Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Personal Rant

My least favourite day of the year.  Summer Solstice.  June 20, this year.  A way off still, and the 21st is no better.

Sunrise 5:47 AM, sunset 8:33 PM, and the stats are the same for the 21st and 22nd.  What's a few seconds, huh?

Crackuweather says on the 23rd, sunup is 5:47, and sundown 8:34, which makes the day a tad longer, and the days get shorter on the 24th.  WTF?  Is the information correct?  I'm not gonna verifry with other sites.  Not now, anyway.  Maybe later, maybe not.

OK, it's later; and I did.  Longest day is the 21st.

Gotta love that increased axis tilt?  I dunno.   This is so far the coolest year I've ever experienced locally.  Gotta love it.