Thursday, February 23, 2017

An Imam With Brains And Common Sense Who's Not Iranian

What a concept.  NOT.  I've known quite a few Nigerians.  Liked every one of 'em.  Offered to let one old lady stay with us if her family kicked her out of their flat across from us when we live in 'The 'Ho', as we call San Jose.  Missy was a sweetheart.  A bit feisty, but we considered that a good thing.  It didn't happen, though.  Her family decided to keep her.

I will agree with the comment that the poor shouldn't breed, PERIOD.  It wasn't said in those words in the second sentence, but. . .

If you can't feed it, don't have it.  I'm against breeding all the way, but to deliberately have a crotch dropping that's doomed to suffer or die before it's even an adolescent is WRONG!  Anyone who takes an opposing view needs to experience what the damn crotch dropping went through times ten.