Saturday, October 31, 2015

Personal Rant

Will the Earth be cleaned up in five years?  Will all Hell break loose before November 15, 2015?  Will the planet hit absolute nadir in 2017?

Why does everything have to take so long?  Haven't we screwed up the planet enough already?  Indonesia is burning up right now.

Gods, I feel sorry for the animals.  Fire is NOT the best way to go, but they'll be OK after they get to where they're going.  Looks like the county's toast, though.  I mean, WOW!


Samhain, now.  Another time gate?  Dr. Simon Atkins missed some of his predictions.  Why do I get a feeling he was off by a couple of weeks?  Will we get what he saw next week or the week after?  I dunno.  I'm a crappy psychic.  The calipornia quake didn't happen.  (Awe shucks!)  The Iranian quake didn't happen.  (Hopefully it won't.)  The October collapse didn't happen, though it's any day now.

We are staying home today.  We wait for??????????  Nothing perhaps, but who knows?

Gods, I'm sick of playing the waiting game.  I'm sick of operating at less than 1% of what I should be operating at.  I'm sick of my past STOOPIDITY, and the consequences I am dealing with for it in the here and now, and short term future.

But I have  promise made to me long ago.