Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Careful What You Ask For (Personal Rant)

A prophesy told to us perhaps a decade and a half ago or so by Reverend Delorise Lucas (RIP) may finally be here. Not in the way I expected, though.  The timing also couldn't be worse as well as better.

Man the next few months are gonna be terrifying.  I'm gonna be pushed to an inconvenient edge, and my fate rests in someone else's nostrils.

Nothing I can do, but go with the flow.  A trial by fire that is shared by my flat mate.

On the other hand, there is a trade-off that is most convenient.

Ayuh!  Remember who I'm really working for, don't do anything stupid, and everything will be sorted out by Beltane if I deciphered everything right.  That, or I'm moving a little after Beltane.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  But I wanna go north, not east.

Oh well.  We shall see. . .in less than 6 months at the latest.

I must say. . .I do thank the Cosmos for what looks like may happen, DESPITE IT ALWAYS WAITING UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO TEST MY FAITH!

No, I can't be specific on what's going on.  All I can say is I am being majorly pushed out of my comfort zone.  And what a time for it.  Well, whatever happens, I asked for it before I got here, huh?