Friday, March 29, 2013

Private Rant Regarding Enforcers

Ya know. . .those who are fighting to have themselves killed off for profit?  How many caged gerbil shooters, soldiers, and alphabet soup members are invited to the underground bases that are gonna end up TOMBS for those seeking sanctuary?  Look at how vets are treated now!

How many of above mention have been vaccinated or had their crotch droppings vaccinated, how many eat GMO foods, or toxic fast food, or are exposed to the genocidal chemtrails?

How many are comfortable with the fact they might die tomorrow, and have only been a bane to the existence of everyone else?  A bane to the planet and society running smoothly?  Having been mercenary, state sanctioned extortionists?

Well, we all have to play our part, huh?  Duality needs villains as well as heroes.  The heroes generally get killed off in vile ways, but at least they will have more options available to them as to what roads to take after they review their last life in the Hall of Records, huh?   They will also get an open invitation to what I cannot (or rather WILL not) write about, as opposed to exile.

But for now. . .I sit in a warm dark room, where it's as quiet as can be with local traffic and an occasional plane, chopper or siren breaking the peace.  Birds chirping, I can hear as I contemplate of kind of tay I will put on.  Darjeeling?  Black current?  Pu-erh with jasmine and/or rose petals?  Numi white with rose petals?  Never had a stronger rose flavoured tay in my life.  Also don't know if I'll buy anymore, considering the price.  So many flavours to choose from not mentioned.  Do I do a couple of chocolate hazelnut biscotti with it?

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  No errands or obligations today except for following the orders of my feline masters.  Discretionary time galore.  Sweet.  Life has never been better.