Friday, August 31, 2012

I Swear, I Do Declare! Life Has Turned Me Into A. . .

Selective Psychopath.

True for you as well?  Most of you, probably won't admit it; but me thinks so.  Isn't there at least one person on the planet who you'd like to keelhaul and hang from the highest yardarm AFTER they've had every square nano-metre of skin ripped off?


Just trying to influence the English language, here.

Trying to start new trends.  Don't forget the one about the caged gerbils!

Nah, I don't really care.  After all, I'm just another masochistic idiot passing through the  gimp-'tard, heavily compromised territory of illusions that so many think actually means something, and is worth fighting for.

I used to have that mind-set.  It was instilled in me by the morons all around me.  I got over it.  Granted it took me a while, but we all gotta wake up some time.  Most of us have to 'die' (TRANSCEND THIS HELL-HOLE, rather) first, but some of us come to the realisation before we get there.

If everyone knew that, they couldn't be controlled anymore.