Saturday, August 29, 2015

Personal Rant

I should be ecstatic now.  I'm sitting in front of the Mac, having a cup of delicious Pu-Erh tay with cream, and it's raining after a nasty heat wave.

Instead, I am annoyed that I'm still waiting for what is to come, and there are still no answers to my most pressing questions.   My fuse is also shorter than a nanometre, and I'm wondering if it's me, EMFs, or Wave X?  Wow!  Am I one of those that's supposed to lose it despite of what I know?

Almost makes me wonder if I can stay out of trouble for the next four months, if I even last that long.

Wish I could eliminate all human contact for that time, but that's not realistic.  I have a work gig coming up, and oh wonderful!  I've got the most stress-out position in the company.

I have absolutely no reason to be as reactive and short fused right now.  It makes me wonder.  However, I'm determined not to act on it, other than a few yelling fits, which seem to simply happen.

Then again, I just should keep my mind set on the fact that everythingI want is just around the corner fer real this time