Thursday, February 16, 2017

Personal Rant

Wondering Oroville is gonna get a kill shot.  Or from the latest report, WHEN it's gonna GET the kill shot.

Beautiful rainy day, here.  Lost a moderately expensive, labour intensive liability last night.  A cat. Gotta take him to the animal shelter later for disposal.  He was a nice cat, but a pain in the butt.  A real slob, who had become a picky eater that wasted a lot of food.  Based on the symptoms, his thyroid gave out.  Being how poor we are, we couldn't take him to the vet even to be euthanised.  We only have enough to feed the cats.  We have two left.  One isn't going to last too much longer, from the looks of her.  She's so thin, and always has the runs.  I know about what life and death are, and I know what everything is; so I'm not upset.  Alex went where I want to be, yet wait I must for my final assignment to be over; whatever the Hell that is.

Well, Alex; you're with your sister Roxanne, again.  And Sable, and Robert, and Sheba, and Raven, and Shiva, and all your other buds and relatives.  You were and still are pretty cool in so many ways, and I'll see you again; hopefully before Lughnasadh.  I did for you what I could, whilst you were here.  At least it was better than being on the street.  Too bad I couldn't save any of the rest of your siblings, or your rather unfriendly feral mother.  Not that I didn't try.  Glad you went before me.  It's better that way.  Your life would have been HELL without me if I'd been taken out first.

Well, back to my news.