Saturday, May 28, 2016

Personal Rant

One of the cats is dying.  Can't even afford to have him put out of his misery.  He's a very nice cat. Philosophical, protective of his 'pride', had a sense of humour, loving, too trusting.  He went downhill fast after former next door neighbours smashed their door into him almost a year ago.  He got whacked face first.  Lots of blood, and he had the imprint of the screen door on his cheeks for a week or so.  He got hurt pretty bad, and was blinded by dislodged retinas or something.  He's pretty old, too.  We rescued him over 10 years ago after some arsewipes tortured him.  Tied a string around his tail, and broke it.  He also had a diamond cut into his forehead and the side of his face stabbed.  I'd tried to get him in the night before, but he wouldn't let me bring him into the flat.  He was still OK. Next night he was all messed up, so I did everything to pick him up and bring him in.

I remember that night.  Then my car wouldn't start after I got the cat in, and I had to ride a bike to work.  Thank the gods I worked graveyard, and work was only around 7 miles away or so.  I was also in better shape.

Well, three of the loves of his life are on the Otherside.  They'll be reunited.  I also kind of envy him, 'cause he's going where I wanna be.  Been there before, and I can't wait to go back; but I know I have no choice.  I have to finish what I started.  I was warned more than once.

I think I have between 4 and 13 months left here.  Maybe I more than think it.  That's quite a time span, though.  We'll all be reunited then, along with some other critters; including those from former lives.

A lot of what I think or joke about happens.  I have no knowledge of what that might be, or when it will happen, or even IF it will happen.  If what I will not write about comes about, I'll be outta here before December, and it will be a most interesting journey to the Otherside.   If!  But what I won't write about might not happen, so I have no clue.

The cat will have shuffled off his mortal coil in the next day or two.  There's nothing I can legally do for him that I can afford.  I can't kill him, though it would be the kindest thing for him.  Our laws suck.  It also sucks being too poor to have a vet do it.


Locally, rents are crawling down.  They hit a ridiculous high point last August.  The average has come down $237.00 a month since February for a 2 bedroom.  I don't know about March, April and May, not that this does us any good.


Looked up my half sister who doesn't know I exist again.  It blows me away.  She's hooked up with Les Visible on farcegook.  So she reads him too.  She's kinda pretty.  Too bad she's a breeder.  Picked a good name for her crotch dropping, though.  Logan.  Funny, but I tried to do a cartoon strip many years ago, have about 17 frames, and one of the characters was Kelly Logan.  No, I'm not getting in touch with her.  We share the same incubator, and let's just say the feckin' cunt did a way better job on 'Danny' than me.  I suppose it also helps to have the crotch dropping at a boarding school in another country most of the year, so. . .  Not to mention if that thing I used to get here abused 'Danny', her sperm donor would have had a fit.  And that sperm donor is quite a decent 'feed bag'.  A high ranking officer and a gentleman in the Air Force when he married my incubator, and a successful business owner now in civilian life.

It is so funny.  I know so much about them, and they know nothing about me.  That's how it's gonna stay.  I will refrain from sending a copy of the SNOT CD to everyone.  Heh-heh-heh.  My flatmate may have an established distributer for it.  He's gotta send the link to our stuff to a semi-famous musician in the Southland of calipornia to see if he'll bite.  Considering how popular we are on Sound Click, I don't see why he wouldn't take us on, but who knows?!  Though I don't expect to for us to make much off the CD.

I think I'll close this now, and trip on all the synchronicities and coincidences that are hitting me left and right of late.