Friday, February 27, 2015

Personal Rant

Sick of looking for something that's not there.  Sick of waiting for anything and everything.  Got a bad attitude for it.   Hair trigger temper.  Don't do anything, except yell, but still. . .  Is it in part due to the smart meter?  Other extraneous wifi crap?  On the other hand, I have a history of being like that.  Maybe I just am what I am.  A short tempered bitch.

Done so much, yet so little.  Can't do what I want to do.  Anyway, it's not my job to fix what's broken in the way I want.

Regret nothing, yet everything.  Learned so much, yet some think I'm an idiot for not being able retain information in chaos.  If only they knew. . .  Not that it matters.  In some ways I am an idiot.  There are things I'm not built for.  I didn't programme myself like this or that.

Oh well.  I'm a creator.  An architect.  Writer of songs, prose, and poetry, not to mention this obnoxious blog.  Formerly a visual artist.  I've done some damn good work, though most is eh. . .  Some time philosopher.  Obscure, but that's OK.

Uh. . .just read something.

Hmmmmmmm.  Did someone mistranslate something?  This was supposed to happen to Hawaii right before all shoite hits the fan.

Will I be outta here in less than a month and a half?  I'd like that, but the decision ain't mine.  Free will is gone once you're born.  After all, if there is no time and everything that ever happened, is happening, and will happen is all really happening concurrently then you are just a state of consciousness in a form with all its moves predestined, aren't you?

Well, I wanna go back to where free will exists, OK?  But I gotta wait, and let's see what Hell I can raise whilst I am waiting, since I hate to wait and wanna make the Universe pay for makin' me wait.