Monday, June 12, 2017

Personal Rant

OK, I have another hour.  This is a trip.  It's June 12, and it's snowing east of us.  It is in the mountains, but still!

Also, my shift at the restaurant was Hell, but easier than anticipated.  There was only two of us, so I had to go through my shift without being able to get my glass of ice both days, and not even having to go to the bathroom since I was so damn dehydrated, but I still had to blow my nose like crazy. High humidity does that to me, and humidity is 110% when you're a dishwasher.  But still.  Business is down even in that prosperous area with a very prosperous clientele.  There's also a post today on restaurant business going down on WRH.

When is car traffic gonna be down?!

Weather forecast is weird.  If it's right on 'crackuweather', they're basically saying May will have been hotter than July is supposed to be.  If that happens, that will be so weird.  But that site sucks in their accuracy, and they don't even have the right high temps printed for the past.  Wunderground is where to go if you want correct information.

Don't know if anything I'm typing next is real or not, but dates to watch for theoretically.

July 2.  Will 'Day of Rage' happen?

September 22.  End of Rosh Hashana, Equinox, astrological virgin giving birth or something?  Does it all mean anything?

October 1.  Mass welfare benefit cut day.  That's the only day on the list which might mean something, like riots in the streets by people with nothing left to lose.

We shall see.

G'bye fer now.