Sunday, November 29, 2015

The u.s. Is Freezing In Much Of The Contiguous States

How many die each day and night?  Genocide galore.  Too bad the gods don't nuke us silly.  It would be more humane.  Ground zero everyone at the same time.

On the other hand, it's free meat for those who find the bodies.  Hey!  They're pre-frozen!

In fact, if this ain't another hoax, it looks like our favourite toxic sludge place trying to pass itself off as a restaurant is already putting 'em to use ifn they're on the young side:

That, or those Planned Parenthood abortions, maybe?  Might get a few cents a pound for. . .

Oh, never mind.

By the way, if the McDonalds thing turns out to be another hoax like the one from a little while back that I deleted after finding out it was a hoax, I'm not deleting the story again. . .provided it doesn't get erased; but I will do an add on edit saying it is a hoax.

Do I hope I is?