and we are a part of it, so I think this realm is just a cleaning cycle, though remembering past lives, it takes a few to do it.  Quite a few.

Everything is, always and forever.  Different lives are always with different states of consciousness going through the motions.  That explains so many people convinced they were the same famous figure.  They were.  You can access any time period in past, present or future on the Otherside.  You can reincarnate in the past, present or future.  You might even meet another aspect of yourself, since ultimately, there is only one SELF.  We are all a part of it.

And I agree that this is one of the lowest realms of existence. . .which I can't wait to escape for good this time.

But I have to.

Oh well.

It's kinda like running a marathon.  It feels so good when it's over.