Wednesday, June 21, 2017


It's called "Nothing Left To Lose".

A much abused chick kills her newborn son, and sets the house on fire in the end.  Yes, she also dies; but she's FREEEEEEEEEEEE from the oppression.  It's in Volume XII (12).

This is also part of it:

 The Conversation
 Starlite, firelite,
 Fade to black, fade to nite.
 I’ll take his hand, fly with him,
 Go forth to rapture’s limb.
 To know his love, his sweet caress,
 Beyond all pleasure, I confess.
 His and mine for evermore,
 Serenity like not before.
 To heed his call, I’ll ascend,
 Past the bourn of temp’ral trend!
 My Horseman of Apocalypse,
 From me life’s wretched chains he rips.
 Your gentle touch, your easy door;
 Death, you are my paramour.
 Look Westward lass,
 And face me there.
 The time is now
 For us to share
 The beauty you have longéd for. 
 In fading dusk
 You’ll come to me.
 Escape the cold
 Be mine to hold for evermore.
 So take my hand,
 Erase all fear.
 You wanted me,
 Now I am here.
 I bid you, enter through my door----
 You: One to call me paramour.
 ***** Continued

 I turn to dusk, as you request,
 And pause with an unwanted strife.
 Can I now justly come to you
 Without a fearful price to pay?!
 Can I decide when’s my life’s queue?
 ‘Eside your mount, you welcome me.
 A gentle smile, a hand outstretched,
 Your soft dark eyes beseeching me
 To enter distant worlds with you----
 In time, for all eternity!
 Yet dare I go, and ne’er return?
 I ask you, can you answer this?
 From nature’s law will I have strayed,
 If I cut my sustaining chord
 On your incisive Harvest Blade?!
 Just hold me for a little while.
 I fear not you, but consequence.
 I long to come, yet must I wait
 For Him to set me free in time,
 Or dare I break my Earthly fate?
 Is time my only enemy,
 Or is it my naivety?
 What shall I do? Where do I stand?
 How long must I go on I ask,
 Ere I can take the Reaper’s hand.
 ***** Continued

 It's not time that is our foe,
 But lo, that wave of fear in you,
 That naught can override.
 Now or then, it ends the same,
 For our regard shall not nigh wane.
 I’ll have you at me side.
 Our disunity is brief,
 For what are years in evermore?
 The moments we shall bide.
 Destiny’s for our behalf.
 Fate’s law states we shall ‘come as one.
 This truth, we’ll take in stride.
 ‘Til that day arrives, my dear
 Defiant one who dare my love,
 The moments we shall bide.
 ***** Continued

 I stand beneath occluded skies,
 Under the starless night!
 Looking up, I wonder,
 Why prolong this fight
 Between my fear of consequence,
 And my yearning for You,
 And Your so wondrous realm
 That I chose to woo
 The time I met You vis-a-vis.
 The time I long for now,
 Ere my fear set it,
 Ere I chose to vow
 That I’d set You above what be
 Existing here and now.
 Can You get me soon?
 Set me free some how?
 I’ll love You ‘til the end of time,
 But touch me so I feel
 Not a presence or
 A shade, but what’s real
 To my perception, without walls
 That keep us worlds apart.
 Seconds ‘tween our start
 Of the renewed and better way
 That is our destined end,
 Yet I halt my path
 To my dearest friend
 Out of the uncertainty that
 Haunts me, and un-nerves me.
 Since I fear to come,
 Will You come get me?
 To have You hold me in your arms
 Again is so like dreams,
 Sometimes when I sit
 Alone like this. Seems
 Like there is no purpose to me
 Being here, when there’s few
 Reasons for much bliss,
 Being without You.
 Yet again, I fear to cross the
 Bridge that shall lead to You.
 Pale Rider, I ask,
 Please take me with You.
 Or tell me at least,
 When I came before,
 Why couldn’t I stay?
 Stephanie (Continued)

