Wednesday, July 29, 2015

RACE BAIT : Cincinnati Craigslist Post Calls For Blacks To Shoot Cops, Burn Police Stations

Uh, Kelly Thomas was a honky-gringo-cracker, and so are lots of other victims which don't make the front page so much.  Latinos, too.  This ain't a race issue, guys.  This goes across the board.  And I also don't think it's a very good idea.

If one of my sources is correct all this crap is gonna sort itself out starting in September or October, and no violence is necessary on the part of the oppressed.  Let's see what happens, huh?  There is supposed to be a revolution brewing, but I'm told a revolution of non-compliance over a revolution of arms.  People will just quit the game.   I already have in a lot of ways, not that I'm gonna post all that. Some of it, I already have.  Like no credit card, no stupid vanity games, no breeding, no fast food, no GMO, almost vegetarian (Last chicken I had was over 4 months ago), out of the banking industry, no loans after only having gotten a cheap student loan when I was 18 that I paid off with less than $20.00 interest paid. . .