Friday, November 20, 2015

I Swear This Is The Twilight Zone

I don't know what's more disorienting.  Reading stuff like this, or being aware the shadows ain't what they used to be, considering the axis shift you only read about on alternative media.

I think the axis shift, but still. . .

By the way, half my ancestors are Muslim, and I have a lot of distant Islamic cousins here who I haven't seen in over 35 years, and will never see again.  They are not nutter terrorists.  They are regular people, and though the religion did not work for me; it works for them.  And no, the chicks did not wear head covers.  They were also treated well by their spouses, and quite happy to go with the flow.  Also, one of my supers at work is a Muslim, and she's quite nice.  I have nothing in common with them, and consider them a waste of time to associate with; but I say live and let live.  They live 20 miles away, so what are they to me one way or another.  There are some major head cases, but doesn't every religion have those?  Remember The Inquisition, and the Salem witch killings, and all that.  Then there's what Israel is doing to Palestine, and on an even grander scale, LOOK WHAT EUROPE DID TO TURTLE ISLAND!!!!!!!!!

Ye gods, and Japan!  I really do wonder how many old timers are laughing their arses off for what we're getting due to Fukushima.

Serves us right in a Karmic perspective, huh?  Provided national Karma is a fact.  I don't know that, but I can speculate.

The u.s. hasn't been good for anything but making everyone else's life Hell from its inception.