Sunday, June 18, 2017

On The Honky-Gringo-Cracker Dying Out

I think it's a sign of intelligence.  The Cathars thought so, and they were so right about so much.  They knew the path to TRUE knowledge.  The Parfaits, as they did not call themselves practised the path to an extreme, and they PREFERRED being burnt at the stake to falling to the whims of the worthless church.

I know the path, too.  So did many of the First Nations tribes, if not all of them.  And the Indigenous Australians.  And ya know sumthin'?  They're bein' wiped off the face of the Earth is NOT a tragedy to those who were wiped.  It's a tragedy to those STILL HERE!

Shall I write down the not so secret 'secret'?   Maybe part of it.  Vision Quest.  Walkabout.