Sunday, November 30, 2014

Personal Rant

So convenient I now be.  How convenient life could be, if only. . .

Never have to drive more than seven miles from home.  If only that place in the town next door would hire me for that graveyard position.  Or if we won big with PCH, or whatever.  I'd only have to drive 1500 miles a year tops, then.  Only have to drive to shop.  I HATE driving.  We'd also get this place organised.   Gods, what a MESS it is.  How nice to have a life with as few unwanted distractions as possible.

Then again, how much longer do we have to worry about it?  It is implied, less than 8 months.  Less than 33 weeks, in fact.

Where are you?

Between Wiseman and Rio Dell is a crappy answer.

Raining at the moment.  How sweet.  Have to pick up cat food later, though.  So peaceful now.  Dark.  Rain coming down harder.  Think I'll put off my shower for a few more minutes.  This is soooooo sweet.  I love the rain, and we get so little here.  It's seasonal, an the last few years have been soooo bleedin' dry.