Monday, November 16, 2015

Personal Rant

Days are too warm, nights are kinda normal.  How many years is that without a real winter, now?  At least three, maybe more.  Weather has been so static locally, and more extreme everywhere else.


What waits?  A view.  A beautiful view.  A building that is a town made of a smooth pale goldenrod brick style stones.  Billions and billions of stairs, balconies, skywalks, gardens, courtyards, fire pits, gazebos, torches, fireplaces, tapestries, paintings, statuary, waterways. . .

Somewhere else, a beautiful, artistic set of individuals with an agricultural base that respects everything for what it is, and that live for the Ubuntu philosophy.  Technically omnivorous, but mostly vegetarian.  Some never eat meat, and those that do only eat it if it would otherwise go to waste.   They are alien to the world I live.  Peaceful and protected.