 When night befalls, look at me.
 Pass your dreams, and come to me.
 What you ask, I cannot grant.
 I want to, yet I can’t.
 Life unlived’s not mine to take.
 Much to lose, too much at stake!
 Just hold on a little while.
 The years will pass. A trial
 To be faced by everyone.
 Lo, not e’en my jo may run
 From this fate! I now can see
 Past invitations be
 Dearly wrong to follow through,
 But I too, yearn for you.
 Soft now lass, I’ll wait for you.
 Take care. Await your queue,
 Though I’ll make your passage rite
 Hence now much less of a fight,
 And when you transcend past your dreams,
 I’ll be there.
 Past my dreams, to your world
 You beckoned me.
 Now that I’m here, I wish to stay.
 Cause for return, I cannot see.
 In this realm, rapture reigns
 My very soul!
 To be with you, without the threat
 Of tearing up the heart you stole.
 Hold me close, dearest one,
 And let me stay.
 Please cut the tie that calls me back
 To anguish me day after day!
 Raze the veil, down the wall,
 And rip me not
 From you, my love! Death, take me hence;
 And mitigate what was my lot!
 ***** Continued

 You, who worships me in art and rhyme,
 We meet again on the edge of time.
 As I hold you, I can’t help but shed
 A tear for the greater sorrows bred
 From our union which the laws deny,
 And the day that haunts us by and by!
 I don’t want to let you go again,
 Yet I must, and I do not know when
 You can stay with me without avail
 To further strife or pain. Let’s prevail
 As we are, and wait for you to end
 Your Earthly span as meant. I’ll hence fend
 Off your unhappiness, and I’ll come
 Night after night to your realm to numb
 The loneliness in both of us! Now
 While you are here with me, love me how
 It would be----
 If I were like you!
 ***** Continued

 You: Ruler of the Afterworld,
 Seduced me beyond reason.
 I wait in desperation
 To complete our ‘Auld Liaison’!
 To remain with you ‘til time’s end,
 I want more than anything,
 So raise your scythe, and come to me.
 Sever my chord for everything
 That I can give, that I can do,
 Your mistress for evermore!
 Please don’t turn me away again.
 Bring me anon, to your realm’s shore.
 Look at me with those coal black eyes.
 Can you turn me down again?
 I’ve lived so long, there’s nothing left
 Except you! Come receive me, then.
 This life holds no more dreams for me,
 Just the pain and misery
 That so endeavours in its clutch.
 Please take me now, and set me free.
 ***** Continued

To-morrow’s here, where time stands still,
 So stay with me for a while,
 Where reality disperses,
 And where anguish is in exile.
 Come forth now lass, come into me,
 For I am eternity!
 Know what I know, feel what I feel,
 And when time ends, then ride with me.
 In my embrace, open now to
 The wisdom of the ages!
 Explore my mind and soul, and learn
 The things written on no pages!
 In turn for this, I sense your love,
 So strange for a thing like me!
 The pain, the beauty, so intense,
 Beyond all past capacity!
 No, I can’t let you go again.
 Since what you feel, I have felt,
 I found that I am also trapt
 By your despair, that can’t be quelt.
 Please, never go away again.
 Stay with me, and let’s reveal
 The rapture past all earthly love
 Or lusts, in my realm’s fleeting sheal,
 Until He rends the Seventh Seal----
 Then ride with us, as Number Five.

The story set consists of the main part which is a (incompletely edited, deal with it) multi-part novel set describing the existence of a beautiful, intellectual, artistically inclined, neurotic, confused Tuatha prince who decided to abdicate and become a psychopomp (look it up if you don't know what it means.), along with his crazy adventures, and how he relates to the loves in his life, and how he finally gets his head together, two volumes of poetry, four volumes of short stories which are excellent, and a weird pornographic conclusion that will probably more make you wonder than turn you on, which I wrote specifically for a publisher's label called Eden Exiles, which was killed before I got one nostril off the ground.

Most of those who read the series loved it, though one reader (who didn't get past volume I) objected to the plot due to the lead character's same sex infatuation.

You also have my permission to copy it to your computer.  The only thing that would piss me off is if someone tried to claim credit for it.  I still have my paperwork and correspondence for when it was almost published, so don't even THINK about it!