Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Personal Rant

Why is September the worst month of the year around here?  Gods.  Hottest day, most days over 90°, and the hottest day being when the night is longer than the day.

Currently waiting to see if I've been hired or not at a rather cute, quaint company that does things old school.  It is part time, but it's better than what I have now, though I'm keeping what I have now.


Wondering if all things are in perfect balance.  I suppose in the Cosmic Scheme of things, they are; though things do seem terribly out of balance to the hilt, here.

Where is Universal Peace and Paradise?  Will it ever be so, out of time?

Katari.  Land far away where nothing was genetically messed with, all are one; and everybody knows it.  Which star does it circle?  Can't wait to visit.


Oh, and any feelings I had slightly leaning toward the trumpster are gone.  A devil or a complete bastard for president.  What a choice.  Jill Stein would rock, but it ain't gonna happen.  Cynthia McKinney is pretty awesome too, but she ain't runnin'.

A Stein/McKinney or McKinney/Stein ticket.  What a dream.

Now I must wake up.


Gods, I hate this place more than ever.  When is my damn contract up?!  I wanna go HOME!  When will my chain of my self imposed prison be broken?  Hope it's before yearend, but that's not the choice of my 'avatar', as Tom Braun calls it.  It's a decision I made before I got here, and that's the way it's gotta be.