Thursday, January 31, 2013

Vietnam: American Holocaust - 3-5 MILLION Killed

Glad they whipped butt.  I've worked with a lot of Vietnamese, and not only were they uber cool, they've got some of the best cooking in East Asia.  Them and Thailand, though I also love Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.  The others I haven't tried, but I'd probably like them too.  Right now we can't get past East Indian.

I've had enough of that Anglo-Saxon crap that passes as food to last a million lifetimes.  Just thinking about the old days of Howard Johnson's makes my stomach churn.

And Vietnam is still suffering from Agent Orange.  If anyone expects me to mourn the downfall of the country that did it, amongst all the other genocidal moves including what was done to the wonderful First Nations, they got another thing comin'.  I know I'm goin' down with it. . .sorta, but I can rest easy because I. . .oh, never mind.  None o' yer business.  (MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)