Monday, April 27, 2015

Personal Rant

So many dreams of me trying to catch a ride back home in so many ways. . .night after night after night.  When will I get there?

The revolutions have started.  Rock on, Chipotle!  There's more.  Colorado gerbil shooters getting fined $15,000.00 for interfering with photographers.  Google it.

OK, I'll feckin' google it for you!

I'm beginning to really have an affinity for Colorado.

There's a bit of good in with the bad.  We haven't hit nadir yet, but in some ways the healing has already started.  Go to my sources, and sort it out.

Go every day.  Spread what's important to you.  Start your own bloody political blog.  The more the merrier.


Less than three months to what?  Sophia, I wish you'd tell me.  Or anyone else who's connected to you.


Gods, I feel like death warmed over.  It's like so past my bedtime, and do I work tonight?  Oh, when will that bleemin' sink be fixed?!


Nine is such a hostile number when you're doing a countdown.