Saturday, April 9, 2016

A Forgotten Continent: The Hidden Truths Of Africa

Important read.  Yes, the first slaves were Celtic; but the Celts at least are now considered human in most parts of the world, excepting England.

In other parts of the world, blacks are not highly regarded; and still being pushed into horrible corners, u.s. included.  Look at how the big city gerbil shooters treat 'em in the u.s..  Shoot first, ask questions later; not that there's anything left to ask questions of.  Same with south of the border.

Europe!  What continent has done more damage?  It wasn't the Africans who wiped out the quagga or polluted the place so bad with their unneeded technology.   And come on!  Who's number one in cultural suppression?  Who destroyed the most tribes, and wiped out every last indigenous person of Tasmania?  Who destroyed Turtle Island?  Who obliterated the written records of the cultures so much wiser than them?  Shoite, who burnt the Libraries of Alexandria?

I wish the best for Africa.  And remember.


The world is gonna go through some changes.  That's already started, and a lot are gonna die.  May the TRIBES of all nations make it through to what comes, and they WILL live in PEACE.

It has been written.

And that includes the honky-gringo-cracker of the right mindset.  There's enough of them.

Spread the link, huh?  We all have to become one people in the minds of all.  Or as many as possible, in the time being of our fecked up world.