Thursday, May 25, 2017

Trump Is A Brown Nosed Idiot

The so called German holocaust is over-rated propaganda (  ) where people are jailed for telling the truth (Ernst Zundel for one.), and what happened in Germany no where near as bad as when Columbus, Cortez and all the rest of the psychopathic cunts invaded the new world, and if you wanna see a REAL holocaust, watch this:

And Khazarian garbage was behind that.

Oh, and the Albigensian Crusade!  If the Cathar way had spread world wide, we wouldn't have 1/10th of the problems we have now.  Not to mention the eradication of Carthage!  Gods, we could still be sacrificing children to Baal Hammon if Carthage had won the Punic Wars.  Fewer cars on the road.

Not to mention if Turtle Island had been left alone, we could still be gettin' long pig burritos at all the Mexicanese restaurants.