Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Thoughts On Geo-Engineering

Dayam!  We didn't wipe out the Oroville dam with flooding.  I know!  Let's make the weather nuclear and try to do a 'melt all the snow at once', and see if THAT works!

Man, it has been hotter than HELL the past few days, and it continues for a few more.  It's a wonder I survived Sunday.  105° at work, and as a dishwasher; I barely made it through my shift.  I looked redder than their cooked lobsters by shift end.  I also had to blow my damn nose every 5 minutes.  I have sinusitis, and high humidity and my nose do NOT mix.  It was the worst day at work I ever had.  I'm just glad the lead dishwasher wasn't at the main sink.  I couldn't have kept up with him.