Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Amazing how you can be seduced into becoming a willing servant who can't work hard enough.   Running for so many years on two to four hours a night of sleep, and on a day that you do get off you might sleep for sixteen hours.  How misconstrued your priorities are in your youth, and then one day you wake up and refuse to play the game any more, even though you're not quite done.

Will I be mad at myself for leaving an epic work unfinished?  Is the one who 'commissioned' me upset?  I won't find out until we meet again.  On the other hand, why should we demand perfection in an imperfect land that I hold in contempt?  Am I justifying myself?

Maybe.  I wouldn't put it past me.

Will I get a knock on my door in two days?

I guess I'll just have to wait.  If I do, then we can have one last Samhain celebration.  If not, I will continue to wait for whatever comes my way.  Or not.

Whatever.  I do know a new chapter starts very soon.