Wednesday, July 31, 2013

List of Dead Scientists… Assassinated (SECOND REPOST OF LINK THAT YOU SHOULD BE AWARE OF!)

Another list of those who knew too much, and were either doing something about it, or were going to so something about it.  Don't rock the boat of corporate profits, huh?

And you still keep feeding this vile system as much as possible in what little time you have left alive, huh?  Of course after they kill so many off, the slate will be cleared, tabula rasa will reign, and the game ain't quite gonne be like what they planned, but that's their problem.  In the grand scheme of things, I really don't have any problems.  Minor annoyances, but no real problems.

In fact I got rid of a minor annoyance the other day.  Stupid bitch is about as irresponsible as they come, only came over to ask for this or that, you had to dun her like nuts to get back money she 'borrowed', and once she had the nerve to try and bribe me with a tea set to loan her a couple thousand for a transmission job on her brother's car that I was guaranteed to never see again.  I said no, and after her last thing of having to come by several times to jump her car (No updated licence, no insurance.  She's conserved, and her conservator took away her car keys again to avoid getting into deep shite himself if she were caught.), I told here, "After this issue is over, please stop hijacking my time!"

Not that she told me she had no insurance or updated drivers licence, or that her conservator took her keys.  That was deduced, but still. . .  She's also no longer driving, so go  figure.

Of course I left her royally pissed, but so what?  I feel like I just cleared my gut of a tapeworm infestation.  It started out good, but when a person does absolutely nothing but impose themself on you over and over again every time they have a problem, it gets old FAST!

I do NOT appreciate people asking me for extended periods of my time.  I've given away enough of it in the past, and what's left of my time is MINE, dammit!  Well, unless you're a critter or my flat mate, but that's different.  My flat mate is also my soulmate, and we are what is known as twin flames in the metaphysical realm.

And it is a platonic relationship now.  Has been for over 10 years.  And most wouldn't be able to understand that for the life of them.

That's OK.  I can't understand you mortal flotsam either!  Fine by me.  Not sure I'd want to.  It took me long enough to evolve from being more like you, not that I was ever as deeply embedded in the matrix as the majority; not to want anything more to do with that.  I already want to take a flamethrower to my younger self for some of the stupid shite I did, but that's not possible in this reality, so. . .

OK, this is the third time I put this link on my blog.

SPREAD IT!!!!!!!!!!!!