Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Gerbillers Are At It Again

The epitome of bravery, one. . .more. . .time!

I am so glad nothing lasts forever, and one day this abuse by this temporary class of protected psychopathic gubment extortionists with verrrrrry limited accountability is gonna go by-bye.

Wonder if it will b in the next year or two?

Let's see what happens after this alleged 'DAY OF RAGE', scheduled by george soros on July 2, which may run through July 4.

Will it happen?  Maybe, though I haven't seen too many links on it in my alternative news sources. We shall see as the day draws near.

It might be a total bloodbath.  Who knows?  Will it be easier to get to work after?  As in less traffic on the road?

We shall see.

Or will the gerbillers be asked to stand down, unless of course an agent provocateur is bein' attacked, in which case the protector of his/her city will be arrested.  And how many agent provocateurs are gonna BE gerbillers?!

It's happened, and it'll happen again.