Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Personal Rant

I feel like I'm walking on the fence of two worlds.  I rather like that.

Tomorrow, I'm supposed to face a sink or swim situation.  I think I'm gonna have fun with it.  Now, as soon as I get a damn e-mail to verifry 'tis a'happenin'!

News is a paradox at first glance.  It's all good if you read between the lines.

Wow!  Two 'real' calipornia Bay Area winter days in a row.   Yesterday, and the day before.  I did laundry on two nights in a row that were less than 40°F.  Jeans and T-shirt weather. . .if you got a cup of hot tay waitin' for ya when ya get back, not to mention a heater blastin'!  It also helps if you're not out in it for more than ten minutes.

Too bad we're stuck with a wall heater.  Cats don't mind, though.  One is huggin' it right now.  I am personally a fan of central heat and air.  Not on our money, though.  Never made enough to justify a high falutin' place with how we directed our spending, and now we are living on my past. . .which is running out in a few months.  It doesn't matter to me personally, but the five individuals of varying species that I reside with may beg to differ.  But what's it to me?  Isn't everyone's life ultimately their own problem?

Do we unconditionally owe everyone and everything our perpetual inconvenience the nanosecond we're born?  On the other hand, we do seem to be perpetually inconvenienced from the day we are born, no matter what.  Think about it.  Yet the human race continues to breed, being completely blind to this.

At least the Cathars saw it.  But we all know what happened to them, don't we?

Well, as far as I'm concerned, the Demi-Urge and it's realm can eat shite!  I'm the end of the line for Demi-Urge chow.  And I had a better than average run for it!


Long time ago, they spelled 'horizon', 'horison'.