Friday, November 13, 2015


This is best stated by the thing my friend wrote:

"My name is Brian Vaughan, & my other half is Morgan O'Conner.
I am trying to raise money for our continued survival, & also to keep taking care of our 4 cats. Because I got laid off from my job of 9 years in June 2015, we are in danger of being homeless & losing all we have by about late December, 2015. We are just working class folks. What happens to our cats is also a big concern.
Due to the economy & job market being the way it is since 2009, I have not even been contacted by any employers yet, even though I have been submitting many resumes & applications these past several months.
Not even one interview has resulted, & all the jobs I applied for were things I would qualify for. Morgan has not been able to get anything but seasonal part time employment through temporary agencies since early 2009, after the old job, Shutterfly, moved to Phoenix, Arizona.
I also need some medical checkups done, it's been many years & I have had some health issues since May 2015 (something is going on with my kidneys). I have had some incidents of internal bleeding also.  I've been taking care of myself, I'm still functioning, but should get some help. Medi-Cal has been impossible to get in 5 months, I've tried.

The money donated will mostly be used to keep us & the cats surviving ubtil we can both get full time jobs again, I can get my health issue checked out & addressed, keep the family car working good, & keep needed services going (P.G. & E., internet & phone, to find jobs, etc.). We also have a broken printer & need to replace it so we can print up resumes again.
I am also a musician & recording engineer, & part of the local East Bay music scene. I need some of the money to have some good recording equipment cleaned & restored, because those items got some heavy soot deposits from a fire in an apartment below our old place in October 2007. So we have also been disaster victims. Before this happened I was helping other musicians produce albums, by doing recording on location, working with recordings they supplied, mixing, editing, & mastering. All 4 of my aged computers need something fixed in them, too. Without repairs I will not be able to do any new work. I have the goal to be able to do this all again, & with survival will be able to offer services to my local community of musicians, as well as give donors free copies of my own works, if they like what I do.

We need at least $5,000 of the amount being requested by the end of 2015 to safely make it into early 2016. If a larger amount comes in sooner, then more of the things I listed can be taken care of.

This means a lot to me because we always helped others we have known when we could, we want to be able to keep what we have & be able to help again, we need to survive.

We will be very thankful if this succeeds because we will not meet a premature ending."  

11-10-2015 Update:
"We are still prospecting for jobs, hoping something will work out soon. I am still having symptoms of kidney disease, it came back a little recently. Please give something if you can, or if not please forward this to folks you know. If we get our donation level up over $500, we will get more exposure, which will help our fund drive. I did manage to get my audio computer working, but there are still some issues. Please help if you can."  

The Link To The Fundraising Site: