Thursday, May 11, 2017

Looks Like Erdogan Wants To Rid The World Of Muslims

This is one way to do it.

Also, may we kindly remember Daesh ISN'T Muslim?  In fact they seem to be killing more Muslims than anything else.  They are u.s./israeli.  Also, I'm not going to bash someone for being Muslim. Though I am not, half my ancestors are Muslim, and I work with some os the sweetest people who are Muslim.  I have had very nice Muslim friends from Afghanistan, and they were nothing like the nut cases who are invading the west with rape, looting and pillaging on their mind.  The Crusades are back, in reverse, huh?  And we probably wouldn't be having this problem if the west had kept their noses out of Middle Eastern politics, not to mention our bombs.  Look what we did to Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan.  They used to be nicer places to live than here.  We DEVASTATED them!